Glamping in Alberta | Eat Gourmet While Camping


Glamping in Alberta | Eat Gourmet While Camping

While there are many different reasons why people want to go glamping in Alberta. More people are going to be vacationing close to home than ever before. But still want to have an amazing experience.

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Elevated experience camping, located just outside of Drayton Valley. Is dedicated to providing great experiences. To everyone of their customers. Whether they are a new camper, they have camped for many years.

Or if they are looking to do the new trendy activity of glamping in Alberta. They are dedicated to ensuring that every person that spends time in their campground, has an elevated experience.

From the moment people arrive, to the moment they leave. Their goal is to ensure that everybody has amazing vacation. Whether they are staying in afternoon, a weekend or a week and longer.

One of the services that they have decided to bring in this year. Works to elevate the services that they can offer. By giving even more options to the people who are spending time there.

There bring in a food truck owned and operated by a separate society. That will offer gourmet comfort food. Between Thursday and Saturday at their campground.

They did a lot of research, and found that 90% of people who go to food trucks enjoy the food. While 80% people who do, say they would come back again. As well as leave great views for the food truck.

With how many people love food trucks. They decided to bring in a food truck to their facility. To service the people who are staying there. For a wide variety of reasons.

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Whether people want to go glamping in Alberta, and want to avoid preparing their own food. Or avoid having to do things like wash their own dishes while they are trying to get away from everything and relax.

Or, if people are simply caught up in the adventure of everything that they are doing. And lose track of time. And need a delicious, and hearty meal area quickly. As well as the people who simply love trying new things.

Would love to try out a gourmet food truck, during their stay at home vacation this year. And while the food truck will only be available on site between Thursday and Saturday.

People who are in Drayton Valley between Monday and Wednesday. Will be able to catch the food truck, out and about in the community. And especially Wednesday evening, as part of the regular farmers market.

In order to find out what food to serve, they researched as well. And found that the most sought after foods, or hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches. But, just like everything they do, they decided to elevate them.

By offering these dishes, and a gourmet style. Gives a new twist on people’s favourite comfort food. So matter why they are staying at elevated experience camping. They can enjoy some gourmet comfort food, to help them have an even more special stay.

Glamping in Alberta | Eat Gourmet While Camping With Us

There are many different reasons why people enjoy glamping in Alberta. From simply wanting to get away from their routine. Or wanting to enjoy time in nature. Or simply looking for a completely different adventure.

People can find what they are looking for, at elevated experience camping. Not only they offer more services and amenities. Then most campgrounds, all put together.

Such as mini golf, a retro arcade and goat yoga. But they also have put a special emphasis on customer service. Ensuring that everything one of their employees takes a course, and are trained.

And how to give exemplary customer service. So that every interaction that people have. From their first phone call, to check in. And even checking out and leaving. Will be an amazing experience.

From delivery of firewood, and surprise coffee. To a checkout breakfast. Everything that they have done, is for the campers experience in mind. So that whether they are regular camping.

Or if they are there, because they wanted to try glamping in Alberta. It will not be disappointed with the experience that they have. This is also why they decided to add a food truck to their already impressive list of services that they offer.

While the food truck is not owned and operated by the campground. It is owned and operated by a society. Whose mandate is to support the community socially and economically.

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That is why the money that goes into the food truck. Stays in the community. And that it is staff, completely by at risk youth, between the ages of fourteen and twenty.

To help them develop skills. That will allow them to find long-term employment elsewhere, when their time on the food truck is done. In fact, the program is lovingly dubbed operation Sasquatch.

In this program, is seven months long. With two months of classroom learning. In five months, the duration of the camping season here in Alberta. Where they will learn skills.

Both kitchen, and other skills that will help them in any other job. Such as teambuilding, customer service and money management. As well as five months of experience working in the food truck.

These at risk youth, will have full-time employment. And get paid for wage for the work that they do. Therefore, when people support this food truck, and operation Sasquatch.

They can feel good about where their money is going. And that they are supporting the community that they are staying in. A thriving community supports the social and economic fabric, which is exactly what elevated experience wants to do.

Therefore, when people are looking for a place to go glamping in Alberta. Not only should they be looking for place. That has an extremely wide variety of activities that they can enjoy.

But one, that takes their social responsibility as a business very seriously. And strives to give back to the community. That supports them so much, and supports their business as well.