Campsites in Alberta | Excellent Camping Here


Campsites in Alberta | Excellent Camping Here

Out of the many campsites in Alberta to choose, the reasons to visit Elevated Experience Camping are numerous. They manage two locations, offering their unique brand of customer service. They have something for every camper, whether they have been camping for many years. Or they are brand new to this activity, and need lots of help.

Campsites in Alberta

Conveniently located in the middle of the province, surrounded by Brazeau County. This area is known for it’s gorgeous boreal forests, and peaceful locations. The town of Drayton Valley is situated besides both the North Saskatchewan River, as well as the Pembina River. They are a quick 133 km distance from the capital of Alberta, the city of Edmonton.

While they are close for Edmontonians to get to, its central location means it’s easily accessible from all over the province, whether people are travelling from Calgary and Lethbridge, or if they are coming from the east, such as Lloydminster, or even Saskatchewan. This is also easy to get to from northern communities like Fort McMurray, from people who are looking for a get away.

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Even people from British Columbia seek out this location for their camping, as they often want different scenery from their mountains and ocean. A beautiful forest, along two rivers is the perfect locale. As well, people love getting away to this picturesque location, because they don’t want the long drive to the mountains. And they don’t want to deal with the throngs of tourists, and high prices in Jasper or Banff.

In fact, from the people who have visited the campsites in Alberta managed by Elevated Experience Camping. They say it is as beautiful as the mountains, but without the tourists and long drive. The owners welcome everyone to come on out, and see the beauty of their boreal forests!

Campsites in Alberta | Convenient Location in Brazeau County

In order to encourage people to visit their two best campsites in Alberta, they want to ensure they have something for everyone. At their Drayton Valley RV Park Campground, they cater to campers who have large RVs, motorhomes and trailers. With wide and spacious drive through campsites, they are perfect for those who want a home away from home. But also campers who looking for a pit stop on a big adventure, such as driving the Alaska Highway.

Even people who are looking to stay and play will find this a perfect location, because of the proximity to golf courses and ball diamonds! Campers can stay out here year round, and reserve seasonal spots to truly enjoy their home away from home! Contact Elevated Experience Camping to find out more about seasonal, year round camping!

Their Willey West location on the other hand, is the family friendly campground, boasting so many activities, that children will never get bored! They have themed weekends, books and board games to rent. Bikes for children and adults of all ages, trails to explore, a mini golf course, playground and more!

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In addition to all these wonderful amenities, Willey West is located along the North Saskatchewan River, perfect for families who are into fishing, or boating. For campers who are new, or people who prefer glamping, there are glamping cabins, rustic bell tents and treehouses to stay in for a unique and fun summer holiday!

Regardless of which campsites in Alberta people choose, what they both have in common is amazing customer service! All staff go through an intensive customer service training program. They also offer unique services such as grocery, firewood and ice delivery directly to your campsite. As well as a Sunday check out breakfast, and packages to add on to the camping reservation.