Glamping in Alberta | Amazing Amenities at Elevated Experience


Glamping in Alberta | Amazing Amenities at Elevated Experience

Often, when people think about going glamping in Alberta. They think of luxurious accommodations, set in the wilderness. And while this is something that elevated experience campgrounds offer to their guests as an experience.

They also have regular campsites, so that whether people are camping in a tent, a trailer or even a motorhome. They can come to this campsite for an amazing experience.

And even if people are camping in a tent, or a trailer. When they arrived at elevated experience, everyone can be considered to be glamping. Because of the fantastic amenities at the campsite.

While the actual glamping sites include a queen-size bed, air conditioning and television. Set in a tiny cabin in the woods. There are many other amenities that can help typical campers feel like they are glamping.

The services that they can expect as soon they arrive at their destination, in this river valley set by the North Saskatchewan River. Is free coffee and water, as well as a roaring and welcoming fire.

The coffee can help melt away the stress of getting prepared for their vacation. And fighting traffic all the way to their destination. While the fire can allow the others in the car to stretch their legs.

While the registration and check-in happens. So that they can relax, and roast a marshmallow over the open fire. And feel like their vacation has started, even before they get their campsite.

Once they set up their camp, that might include pitching attend, or leveling their trailer. But even if setting up their camp means putting their luggage down in their glamping site.


If people feel like they do not want to cook, either on the barbecue provided in the glamping site. Or setting up their cooking gear. Or starting a fire to cook their dinner.

They can simply call the administrative office, in order to get a pizza delivered right to their campsite. They can enjoy each other’s company, and continue unwinding. While eating this delicious pizza, without having to cook their dinner.

Whether people want to go camping, because they love the typical camping activities such as hiking, fishing or boating. Other people love the outdoors, but do not like those typical camping activities.

And often, people who want to go glamping in Alberta. Love glamping because they do not like the typical camping activities. And for these people, there are many activities that they can do while at elevated experience.

They have a wide variety of programmed activities, including go to yoga that can provide completely unique experience. But also there are games to rent like Jenga or yahtzee that are supersized to be fun for the whole family.

Discovery kids to send people on an mini adventure. Mini golf, a slip and slide or even a retro arcade. No matter what kind of experience they want, whether they want to go roughing it, or glamping in Alberta. They can get what they need at elevated experience campground.

Glamping in Alberta | Amazing Amenities at Elevated Experience

Glamping in Alberta has become an extremely popular activity. Often because unlike camping, people do not need a lot of equipment to do this.

Ed also allows people to get away from their everyday life. As well as get away from the city. To enjoy the outdoors in a fun and unique way. Especially when people are not fans of going camping.

Glamping offers not only a unique experience because they have hotel amenities. Set in the wilderness. But because what elevated experience offers, is unique to campgrounds.

Setting them apart from other campsites in Alberta, and making them a unique destination. In fact, many people have referred to elevated experience as camping in the mountains, without having to drive to the mountains.

And this is in part to the beautiful, and picturesque landscape. Because they are set in the river valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

And whether people want to sit in their glamping site and watch TV, while enjoying the view. Or whether they want to play mini golf, do go to yoga, or play horseshoes. They can do so at this campsite.

And even if people do not know exactly what they want to do when they go glamping in Alberta. They can try little bit of everything at elevated experience. All they have to do is ask any staff member.

And they will get exceptional customer service, to help them do whatever they want to do. Even if the weather is inclement, people can goad into the retro arcade, and spend some time in the candy store.


But there is even just the beauty of nature all around them. And the fact that they are on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. They can take a lawn chair, and go sit by the river.

To enjoy the sights and sounds. And be relaxed by the flowing river. And often, whether people enjoy the outdoors, or they have never been camping or glamping before.

They are going to be able to experience the wilderness and Alberta. In a unique and fun way. And get weld by the amazing service, so that they want to come back, and experience even more things the next time.

One thing that is unique to elevated experience. As they understand that when it is time to leave, people must pack up their campsite. Including building up their sleeping bags and taking down their tent and tarps.

And even if people are staying in their glamping sites, they still have to pack their close and get ready to go. When they end up having to cook breakfast on that morning. It can be a lot to do.

And it will also require people to have to clean their cooking gear, that might be hot when they finish. And this is why they offer a checkout pancake breakfast.

For only a few dollars, people can get pancakes, sausages and coffee. So that they do not have to cook on the day that they check out and leave.

This will help people feel rested and relaxed as they leave back to their life after they vacation. Which will want them to continue keep coming back for more experiences whether they are camping or glamping in Alberta.