Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Unique Meals While Camping


Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Unique Meals While Camping

It is very important, that when people want to go glamping in Alberta. They are very aware of all of the different amenities. At each of the different sites that they want to go.

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While glamping in Alberta is quickly becoming an extremely popular activity. Especially with the proliferation of many permanent glamping sites. Not all of these sites offer the same kind of services.

While many different glamping sites. Offer unique accommodations, such as luxury tents, yurts, and even tiny cabins. As well as things like pods, igloos up north. And converted structures into accommodations.

But not everywhere that people go glamping in Alberta. Have the same things provided in their glamping accommodations. For the most part, many places that offer glamping.

Have nothing besides the accommodations, such as the roof over people’s heads. With nothing of significance inside. Which means people still need to bring their own sleeping bags, or bedding and pillows.

Or, they still need to fend for themselves. By having food to cook. Which means they need to have their own supplies to cook with. And things to put the food that they are bringing in.

The reason why not more people have been glamping for years. Is because camping itself is an expensive activity. Requiring people by a lot of specialized equipment.

This specialized equipment costs a lot of money, and takes up a lot of room. From tents, sleeping bags and tarps. To cooking devices, and camping dishes. As well as coolers to hold food just to name a few.

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This is out of reach for many people. Whether they cannot afford it, or do not want to purchase it. Who may want to occasionally get away to the great outdoors.

Which is why these permanent or semi permanent glamping sites are quickly becoming very popular. However, if they still require people having their own camping supplies. It is not very inclusive to most.

This is why elevated experience camping. Wants to ensure that everybody who goes glamping in their campground, do not need to bring anything, except the clothes on their back and the food they want to eat.

In their glamping accommodations, they have a queen-size bed with all of the bedding and pillows. As well as a television, hooked up to a satellite dish. And also a barbecue, mini fridge and dishes to eat out of.

However, if people want to go glamping because they do not want to prepare any of their own food. They are in luck, especially this year. As the elevated experience camping owners bring in a food truck.

They researched the types of food that should be served in this food truck. And went with some of the most popular items according to their research. Hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches.

However, these are not just any hot dogs and grilled cheeses. They are gourmet, served with gourmet corn on the cob in for delicious flavoured for each discerning glamper.

Therefore, when people are getting ready to go glamping. And they want to have an amazing experience. They should be aware that not every campsite has all of the amenities. And do their research, and come to elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Enjoy Unique Meals While Camping With Us

One of the most important things for people to keep in mind when they go glamping in Alberta. Is that even though they might be spending time in the wilderness. That does not mean they have to go roughing it.

At elevated experience camping, there glamping accommodations are tiny cabins. However, on the inside. There is every luxury that they would find in a hotel room.

However, there tiny cabins are nestled in the gorgeous River Valley. Right beside the North Saskatchewan River. And while some people have no problem cooking all of their meals.

For some people, roughing it means forgoing the room service. Which is why elevated experience offers all of the amenities that they do. So that no matter who is going glamping in Alberta.

There going to be able to have their vacation they have always desired. Last year, they offered pizza. That would be made fresh, and to order. That is lovingly delivered by the elevated experience staff.

Directly to people’s camp or glamping sites. And this year, they are looking to elevate that experience even more. With the addition of a food truck. This food truck will be in operation from Thursday to Saturday.

And will serve a variety of gourmet food, such as gourmet hotdogs. Gourmet grilled cheeses, and gourmet corn on the cob. That have been carefully researched, for their popularity.

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Even though many people will opt to eat at the food truck, out of convenience. And because they do not want to be cooking on their vacation. There is also another, altruistic reason to do so.

The food truck is owned and operated by a society called elevated experience camping society. Which is a completely separate entity from the campground. Whose mandate is to help the community.

They will take at risk youth, between the ages of fourteen and twenty. To help them gain life and employment skills. That will help them be more successful in life. And gain long-term employment in the future.

During this seven month long program, that they have dubbed operation Sasquatch. There will be two months of classroom learning. Followed by five months of hands-on employment in the food truck.

They gives these youths, five months of full-time employment. Where they will be getting paid a full wage, to continue to develop the skills that they started learning.

Therefore, when people who are glamping in Alberta decide to purchase from the food truck. They are knowing that they are helping the fabric of the community that they are staying in. Stay strong socially and economically as well.

What better reason to go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. That they can have an elevated experience, but also help the community that they are staying in. While having an amazing vacation at the same time.