Campsites in Alberta | What To Do On Vacation


Campsites in Alberta | What To Do On Vacation

Even though many people love camping, they do not always want to stay at campsites in Alberta. Because they lack a lot of amenities. However, that is something that elevated experience camping wanted to fix.

Campsites in Alberta

The owners of elevated experience camping love camping. However, saw that there were many things lacking. And all of the campsites in Alberta that they visited. They are looking for a place that has lots of activities per

Great amenities that are kept clean. And conscientious staff. That are helpful and kind towards the campers. While many of the campsites in Alberta that they visited had some of these things.

Very few, if any had everything they were looking for. Therefore, they created their company, elevated experience camping. Out of a desire to help campers. Get the camping experience that they truly desired.

As well as the experience they truly deserve to have. Whether people are camping with their significant other. Or they are camping with their whole family. There is something for everyone at elevated experience camping.

They have 2 Campsites in Alberta to service the wide range of campers that we have in this province. For example, the Wiley West location. Is their family fun, family-friendly campsite.

While they are located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Which means this is the perfect campground for people who love fishing. And who love boating, and have their own boats to use.

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They also have playgrounds, for children of all ages. They also have games to rent, such as board games. For when the weather is not cooperating. Or if the sun is too hot that day. As well as large yard games.

So that people can spend the afternoon. Playing games, close to their camp site. But also, they have a community library boxes. That has books that people can borrow for free. They can take a book, or leave a book. Which is perfect for those people who would rather spend their vacation.

With their nose in a book, enjoying the sunshine, and the fresh air. And escaping with their mind. They also have a mini golf course, perfect for children and families. As well as what they call discovery kids.

Which is a backpack full of everything they need. To go on a guided adventure. Whether they are exploring the river valley by day. Exploring the river valley, and the stars at night. Or learning how to pan for gold in the river.

This is a perfect adventure for people of all ages. Children, and adults alike. They also have bikes to rent. And many kilometres of trails to explore. Either on foot, or by bicycle.

Therefore, if people would like to stay at a campground. That has a ton of amenities. That are going to keep every person happy. As well as with flush toilets. And clean, hot water showers.

It can look no further than elevated experience camping. They can visit the website, and book their vacation themselves. Online, and look forward to having a creative vacation.

Campsites in Alberta | What To Do On Vacation This Year

People are always looking for unique things to do, instead of just going to campsites in Alberta. But this year, they can go to not only an amazing campground. But it will also have unique things for people to do. Whether people have families, or just their significant other.

There going to have a great vacation. When they choose to stay at elevated experience camping. They have 2 Campsites in Alberta, located close to Drayton Valley. There Wiley West location, is just five minutes outside of the city.

Nestled in a beautiful river valley. And the second location, is there Drayton Valley RV Park campground. Which is set in the heart of Drayton Valley. Which means it is not very far away from any amenities.

But what makes the Drayton Valley RV Park campground unique. Is the fact that it has close proximity. To a number of very popular, and interesting attractions. Such as being right next door. To six bald diamonds.

Which makes this the perfect location. For your slow pitch tournament, or if you are going to host a softball weekend. Even if you just want to hit a few balls with your family. This is a perfect location for people to do that in.

They are also located close to a golf course. Which makes this a great place for people to come, when they are looking to stay and play. As well, this campground is one of the only campsites in Alberta.

Along the Alaska Highway, therefore it is the perfect pitstop. For people who are embarking on this grand adventure. And need a place to rest their head. For heading on their way.

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But, what makes this campground truly unique. Is that it is right next door to Western Canada’s largest pump track. No other campsites in Alberta can say that, and for children and adults alike.

Who have wheels, such as a bike, rollerblades, skateboard or scooter. And who have a need for speed, they can spend hours raising up and down this pump track. Having great exercise, and breathing fresh air.

When people are tired for the day. And they need snacks, to revive them from their stupor. Or if they need more firewood, ice for their drinks or for their cooler. Or they need some essentials from the grocery store.

The elevated experience camping crew will be more than happy. To deliver these items from their convenience store. Directly to each person’s campsite. Therefore, they do not even have to take time out of their busy schedule of relaxing.

They can be catered to, and enjoy their entire vacation. In exactly the way that they want. When people are ready to book their camping vacation. All they have to do is choose which campsites in Alberta out of the two to spend their time in.

And then go online, and book conveniently on the elevated experience camping website. The sooner people book, the better, because people do not want to waste too long. And have their campsite reserved with them.