Glamping in Alberta | Creating Summer Memories


Glamping in Alberta | Creating Summer Memories

One of the reasons why families will want to go glamping in Alberta. Is that they can ensure that all of their children can have a fun time. And when they do, they should visit elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta

They have such a wide variety of amenities at this campground. That there is something for everyone, and all ages. In fact, their whole mandate is to help people fall in love with the outdoors.

And to give everyone elevated experience when they stay there. This is why they created glamping sites to begin with. Because they know that not everyone can or enjoys camping. But glamping is more accessible.

And when people are ready to go glamping in Alberta. And true elevated experience camping. What they will expect when they arrive, is a tiny cabin, with all of the amenities of a hotel room.

In fact, glamping is a word that was coined in two thousand and five. By mashing up the two words glamorous and camping. Therefore, even though the cabin is nestled in the beautiful and picturesque river valley.

They will have many of the same luxuries that they will find. In a hotel room. But set in a more beautiful area. The first thing that they will see when they arrive, is the fire pit and bench. Where they can have traditional campfires if they choose.

But the full-size barbecue shows that they do not have to cook over an open fire. There will be a bistro table, and two chairs on the porch. So people can eat their meals outside. Or watch the sunrise or set.


However, when they open up the door to their tiny cabin. There are several things that will impress. Starting with the full-size queen-size bed in the middle of the room.

And the large, flat screen television mounted on the wall. Because they are located in a river valley. Elevated experience camping has insured that all of their TVs are hooked up to a satellite dish.

So that people can watch their favourite television shows, or movies. If that is their idea of a perfect glamping in Alberta vacation. There is also going to be a mini refrigerator.

So that people can bring their own food, to cook on the barbecue. But there will be dishes provided. As well as microwave, toaster and coffee pot. So that people can make their own food if they wish.

While there is no running water in these cabins. There will be a water cooler, with a dish for pets. Because it is not truly glamping. If people cannot bring their furry family members.

Therefore, people do not even have to set foot out of their cabin if they do not want. Unless it is to use the washroom. But if their idea of rest and relaxation. Is sleeping in, and watching movies all day. They will be able to have that experience, when they go glamping at elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Create Those Summer Memories

Even though camping is a very popular pastime, glamping in Alberta is growing in popularity very quickly. Simply because it is a more accessible activity for a wider variety of people.

Camping requires people have their own camping equipment. Which is not possible for everybody. As well, camping may be something that people do not like, because of having to sleep on the ground. Or cook over an open fire.

As well, it is something that might not be possible for people of all abilities. However, glamping makes camping much more accessible. To a wider variety of people. Including those who do not have their own camping equipment.

People who do not enjoy camping, and people who are not able to do that activity. Which is why elevated experience camping created the permanent glamping sites at their campground.

However, this is only one way that they set themselves apart from their competition. What truly helps elevated experience shine. Is all of the amazing amenities and activities. That they have at their campground.

Not only do they have a mini golf course, and retro arcade and a community library. They have many games and activities to rent. Such as a slip and slide, or giant sized boardgames.

And if people are looking for an adventure. But do not know what kind of adventure that is. They can rent a discovery kit. Which is a knapsack, for of all the tools they need.

To go on a guided adventure. Either exploring the river valley at night, by day. Were teaching people how to pan for gold in the river.

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People who are diligent enough, they actually come away with some golden nuggets for their trouble. However, that is just some of the activities that they can enjoy.

Because they are located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. There is a boat launch, so that people can enjoy boating or fishing in the river. As well as many different trails for people to go hiking and biking on.

However, that is not everything. There are different programs and activities that are great for families, or children. Such as goat yoga. Which is perfect for people of all ages, and abilities.

What could be more enjoyable, then stretching bodies into yoga poses. Joined by playful goats? No matter how good people are at yoga. This activity is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

In addition to the amazing amenities they have for people who are going glamping in Alberta with elevated experience camping. They are experts in providing excellent customer service.

Therefore, every interaction with an employee on site. Will be sure to help people have an elevated experience. From renting activities, to the hand delivered pizza, that is made to order.

When people are looking for a unique summer vacation idea. And they decide to try glamping in Alberta. They should check out elevated experience camping. Not only because they will have a wide variety of activities to do.

But because they will have an elevated experience. That will help them fall in love with the outdoors again.