Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Camping Experience


Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Camping Experience

Often, when people have never camped before, they start out by going glamping in Alberta. Simply because it can offer them the experience of camping, in a way that is easily accessible.

Often, when people go camping even the most basic camping gear requires a lot of money being spent. Even just a tent, sleeping bags and something to cook food on. Can end up costing a lot of money.

That people may not be willing to spend, in order to discover that they are not a big fan of camping, or camping in a tent for example. Which is why many people opt to experience camping by glamping.

Glamping refers to glamorous camping. And is simply just camping, but with luxurious amenities. So that people can experience the great outdoors, without having to sleep on the ground in a tent for example.

However, people who go glamping in Alberta may not necessarily be brand-new campers. They might be people who have limited mobility, and can no longer pitch a tent, or sleep on the ground.

But love the great outdoors, and want to have an experience similar to camping. And this is where the glamping sites at elevated experience can shine. These are tiny cabins that bring hotel room amenities.

Staged in the great outdoors, that can give a feeling of camping, while allowing people to enjoy amenities such as a queen-size bed, a mini fridge and air conditioning for example.

However, there are many other reasons why people want to go glamping in Alberta. It could be that they are travelling, and are not necessarily prepared for camping. But want to experience nature.


So glamping gives them the opportunity to experience the nature in Alberta. Without having to utilize any camping equipment. Especially if they were not planning on doing any camping on their journey.

As well, while glamping typically refers to the specific amenities of the place were people are sleeping. At elevated experience, they have brought so much more to the experience of glamping.

They have the ability to make and deliver pizza to campers on site, they have a retro arcade, mini golf, and horseshoes for example. People can participate in programmed activities like goat yoga.

Or, if they just want to stay in the glamping site. But to do more traditional camping activities, such as boating, or fishing. Elevated experience is located right next to the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.

So whether people want to launch a boat, fish in the river, or participate in any other river activities. This is possible, whether they are camping, or glamping.

While there they are camping, glamping. Or whether they are new to camping, or experts. They want to give everyone a unique experience, that they will want to come back to time and time again.

All people need to do, is call elevated experience to reserve their spot. And they will be able to have an excellent experience. No matter what activities they are looking to do while they are there.

Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Camping Experience

There are many reasons why people to go camping, or glamping in Alberta. From wanting to get away from urban areas, wanting to rest and relax, or if they want to have fun with their family.

People can have whatever experience they are looking for at elevated experience campgrounds. Not only do they have camping and glamping sites available. They have many different activities.

From a retro arcade, so that they can have fun even if the rain is falling. To playing mini golf, renting a slip and slide, or large yard games. Such as yahtzee and Jenga which can be fun for the whole family.

And if people are looking for a more traditional experience, even if they are glamping in Alberta. There is a river that they can explore, whether they are on foot, or bring at boat.

Or, if they bring their fishing poles and lures, they can go fishing in the North Saskatchewan River as well. Or, if people are less familiar with Alberta.

Either because they have moved from another part of Canada or from another country. They offer discovery kits to rent. Which our backpacks that people can take out for a mini adventure.

They have kids that are appropriate for exploring the campsite during the day, night time exploring. Or taking the kids to the river to discover aquatic creatures, or experience gold panning for themselves.


While there discovery kits are completely appropriate for children. People who are looking to explore the campsite themselves, can also find a lot of enjoyment with these kids to rent.

Four people who are looking to do glamping in Alberta. Elevated experience does have glamping sites available. That are tiny cabins, that bring hotel room amenities staged in the great outdoors.

When people are staying in these glamping sites, they will feel like they are camping, because there is wilderness all around, and they get to experience things like having a fire in the fire pit if they wish.

Or cooking their food on a barbecue. But it also ensures that they can go to bed in a plush, queen-size bed, and sleep in air conditioning. Or watch some television when they are done having a fire.

While many people like to go camping, but are not able to purchase camping gear, glamping in Alberta can be a great solution. Or if people are not a fan of camping.

But they want to spend time with their family who does. These glamping sites can offer a great solution. When people think of camping, they should have envision what the best experience they want will be.

So that when they get to elevated experience campground, they can have that experience. And if there is anything they need, or want to make their experience better. They should simply find any staff member.

Because all the staff members are trained in exceptional customer service. And want everyone to have an experience unlike any other campsite offers.