Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Experience Is Unique


Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Experience Is Unique

If are looking for a completely unique camping or glamping in Alberta experience. They should check out elevated experience campground. Not just because they have glamping sites.

But because all of the amenities that they have. As well as the customer service that they offer. Make camping or glamping and elevated experience campground an amazing experience.

Their goal is to exceed customers expectations. Whether they have been to elevated experience before or not. By helping people fall in love with the outdoors again, they hope to get people to keep coming back year after year.

And while glamping in Alberta is on the rise. There are more glamping sites in Alberta than ever before. However, what people get when they go glamping at elevated experience. Is a wide variety of amenities.

That are unavailable anywhere else Starting with the glamping sites themselves. While other glamp sites in Alberta are in luxury tends or yurts.

The accommodations for glamping at elevated experience include tiny cabins. Inside the tiny cabin, guests will be treated to a queen sized bed, and television and air conditioning. So that they can truly be sitting in the lap of luxury when they stay here.

In addition to mini fridge, they will also have a barbecue on the front deck. So that they can cook their own food if they desire. If not, they can always order a pizza from the campground itself.

And have it delivered to their glamping site. And while this can be an amazing amenity for people who are looking to go glamping in Alberta. Elevated experience offers pizza delivery to any of their campers.


Even if they are spending time in attend. Or if they are camping in a trailer. This is just one way that elevated experience campgrounds can exceed people’s expectations. But there are many other amenities.

While they have typical amenities that are very popular and typical for campgrounds. Such as a boat launch in the river, horseshoe pits and flush toilets and showers.

The other amenities that make them unique include a mini golf course, a retro arcade and a candy store. That can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

But they also have the ability to rent out fun activities such as a slip and slide four children. Or large giant sized board games such as Jenga and yahtzee. That can make familiar favourites seem new.

However, in order to help burn they energy off. People can also rent discovery kits. Which our backpacks that contain everything they need. For a guided mini adventure.

Whether they are exploring the wilderness in the daytime, or at night. Or if they want to go explore the river. Raven learn how to go panning for gold in the North Saskatchewan River.

The amenities and services at elevated experience not only can help people enjoy their camping trip. But if people want to go glamping, they will also get their expectations exceeded. And for love with the outdoors again.

Glamping in Alberta | Elevated Experience Is Unique

Even though many people go camping and glamping in Alberta each year. What elevated experience wanted to do. Was give a unique camping experience. Which is why they added tiny cabins to their amenities when they took over.

These small cabins offer all of the amenities of a hotel room. But set in the wilderness of Alberta. So that even if people are sitting on their queen-size bed, in the air conditioning.

Eating a piece of pizza that was delivered to their cabin. They will be up to look outside, and realize that they truly are on vacation. And enjoy some of the picturesque beauty that the river valley offers.

When people are going glamping in Alberta, and to elevated experience is the place they want to go. They will know the difference as soon as they arrive at the campsite for the very first time.

They will be greeted by staff, and treated to a free cup of coffee or water. So that they can start to melt away the stress of the city. And the commute in order to get to the campsite.

And while many people love camping or glamping in Alberta. It can be stressful to get away. With packing. And driving through traffic in order to get away.

But once they arrive at elevated experience, all that stress can melt away. And even during registration and check-in. There will be a warm and crackling fire Eddie to greet guests.


And while the chicken is happening, others can get out of the car, stretch their legs and even roast a marshmallow on the fire. To start their vacation off on the right foot.

From the moment people arrive at the campsite, they will know that things are different than any other campsite. And while there are many amenities that people can enjoy.

From the very first day to the last, they will know that they are somewhere special. Because even on the day that they check out. They can enjoy of pancake breakfast.

Pancakes, sausages and coffee for the entire family is available. To ensure that they can have a hot, delicious breakfast. That they do not have to cook. So that they can pack up easier and quicker.

By doing this, people can feel more rested and relaxed as they leave their vacation, and make the trek back to the city. Ensuring that their expectations were exceeded.

And that they will want to tell all of their friends and come back. Whether they spent the entire time in their cabin. if they spent time on the river, or explored the wilderness.

Or if they wanted to read, play games, or spend time in the retro arcade. No matter what they did, they did it in a way that kept them rested and relaxed. So that they could follow love with the outdoors.

And want to come back. Whether they wanted to go camping, or go glamping. The more people have their expectations exceeded. The more they will want to come back.