Campsites in Alberta | An Original Summer Holiday


Campsites in Alberta | An Original Summer Holiday

When people want to spend their summer vacation in campsites in Alberta. Because camping is such a popular activity for many. There often is a huge debate about which campground to go to.

Campsites in Alberta

While there are many campsites in Alberta throughout the entire province. The most popular places to go camping are in the mountains, as well as in Drumheller. With all of the dinosaurs.

However, there is a huge problem with this. Because these campsites are always completely clogged with tourists. And a lot of the activities, and stores. Will have increased prices, due to the tourism in the area.

Unless people specifically want to see the mountains. Or the dinosaurs, there is no reason why they can to visit. Other campgrounds. There are hundreds to choose from. However, one of the most common problems.

Is that many people find that a lot of the different campgrounds throughout Alberta. Our lacking amenities, services. And do not have a lot of staff. This makes people feel uneasy, as well as leaving them feel.

As though they are on their own. This might be great for seasoned campers. Who have been doing this for decades. And do not need any help. But for families with children. Or people who are just darting to go camping.

This can be very overwhelming, and make them feel. As though they should do something else for their vacation. What people are looking for, are campgrounds that have lots of activities.

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That are clean, and have a lot of services. And ones that they can find a staff member. To help them out if they have any questions. This is why elevated experience camping created their company.

They decided to create a company. To manage the campgrounds that they, themselves would love to visit. The owners are avid campers, with their seven children. And so they know exactly what they want in a campground.

And what to bring the campsites in Alberta that they manage. They brought in amazing things like delivery service. So that when people go to the convenience store. To pick up groceries, firewood, ice.

Or if they want to go to the on-site convenience store. To pick up some treats or snacks for their vacation. While they are more than welcome to swing by the store. Browse, and pick their favourite things to buy.

They also can simply order these things from the convenience store on site. And they will be delivered, by the kind, and courteous staff members they have. They also have community library boxes, so that if people are done their favourite book while on vacation.

They can choose another, for free. They also have a checkout breakfast for five dollars. Whether people are getting ready on a Sunday morning to pack up and go home. And they do not want to cook, then clean and then pack.

Or if people are staying an extra week, and want a delicious. And hot breakfast, so that they can sleep in. Or get an earlier start on their next adventure. They can grab this breakfast at either of their two locations.

Campsites in Alberta |  An Original Summer Holiday For You

So many people love visiting campsites in Alberta. Camping remains one of the most popular past times in this province. Which is why there are hundreds of campgrounds to choose from.

But just because there are hundreds of campgrounds, does not mean that all of the campsites in Alberta are equal. Many of them leave a lot to be desired. With very little services or amenities. Not being exceptionally clean, or having accessible staff.

This is in fact such a huge problem. That many beginner campers are very overwhelmed. At the idea of camping in a place. That has very little staff. In case they need a hand pitching their tent, hanging a tarp.

Or figuring out why their propane bottle does not seem to be working. They might want ideas on where to go for their next hike. Or what types of animals they should be watching out for. Things that they can find out from staff members on site.

At many different campgrounds throughout the province. People will be lucky to see someone when they check-in. And then when they check out, let alone throughout the week. While they are staying at the campground.

As well, many people love going to the mountains, such as Banff, Jasper and Kananaskis. However, some people avoid these campsites in Alberta. Simply because they are overcrowded. It takes such a long drive to get there.

And every store has very expensive prices. Because of the number of tourists that visit there. This means, that when people are looking for a beautiful getaway. But they are not sold on the mountains, there has elevated experience camping.

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They manage to different campsites in Alberta. One right in the city of Drayton Valley. Which is centrally located in the province. And easy to get to from all areas of the province. They also have the Wiley West location.

Located just five minutes away. In a beautiful river valley, bordering the North Saskatchewan River. This one has a lot of beautiful foliage, as well as the sounds. Of the rushing river, close by to help people relax.

What both locations have as well, are clean and hot showers. As well as flush toilets, and convenience store. However, they each have something unique. To cater to the different types of campers that they get.

The RV Park, has proximity to ball diamonds, golf courses. And is situated beside Western Canada’s largest pump track. This is great for people who are looking to stay and play, and they can do something different each day.

While the Wiley West location is more family oriented. And has things for families, such as a mini golf course, pizza delivery. Themed weekends with crafts and dress-up days. And bikes to rent to go on their numerous trails.

While many people love camping, not all campsites in Alberta are the same. And elevated experience camping is the best destination for campers of all ages and experiences.