History of Camping in Alberta | Campsites in Alberta

Campsites in Alberta | History of Camping in Alberta

Camping in Alberta in the form that we enjoy, with specific campsites, and tents, or RVs and all the gear has only been around a short time. Often, people stayed in temporary shelters as they made their way across our vast landscape, often during the long, harsh winters. People would plan for months, and would have to bring enough equipment and food for a long, arduous journey. People engaged in the fur trade were the first to set up temporary shelters. As well as this was how the indigenous peoples who have been here since time immemorial have lived. But unlike people of today camping for recreation, this was a necessity of life.

Camping for fun started gaining popularity in the late 1800, but the first campers did not go too far. This is because it was uncommon to have camping equipment available for recreation, but also because the equipment was large and difficult to transport, it was heavy and hard to set up. This is why the first campers visited permanent camping in Alberta spots that were already set up. Campers would visit, pay and stay in one of the erected cabins or tents. These camps were built by unions, Scouts and Guides to name a few.

Camping in Alberta

However, only a few decades later, would camping be more accessible. First, because of companies who were making camping equipment that was accessible and affordable. Companies such as the Woods Manufacturing Company, now known as Canadian Tire helped increase the popularity of camping in Canada. However, it was not just the accessibility of the equipment that helped bring camping to the citizens of Canada, it was the popularity of vehicles. Gaining popularity in the 1920’s, cars made it easier for people to not only go farther, to visit new parts of the province and country.

But cars made it possible for people to bring more camping equipment. And with the popularity of both cars and camping, the first recreational vehicles were invented, making camping even more accessible and popular for the average person. Camping also got bolstered by the famous Canadian landscape painters, known as the Group of Seven, as they popularized the beauty of our country with their paintings. That coupled with the advertising of camping in the Rocky Mountains by Canadian Pacific Railroad, camping started gaining real steam.

Camping In Alberta Since Before It Was Founded

In order to facilitate camping in Alberta. But also to ensure the beauty of our province was protected, National Parks were created, starting with Banff National Park. This gave campers a place to go, but also a means of protecting the wildlife, and the landscape from the damage that groups of people can cause, unintentionally to their camping locations.

From there, private campgrounds started to be created, and soon, there were campgrounds along the entire Trans Canada Highway. By this time, all types of camping was popular, from backpacking into more remote areas, that were difficult for vehicles to get to. As well as camping with Recreational Vehicles and trailers, allowing Canadians to enjoy and explore in the ways that suited them best.

Camping in Alberta

Today, camping is not only as popular than ever – it’s even more prominent. Campsites in Alberta have seen a sharp increase in campers over the last three years. In some areas, as much as 167%, like in the Kananaskis region. More people are planning their camping vacation well in advance, to ensure they will find the campsites in Alberta they want to stay at. It’s growing in popularity for many reasons, it’s an accessible vacation.

People can get away for a day or two, like over a weekend. Therefore, many don’t even need to take time off work to enjoy the activities. But also, as a vacation, camping is very inexpensive. Rather than spending a lot of money on a fly away vacation to an all inclusive resort, more people are making their vacation dollars go further with camping.

This may be why millennials are the fastest growing segment of campers. The new campers are also the most diverse group, seeking out campgrounds with Wi-Fi, or interesting accommodations, such as “glamping” amenities such as cabins, yurts and even tree houses. While tenting, trailers and backcountry campers are still popular with this new group, as well as the groups who have always found camping to be the best way to spend vacation.

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