Glamping in Alberta | Camping Hacks for Everyone


Glamping in Alberta | Camping Hacks for Everyone

Camping, and glamping in Alberta. Is an extremely popular past time. According to official statistics, recreational vehicle owners. Made over 1.5 million RV trips in 2017 alone.

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And while glamping, is a word that means luxurious camping. And can be done a variety of ways. From bringing luxury items when people are staying in tents. To buying recreational vehicles, and going camping that way.

However, up until recently. People had to have their own equipment to go glamping. But now, especially with the popularization of this activity. Permanent glamping sites are popping up all over the province.

And when people want to go glamping, they should look no further than elevated experience camping. Located five minutes outside of Drayton Valley in the middle of the province.

These glamping sites that they have. Are permanent structures that look like tiny cabins. And have every amenity that they could want. That they would find in a hotel room.

They will have things like a queen-size bed, a satellite television. And even a barbecue, to cook their food on. However, when it comes to bringing the food, that can provide some challenges.

Food even provides a challenge for people who are camping. Things like eggs are extremely breakable. And the container, is not much better. Getting soggy at any hint of moisture.

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Leaving people with broken eggs all over their camping food. And whether people are camping, or glamping in Alberta. They have the same challenges. However, a bit of ingenuity is all that is needed.

For people to overcome these obstacles. So that they can bring whatever foods they want. On their camping, or glamping in Alberta vacation. A great hack for anyone to use.

Would be to crack their eggs into a bowl, and pour them into a plastic bottle. Like a squeeze pancake batter container. That has been cleaned out. By pouring the mixed eggs into this container.

Not only are people eliminating the possibility. Of broken eggs on their camping food. But it is also an extremely convenient way. Of preparing scrambled eggs or omelettes in the wilderness.

As well, people often want to have their regular spice mixes. Whether it is seasoning their eggs. Or seasoning their steak or salmon on their vacation. However, how to bring those spices is the question.

Bringing the original space containers is often hard. Because they take up too much room. There is always the risk of the spaces getting ruined. However, tick tack containers can be the perfect solution.

Empty at the mints, and poor whatever spices people want. From salt and pepper, two garlic powder, chili powder. And virtually anything. Not only is it the perfect size for spices. But the lids seal close to.

So that people will not end up with spices all over their knapsack, or their cooler. When people are getting ready to go vacationing, whether they are camping or glamping. A few things will be needed to take with them. To ensure they have a fantastic time.

Glamping in Alberta | Camping Hacks for Everyone

Whether people are going glamping in Alberta. Because they do not want to buy their own camping equipment. Or because they are unable to. Still requires some preparation. To ensure that their vacation is a good one.

For example, everyone should be prepared with wooden matches. When they spend any amount of time in the wilderness. Whether they simply want to make a fire in their glamping in Alberta fire pit.

Or, they are on a hike and get lost. And need to make a fire for warmth. Everyone who is bending any amount of time in the wilderness. Should be prepared, and purchase wooden matches.

This is a relatively low expense. That people can purchase, so that they are prepared. However, if they simply bring their wooden matches, and the cardboard container that they came in.

There is a high likelihood of those matches getting damp either from a surprising shower. Or if people ask Attlee get too close to the North Saskatchewan River. And they or their knapsack takes a dive.

Therefore, it is not just enough to buy some wooden matches. The people also need a waterproof container to store them in. And while they can go to the camping supply store and buy something.

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Why buy a container for this purpose. When people can find one around home for free? Almost everyone has an empty pill container that has not made it to the garbage or recycling yet.

This pill container can be the perfect solution. For storing wooden matches. Pill containers are small enough to fit in any knapsack. And are waterproof, so that no matter what the weather is. The matches will stay dry.

It is also a great idea for people to keep a piece of flint in with their matches. As well as a few cotton balls. That will act as a fire starter. If people need to get a fire going, and they cannot find a lot of kindling.

As well, a great tip for campers, and glamper’s alike. Would be to bring a roll of toilet paper with them on their trip. Even if people who are glamping in Alberta do not plan on venturing very far from their luxury accommodations.

It is always a good idea to be prepared. And have at least one role of toilet paper in their knapsack. However, if they think they can simply toss in a role, and call it good. They might get very disappointed.

If they get rained on by accident. And now have a role of wet toilet paper to deal with. Or, they might stop for lunch. And realized to their dismay. That the squirrels can in fact open their knapsack. And love shredding toilet paper.

By getting a coffee can, with the snap-on lid. People can store their toilet paper this way. So that no matter what whether they encounter. Or what squirrels find their knapsack. It will be kept safe and dry, for any time they might need to use it.