Campsites in Alberta | What To Do On Summer Vacation


Campsites in Alberta | What To Do On Summer Vacation

Not having anything planned for summer vacation is terrible, but not all campsites in Alberta. Offer the same amenities. Which means many parents are nervous about putting their vacation. To go camping with their young children.

Campsites in Alberta

They want something that is going to keep everyone of their children occupied and happy. However at most campgrounds. All there are, or trails and may be a playground. Many of them do not even have showers or flush toilets.

So that means, parents are also way to have to navigate. Teaching their children how to use an outhouse. And dealing with a certain amount of dirt. When they are supposed to be relaxing.

For the seasoned professional camper. Outhouses are no big deal. However, many people love camping. But do not love outhouses. Or, they would love camping more. If they could simply have a few more creature comforts.

Like flush toilets and hot showers. This is what they will get at elevated experience camping. While they manage to different campsites in Alberta. Both of them have flush toilets and hot showers.

They also both have a lot of similar amenities. Such as a convenience store on site. Selling grocery essentials. As well as firewood, and ice. As well as providing everybody’s favourite snacks and treats.

If people are craving something salty or sweet. And not only can people take a short walk. From their campsite to the convenience store. But they can also contact the elevated experience camping staff.

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Who will be more than happy to deliver these items. Directly to people’s campsite. Therefore, if they are cooking dinner and need more firewood. Nobody has to go anywhere. In order to get more wood for the fire.

If they are simply enjoying their vacation to much. That they do not want to get up off their butt. Do not have to either, because that is what the staff is therefore. In fact, the staff can help with anything.

From delivering essentials, to answering questions. Helping people put up a tent or a tarp. And ensuring that everyone has they need to have a great vacation. However, not both campsites in Alberta have the same everything.

The Drayton Valley RV Park is located right in the city of Drayton Valley. Which means it is close to all amenities. So that if people do not want to be far away. They do not have to be, when they stay here.

Far enough away from their home is good enough. Without having to be in the middle of virtual nowhere. What else they have that C unique at the Drayton Valley RV Park. Is the proximity to so many amazing other amenities.

There close to golf courses, baseball diamonds. And impressively, they are situated right next door. To Western Canada’s largest pump track. That means adults and kids who have wheels and a need for speed, can certainly enjoy themselves here.

The find out more about the amenities at each of the campsites in Alberta that elevated experience manages. People can go online at

Campsites in Alberta | What To Do On Summer Vacation This Year

Even though many people in Alberta love camping, not all campsites in Alberta are created equally. Some may have many amenities and services. And some may have very little, which makes going camping to new places a bit of a gamble.

Especially when parents are taking their young children. And are hoping for restful and peaceful vacation. Or a vacation doing a wide variety of fun things. It may be nerve-racking to try to figure out. Which of the campsites are going to be giving them.

The vacation that they want to have with their family. They should look no further than elevated experience camping. Not only do they have 2 Different Campsites in Alberta.

But they also have a wide variety of amenities at each location. And while both of their campsites are going to be perfect for families with children. The Wiley West location has a little bit more for a wider variety of kids.

The how a mini golf course on site. Perfect for if parents want to play a game with their children. Or, to send their kids off for an hour or two. To get a piece and quiet on their vacation.

They can also arrange to have a paradise picnic. Where they can pick the day, and the elevated experience team. Bring everything else needed for picnic. Such as blankets, pillows.

Food, games and even a Bluetooth speaker. So that people can have the music that they need. To have a great time on a picnic. The elevated experience staff will even cleanup for the families.

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And there are fun options to add-on, such as games, or a telescope. So that people can explore stars, when it gets dark outside. In addition to many golf and picnics. The Wiley West location also has a giant playground, and many kilometres of trails to explore.

Whether people want to explore by foot, or on bike. They can do so on these trails, with interpretive signs. Teaching about the history of the area. As well as what types of plants and animals there likely going to see in the area.

However, if children did not bring their bikes. Or parents do not bring the bikes for their children. Never fear, they can rent some bikes at elevated experience camping. For only twenty-five dollars a day.

Parents can rent bikes for their children. So that they can explore not just the trails, but the campground in general on bike, and help them burn their ample energy off.

They also have large yard board games. Regular board games, and community library box. So that people can borrow books or play games. If the weather is not cooperating with them.

As well, the Wiley West location. Is one of the campsites in Alberta along the North Saskatchewan River. Which makes fishing, or boating an option for families. If people would like more information about both of the elevated experience campsites. They should visit their website and read up.