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Campsites in Alberta | tents on a camp park

Good afternoon my name is Jason Roberts Kowalchuk at campsites In Alberta and Willey West Campground. Normally I would be introducing to you to my wife Carmen Roberts Kowalchuk but today sadly she is not here. So her chair is empty. Today we are going to be talking about camping 101. Some basic things to know. Today’s quote is: camp like your mother is watching. You wouldn’t do anything to your house that you wouldn’t normally do. Let’s not do it to the campsite. Let’s be very respectful.


Camping – A Great Opportunity to Unplug

Alright today’s facts are: it will be wild camping is a easy way to get away. People still want to be connected. So 97% of people will bring some kind of piece of technology with them to camping. And let’s try to reduce that and get everybody to unplug. And just have fun while you’re down at the Campsites In Alberta. We know technology is just one of those things but let’s unplug!

Quiet Time Ensures Your Peace And Quiet

Alright so we’re going to start off with quiet time. Quiet time at our campground Willey West Camping and Campsites In Alberta. We have an eleven o’clock quiet time. You can still have your fire, you can still hang out. Drink and have a good time. Just don’t disturb people around you. You know, be respectful there are people with kids that are tiny. And it’s one of those things that you know. Just show respect for your neighbors.

Private Campsites For Your Enjoyment.

On that note let’s respect others camp spaces. There’s a lot of people. Sometimes there’s a trail that goes behind the a camp spot. Or you know some people, some kids and people walk through camp other people’s camp spots. Let’s let their area. You have yours. Let’s try to stay out of other people’s camping areas. Even though it might be a shortcut to a bathroom. Let’s find another way. And take the extra couple of steps And just stay out of other people’s camp and respect their area at the campsites In Alberta.

We Provide Your Firewood

Number three is leave your wood at home. We do sell firewood. While we do allow you to bring your own firewood to the campsites in Alberta. But bringing firewood in is one of those things that brings pests. And you can contaminate our forest. Firewood is one of those things you don’t know that what bugs are in it until it’s too late. You know with everything from pine beetles to Dutch elm disease. You don’t know what diseases are on your wood. Ours is clean safe burning it’s all tested and it’s dry really, really dry in campsites In Alberta. But if you do bring your firewood we do not allow pallets to come in. Or anything with nails and screws. It just makes it hazard for our staff when they’re cleaning out the fire pits at the end.

See Wildlife While Camping

All right number four is don’t leave food out! That’s a very important one. We are situated in the middle of a forest. So we do have lots of animals that wander through Campsites In Alberta. We have tons of deer – you’ll see them more than once especially if it’s a weekday camping. They’ll be like that with a little less busyness they do tend to come. We do have the occasional bear that does come through. We had a mom an a yearling come through last year. And they were notorious in Drayton Valley which is only five minutes away from us. So that’s very convenient. Just keep your food put away just be camp safe.

Bring Your Pets Camping

Another one is pet food. A lot of people forget when they put away the human food. But don’t put away the pet food. And deer love dog food for some reason! They will eat it to no end! And bears will eat it too. Just keep your food up and put it away all right at Willey West Campground and Campsites In Alberta.

Plan Your Trip And Arrive On Time

Number five: late arrivals. If you are planning to arrive late. Give us a call us so we can help you out as much as we can before you get there. Number two is just be very respectful. Like people are heading to bed at 11 o’clock you know. We get that things happen but try not to be a late arrival. If it’s you, know we can work with you. And just really try to keep the quiet. It’s just so much extra noise and late at night. And people just don’t want to hear you unpacking your camp when they’re trying to relax and do their stuff.

Campsites in Alberta | tents on a camp park

Campsites In Alberta| Clean Camping For All

Help Campsites In Alberta out! If you see some trash pick it up. If you see something that’s not right, tell the camp manager or any of our staff. We are more than willing to fix anything. So if you see something that’s broken and we didn’t catch it. You know, let us know – we will get to it. And if you see something that’s dirty, say somebody went into the bathroom and there’s a big mess. Let us know! We will help that Elevated Experience Camping. We just want the most perfect moment for you. So yeah just let us know and if you help us out. We can we can hop it out and get it done ASAP.

Safe Campground For All Ages

Keep it slow! We have a speed limit of 20 kilometers an hour at campsites in Alberta. This year we are doing some more activities at the front of our campground. So there’s going to be tons and tons of kids at the front compared to before. We need to keep it  low keep it at the 20. There’s people riding bikes, there’s people walking on the roads. There’s people enjoying the camp life. We’re there, just enjoy the Campsites In Alberta. You know going faster isn’t going to get you anywhere faster.

Respect Nature While Camping

Number eight respect your campground or you camp space. Your space that is your space for the time you’ve rented it. It is yours not to do what you want to do with it. So no building trenches no hanging clothes lines or hammocks without asking the camp management first. Just say hey you know can we hang up a hammock? Or hey can we hang up some clotheslines? Just give us the heads up. We can we can help you out with whatever you might need at the Campsites In Alberta.

Fire Safety While Camping Is Important

The big thing is fire pits are fire pits. So you need do not to move them. And you have to use them. There are no fires  outside the fire pits. We are very clear on that. If you are caught having a fire outside that fire pit. You will be evicted from your spot and sent on your way. We are sorry about that but we have tons of trees where there’s lots of shrubs that can get fire catch fire. And it’s a ten minute drive plus whatever time it takes the firemen to set up for to get the fire trucks down to us. We have a hundred other guests at the campsites in Alberta. And it is it’s very important that fires need to be in the fire pits for everybody safety and security.

Everyone Helps Keep The Campground Clean

Last one is I’m going to break it up into two parts. Number one smoking it’s permitted just keep your butts in your  campground. Put them away, throw them away. Throw them in the in disposable properly. We would rather you put them inside the fire pit and we can deal with them. There are containers around butt-out containers. Use those just don’t throw them on the ground. If you see one on the ground, pick it up throw it away. If you know if we see one we’ll throw it away. But it just sits litter and you know we are trying to keep the campground as clean as possible. So that’s where we’re at.

Visit Our Candy Shop And Convenience Store

And then the last one is really the Part B. That is we are our candy shop is going to be huge this year. With tons of different candies we want the kids to make sure. That they get them into the into the camp garbage cans. We just want again our campground to be as clean as possible. People throwing water balloons, same thing. Just pick up your mess and make sure we’re all on the same page on that.

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Alright my name is Jason my cool partner is not here Carmen Roberts Kowalchuk. We are Elevated Experience Campsites In Alberta. You know, we can’t wait for you to be out to Willey West and Drayton Valley RV Park. To enjoy your time at Campsites In Alberta.