Glamping in Alberta | Creating Unique Summer Memories


Glamping in Alberta | Create Summer Memories Outside

When people want to create great summer memories close to home, glamping in Alberta. Can be the perfect solution for many families. Unlike camping, that requires a lot of special equipment.

Glamping in Alberta

Glamping is a lot more accessible to a wider variety of people. The reason is, when people visit a glamping site. Such as the ones at elevated experience camping. Everything will be provided for them.

Not only will there be full-size barbecue there. So that people can cook their own meals. With out requiring camping pots and pans. Or having to cook over an open fire.

There will also be a many fridge in the tiny cabin. So that people can keep their food cold, without requiring a cooler for them to bring. As well, there will be all of the dishes needed. To eat their food as well.

There will even be a basin provided. So that people can cleanup when they are done. So that the only thing that people need to bring. In order to have a wonderful vacation. Are the clothes that they plan on wearing, and the food they want to eat.

Another reason why glamping in Alberta is so popular. Is because many are unable to camp, due to limitations. No matter what those limitations are, being unable to pitch a tent.

Or if they are unable to sleep on the ground, or cook food over an open fire. All of those barriers are removed when people go glamping. Inside the cabins at elevated experience camping.

There will be a full-size queen bed. As well as bedside tables, lamps. And plug-ins for their technology. On the wall, there will be a large, flat screen television hooked up to a satellite dish.

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So that whether people want to go outside on adventures. And go exploring the beautiful, picturesque river valley. Or whether there idea of a great vacation is sleeping in. And watching their favourite television shows and movies.

Glamping in Alberta literally appeal to just about everyone. And while glamping is on the rise throughout the entire province. The reason why people should go glamping at elevated experience camping.

Is because in addition to the beautiful cabins. They have a wide variety of other amenities. That can help everyone have the perfect vacation. When they are vacationing close to home.

First of all, if people would like to read. And forgot their favourite book at home. Or have finished their book. They can head to the community library. Or, if video games are more their style, they can spend an afternoon.

In the retro arcade, playing classic video games with their friends or children. However, if people want to be a bit more active. They have many things to do including a mini golf course on site.

As well as games to rent, and programmed activities. For families, and people of all ages. When people are looking for a unique summer vacation. They should choose glamping at elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Creating Unique Summer Memories

One of the most unique ways to spend summers is to go glamping in Alberta. Not only can this be a unique way to make memories. It is a much more accessible activity then camping for many reasons.

Not only does camping require having specialized equipment. That may be impossible for people to purchase. Or hard for people to store. And therefore, they do not have camping equipment.

Or perhaps people do not like going camping. Because they do not enjoy having to pitch a tent, sleep on the ground. Or cook meals over a fire. And glamping in Alberta removes all of those barriers.

However, while there are many different glamping sites throughout the province. The reason why people should go glamping at elevated experience camping. Is because they have something for everyone.

They are located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. In a beautiful and picturesque valley on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Therefore, whether people are looking to go hiking, boating or fishing.

This can be a perfect location for them. As well, many people have remarked that it is just as beautiful as the mountains. Without having to drive all the way to the mountains. And to deal with numerous tourists.

Another reason why people should go glamping at elevated experience. Is because they have many different amenities, and activities. So that not only will people never be bored.

Entire families can come to the campground, and have something there that will make everybody happy. And when people arrive, not quite sure what they want to do.


They can take a look at all of the different activities to rent, or programs to participate in. And try a little bit of everything. One of the most unique activities people can do at elevated experience.

Which is appropriate for people of all ages, and abilities. Is goat yoga. This is where people are taken through a yoga class, surrounded by playful and fun goats. Not only will it give them time.

In the beautiful sunshine, breathing in the fresh air. That will make them feel rested, relaxed and rejuvenated. But the playful goats will help everybody feel happy.

And this is an activity that is guaranteed to have everybody leaving, smiling or laughing. However, if goats, or yoga is not someone’s favourite thing. They can rent one of the many games that they have.

Such as cornhole, or large sized Jenga or yahtzee. That are games to be enjoyed in a open green space. That are twists on family favourite games. By playing these games in a unique way.

Can give people a fun experience, that they never had before. Or if they want to go a little bit farther from their campsite. They can rent a discovery kit. Which will have everything that they need for a self-guided adventure.

When people are looking to go glamping in Alberta. They should consider elevated experience camping as their first choice. And they will not be disappointed.