Campsites in Alberta | How We’re Different


Campsites in Alberta | How We’re Different

Campers who visit the Elevated Experience campsites in Alberta will see that they do things very differently. While most campgrounds offer bare bones amenities and few staff, Elevated Experience Camping saw a need that wasn’t being filled, which is amenity filled, service based campgrounds. They had a vision before they began.

Campsites in Alberta

Starting with their flagship campground – Willey West, located just a few minutes outside of the town of Drayton Valley. Not only is this campground naturally beautiful, surrounded by the northern boreal forests. But boasting the beauty of the river valley, on the shores of the North Saskatchewan River. Whether people love to go fishing and boating or not, the sounds of the rushing water helps everyone to relax while camping.

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However, not content to just be another one of the uninspired campsites in Alberta. The owners of Elevated Experience Camping set out to bring the most amazing amenities and services to the campers of this province. They brought in community library boxes so campers will have something to read, whether they finished the book they brought. Or if they relaxed enough to want to start a book.

Next, they built their own fun minigolf course. It’s nine holes of fun for the whole family. On a gorgeous afternoon it’s a fun activity to keep the kids engaged and occupied! The next activity they wanted to bring to the campers were bikes. But not just any bikes – fully accessible bikes that can be adjusted to fit riders of all ages and abilities. That way, children who love biking don’t need to have brought their bikes from home, and family members who cannot ride a traditional bike can still join in. The bikes are available each day, for a small fee for campers to explore the campground and surrounding trails.

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However, the owners were not done to just bring books, minigolf and bikes to campsites in Alberta. They wanted to bring so many activities that all children would have something that interested them, and parents would never have to hear the dreaded words: “I’m bored!”

They created an interpretive trail, along the existing trail, but added interpretive markers to the area. Information about the history of the area, wildlife and plants they can look for and identify, their goal was not just to entertain, but to educate. The next activity they created were large yard board games. Favorites like Connect 4 and Jenga, made larger than life-size to put a fun twist on games everyone knows and loves.

People can also rent regular board games, which is the perfect activity for rainy or cold weather. They also created guided adventure activities called Discovery Kits. Aimed at all ages, these kits in a knapsack contain all the tools and instructions needed to go on a self guided adventure in the river valley! Choose between a daytime adventure at one of the best campsites in Alberta, learning about the stars at night, or even learn how to pan for gold in the North Saskatchewan River!

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In addition to all these activities, the staff at Elevated Experience Camping ensured every staff member was empowered to help all customers, with their amazing customer service training. Whether they are delivering groceries, or pizza, helping customers light their campfire, or teaching them how to bait a fishing hook, their goal: to provide that “Wow” moment of customer service.

Whether people want to come for an afternoon in the day use area. Or if they would like to camp for a weekend, or a week long adventure is in their future, they will have an amazing time at one of Elevated Experience’s campsites in Alberta! Book your vacation today!