Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Experience is Different


Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Experience is Different

When people go camping or glamping in Alberta. And to go to elevated experience campground. They are going to get an experience unlike any other. Not just because they have exceptional customer service.

That exceeds most people’s expectations. Especially when it comes to camping. But also, their entire mission is to help people fall in love with the outdoors again.

And they have many amenities, and services that help them achieve that goal. Right from the moment people arrive on site, to check in and their campsite people will see how they are different.

Not only is there free coffee, and water for people to enjoy during check-in. But as the check in process happens, other people who are on the trip. Can get in the car, stretch their legs.

And roast a marshmallow by the welcoming and crackling fire. This can help melt the stress of the trip to get there away. As well as help people feel like their vacation has officially started.

And even before they start setting up their campsite, or before they drop their luggage off in their glamping sites. They can feel like they are melting their stress away.

When they set up their campsite. Whether they have a tent, a trailer. Or if they simply have to open up the suitcase in their tiny cabins that are there glamping in Alberta sites.

They may not feel like cooking dinner. Especially since setting up their campsite might take a long time. Or people who are going glamping and Alberta, may not want to do any cooking on their vacation at all.

And they can feel free to either walk down to the convenience store that they have. And pick up things to eat so that they do not have to cook. Or one thing that is completely unique to elevated experience camping.


Is the pizza oven that they have. Allowing people to order pizza, and have it delivered straight to their campsite. So that they can relax, and enjoy the first day of their vacation in style.

And while many people may say pizza delivery at a campsite is exceptional service. Or pizza service while glamping in Alberta. The owners of elevated experience campground will not stop there.

They want to provide many other amazing experiences. Which is why they have a candy store, retro arcade and mini golf course for people to enjoy.

And in fact, every camper or glamper gets a free game of mini golf upon arriving. So that they truly can experience all of the amenities that elevated experience has to offer.

And while the campsite is located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. If people have their own boat, there was a boat launch. And people can fish on and off the river.

But if hiking and fishing is not something that they want to do. There are many other activities that they can get from elevated experience camping. From yard sized board games.

That will help a family enjoy their favourite games in a completely unique way. To slip and slide, or activities like goat yoga, to allow people the joy of stretching their bodies. And enjoying being around a bunch of goats.

Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Experience is Different

When people are looking for unique vacation, they may want to experience glamping in Alberta. Because not only is it gaining popularity. But because there are more glamping sites than ever before.

When elevated experience campground decided to add glamping sites to their amenities. They knew they wanted to help people fall in love with the outdoors. Or help them rediscover the outdoors in a new way.

Glamping is a word that takes two words, camping and glamour. And puts them together, to acknowledge what glamping is. Which is the ability to go camping, with hotel room style amenities.

The glamping facilities they have at elevated experience campground. Our tiny cabins. That have all the beauty and charm of a rustic cabin in the woods.

But will have amenities such as a plush queen sized bed, air conditioning and television. Truly, for people to enjoy glamping in Alberta in these tiny cabins. All they have to do is bring a change of clothes and themselves.

And they can have a fulfilling vacation or weekend away. However, there is also a mini fridge available, so that people can bring their own food. And a barbecue provided.

So that people will have a way of cooking their food other than over an open fire. But if people truly want to cook over an open fire. Or simply roast marshmallows and or hotdogs.


They will have a fire pit, and a bench to allow them to do that. For some people, it is not truly camping without sitting around a campfire visiting or singing songs. And elevated experience campground.

Once to give all people, whether they are campers or glamper’s. The experience that they are looking for. In a way that exceeds their expectations.

When they are ready to leave the campsite. They offer a checkout breakfast. And for only a few dollars, they can enjoy pancakes, sausages and coffee. So people do not have to cook on the morning that they are leaving.

This can help them continue to feel rested and relaxed as they pack up their vehicle, and head back to the city and their life. So that they will feel like they want to come back for more glamping in Alberta. And elevated experience Grounds.

They also believe in exceptional customer service. And all staff are trained. In order to give amazing customer service to all campers, or people who are glamping in their tiny cabins.

Whether people are coming for the first time, or are coming again. They want to provide them with an experience that they have never had. And continue to impress people that are returning.

While most campsites do not work on marketing, or customer service. This is why elevated experience is dedicated to providing these things. To help make camping or glamping in Alberta more appealing to a wider variety of people.