Campsites in Alberta | Get Creative On Summer Vacation


Campsites in Alberta | Get Creative On Summer Vacation

Even though camping is a favourite pastime, not all campsites in Alberta are created equally. And if people are looking for something unique. Or some different experiences, they may have to look harder than normal.

Campsites in Alberta

While the mountains, such as Banff, Jasper and Kananaskis. Are extremely popular for many people. It is also crammed full of tourists, so that people cannot get. A lot of the peace and quiet they are hoping for.

But as well, the prices of everything is so high. Because of the proximity to the mountains. And all of the tourists that go there. As well, people love to go camping in southern Alberta, with the dinosaurs.

However, that also is full of tourists. With expensive prices for everything. However, that leaves many people wondering what campsites in Alberta should they visit. Especially if they are looking for something just a little bit unique.

In order to have a fun, family vacation. That is why they should visit elevated experience camping. Not only do they have 2 Campsites in Alberta that they manage. But they have a wide variety of amenities.

Designed to make every type of camper happy. From expert campers, who love roughing it. To those who think roughing it means staying in a hotel. That does not have room service.

As well as campers who do not have a lot of experience. People who are just trying out camping for the first time. And are figuring out if they like it. And if they should get more equipment or not.

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The reason why it is perfect for all these different types of campers. Is because between the two locations. The Willie West location. As well as the Drayton Valley RV Park.

They have campsites designed for trailers and RVs. As well as sites to pitch a tent, or have group tents. They even have glamping cabins, which is perfect for people who are looking for a unique experience.

Or people who want to go camping, but do not have a tent or trailer. Maybe they are trying camping out for the first time. Or they are not fans of camping, they just want to be closer to their family, who are.

The glamping cabins are outfitted with everything that a person could possibly want. Such as a queen-size bed. With a real mattress. No sleeping on the floor, or sleeping in a sleeping bag in the glamping cabins!

They also have a place for people to charge their phones and tablets. As well as air conditioning, a large flat screen television. Hookups a satellite, so people can watch their favourite shows and movies.

As well as a barbecue, so that people do not have to cook over an open fire. A microwave, coffee pot, kettle and toaster. In fact, all that people need to do is bring themselves. And they can even arrange for a food hamper to be brought to their campsite upon checking in.

There are many campsites in Alberta that are unique, elevated experience camping is one of them. And people are ready to have a great vacation. They can book themselves in online.

Campsites in Alberta | Get Creative On Summer Vacation This Year

Going camping is a favourite pastime for many people, however there are hundreds of campsites in Alberta. Many people do not know the best places to go. As well, many campsites are lacking in amenities.

Making it even more difficult. To find a great location to spend a weekend, or a weeklong vacation in. However, if people go to elevated experience camping. There going to be able to have a great experience.

No matter which of the 2 Campsites in Alberta people go to. But they do have in common, are exceptional staff. Who have a focus on customer service. And many amazing, and clean amenities at their fingertips.

Both locations have hot, running showers. And flush toilets, which for many people. Allows them to feel a little bit more civilized. While spending time closer to nature.

As well, they both have delivery services. Such as people being able to order. A T-bone camper’s package. Each is a food hamper, with all of the groceries they will need. For a weekend of camping.

They can add this on to any of their camping reservations. When they book themselves conveniently online. But also, they will have it delivered to their campsite upon checking in. Taking a lot of the stress out of getting ready to go camping.

Something else that they have at both of the campsites in Alberta that they manage. Is a five dollar checkout breakfast. While nobody wants to pack up to go home. Many people do not want to cook.

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And then pack up to go home, that is why the checkout breakfast is so perfect. For five dollars, people can get a stack of pancakes. Sausages, and coffee, or juice. So that they can have a hearty breakfast they do not have to clean up from.

Before packing up camp and going home. Or heading to their next adventure. As well, both of their campgrounds have community library boxes. Which are perfect for people who love to read when they are on vacation.

They can take a book, or leave a book. And enjoy reading on their vacation. Without worrying that they will finish their book, and have nothing else to do on their vacation. However, while there are many similarities of these campgrounds.

There are some things that are unique to each location. Such as the RV Park being beside golf courses, Western Canada’s largest pump track. Ball diamonds, and museum. Whereas the Wiley West location is located next to the North Saskatchewan River.

They also have a mini golf course, discovery kids. An ice cream bike making the rounds, and bike rentals. To ride around on the several kilometres of trails that they have at their campground.

When people are ready to book their vacation online. All they have to do is visit the elevated experience camping website, and choose which campsites in Alberta they would like to stay in with their loved ones this year.