Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Food Trucks While Camping


Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Food Trucks While Camping

Many people do not associate food trucks with glamping in Alberta. But this is an association that elevated experience camping would like to change.

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The reason why many people want to go camping or glamping in Alberta. Is as varied as the people themselves. From wanting to get away from the city. Or get as far away from their work is possible while they vacation.

Or, wanting to spend time in the wilderness. Whether they want an adventure, or quiet reflection. They are going to be able to get this at elevated experience camping.

They have made it their mission, to offer an extremely wide variety of amenities and services. That can service all the types of campers, and glamper’s that come to their campground.

And that is why they decided to bring in a food truck for the new camping season. The food truck is owned and operated by a separate entity. And what they are hoping to do by bringing this food truck in.

Is to offer another choice. For people who are using their facilities. While it will be available to the people who are staying in their camping sites, whether it is single or group camping.

As well as to the people who are staying in their tiny, luxury cabins as they go glamping in Alberta. But also, the food truck will be available to the people who are using the day use area.

As they enjoy the sun and the wilderness for an afternoon. Or for a picnic, as they let their children run around. And even the people who are utilizing the boat launch, to launch their boats into the river.

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They are going to be able to enjoy the hot, and delicious gourmet meals that are coming out of the food truck. While the food truck is going to be at elevated experience camping on the weekends, between Thursday and Saturday.

People who are in Drayton Valley will be able to enjoy the food truck offerings. Between Monday and Wednesday. Especially Wednesday evening, as the truck partakes in the Wednesday farmers market in town.

And while this is providing a valuable service to the people that are using the amenities at elevated experience camping. It is also providing a valuable service to the town of Drayton Valley itself.

The reason why, is because the food truck is going to be operated by youth who are at risk. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty. By the program that is been dubbed operation Sasquatch.

This program is seven months long. And involves two months of classroom learning. Where they will learn safe food handling, and learn the menu. As well as other important skills.

That will transfer over well into other job opportunities. Including money management, customer service and teambuilding. After the two months of classroom learning.

These youth will have five months of working in the food truck. Serving the community, and building important skills. This is why the food truck will be a great addition to elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Food Trucks While Camping With Us

While many people love preparing camping food, whether they are camping or glamping in Alberta. Unfortunately, not everybody loves cooking over an open fire. Especially when they are going glamping.

While last year, saw elevated experience camping add a pizza oven to their already impressive list of amenities. Allowing people to order a pizza, hot and fresh. That will be delivered directly to their campsite.

This year, they want to add something a little bit different. That they hope will be just as exciting. To the people who are enjoying their facilities. This is a food truck, that will offer hot food to the patrons of the campground.

They researched the food that they wanted to serve. And after talking to successful food truck owners. As well as food truck patrons. Came up with a great menu. Of food that is ordered often.

By putting a gourmet spin on things, the food truck serves gourmet hotdogs. As well as gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, that cannot be purchased from other restaurants very easily.

They also offer a side dish, of corn on the cob. However, they can choose between four different flavors. Mexican labourers, Parmesan pesto, hummus and red peppers or sriracha for the people who love spice.

And while having a food truck may be enough. For the people who are staying in the campground. Whether they are spending the night, and glamping in Alberta. Or if they are simply using the day use area.

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But elevated experience camping, wanted to ensure that they were doing social good for the community that supports them. Which is why the food truck hires at risk youth to work in their food truck.

By working with other community services, such as Drayton Valley F C S S, and the Drayton Valley youth hub. They are connected with many different youth. Who could benefit from learning new skills, and gainful employment.

Whether people want to come to the food truck, and eat it picnic style on site. Or if people are interested in purchasing their meal, and taking it back to their campsite.

They will be able to do either option. So that they can continue having the vacation that they desire. But with the added luxury, of a gourmet meal. Being served hot and fresh right on site.

As people prepare their vacation plans for the next year. They are starting to research the different campgrounds that they can go to. For camping, and glamping in Alberta.

The reasons why they should choose elevated experience camping are extremely varied. From offering an extremely wide variety of amenities and services. To helping the community in which supports them.

When people are looking for an amazing vacation. That they can feel good about supporting. The choice is very obvious, that elevated experience five minutes outside of Drayton Valley is where they should go.