Glamping in Alberta | Exceptional Camping Experience


Glamping in Alberta | Exceptional Camping Experience

Often, when people go glamping in Alberta. What they truly want, is a unique experience. Glamping merges the luxuriousness of hotel accommodations. With the rustic scenery of the outdoors.

And while glamping is on the rise. This is typically because there are more glamping sites available. However, people do not necessarily need to find a campsite that has glamping amenities.

Because many people are now purchasing luxury motorhomes and trailers. That can allow them to go glamping, even though they are not staying in a cabin, or luxury tents.

However, people who do not have the means or ability to purchase a luxury trailer or motor home. Can appreciate the glamping amenities at elevated experience camp ground.

Not only do they have campsites for people who are staying in tents. They also have campsites appropriate for people who are holding trailers and are using motorhomes.

But they also have special glamping sites. Tiny cabins, that bring a hotel room feel. Staged in the great outdoors. That allow people to have the feel of camping. While staying in air conditioning, and sleeping in a queen-size bed.

When people are going glamping in Alberta. They need to keep in mind the reason why they are going on vacation. If they want to get away from the city, so that they can spend time in nature.

Or if they want to escape the busy city life, and slow down by doing as little as possible. Or, if they are looking for something fun to do their family. That they would not be able to do at home.


Whether people want to do some traditional camping activities such as hiking, exploring, or going out onto the river in a boat or fishing. The amenities at elevated experience allows that.

However, if people are less interested in traditional camping activities and want to spend time playing for shoes, minigolf, or playing games such as yahtzee or Jenga. They can do that is here as well.

They have larger versions of family favourite games. So that whether it is Jenga, or yahtzee. The pieces are large, allowing people to enjoy their favourite games in a brand-new way.

However, if they want to try activities that are incredibly unique, such as goat yoga. Elevated experience has a variety of unique programmed activities for all ages and abilities.

And whether people are roughing it in their tent, or whether they are staying in their many cabins. Glamping in Alberta is never easier then that elevated experience.

Where people can simply call the front office, in order to get a pizza delivered to their campsite. Or enjoy a pancake breakfast in the morning, if they do not want to cook on the day that they are leaving the campsite.

There are many things that set elevated experience of part from their competition. The amenities are amazing. But they actually provide exceptional customer service.

That truly sets them apart from any other campsite. To give people an experience they want to enjoy again and again. Which is why they will keep coming back each year to elevated experience.

Glamping in Alberta | Exceptional Camping Experience

While going camping is not necessarily for everybody, more people are glamping in Alberta now than ever before. And while camping requires a lot of equipment. Glamping requires people to bring themselves, their close and their sense of adventure.

With all the different types of glamping sites throughout the province. The tiny cabins that elevated experience. Which are set in the wilderness in a valley beside the North Saskatchewan River.

Truly allow people to feel like they have escaped the routine of their regular lives. And allow them the ability to relax in the wilderness. Whether people want to get away from it all, or have an adventure.

These tiny cabins allow people to feel rested and relaxed. So that they can tackle anything there camping experience throws at them. Whether they want to go exploring and hiking. Or if they are going to spend a day on the North Saskatchewan River.

What people should expect when they want to go glamping. And book the tiny cabins at elevated experience campground. Is that there is going to be a rustic feel to these buildings.

That will allow people to feel like they are truly transported into another world. There will be a queen-size bed, so that people can feel like they are staying in luxury in the woods.

So that even when they are sitting in bed, they can see the trees and the wilderness outside. To make them feel like they are truly away from home for an adventure.


Aside from the luxurious queen-size bed. People should expect to see television, that they can watch their favourite show or a movie. In case they do not want to go outside because it is raining.

As well, when people get their glamping site at elevated experience camping. They will find that there is an air conditioning unit, and mini fridge. So that they can bring their own food if they desire.

But it is just as easy for them to either go to the store, or order pizza from the concession. And have it delivered directly to their campsite.

If people do bring their own food while they go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground. There will be a barbecue outside to cook it on. As well as a fire pit.

To truly give them the feeling of camping. Even though they are staying in a tiny cabin. Whether people want to get away, explore the wilderness with family even though they do not like camping.

Or not able to go camping. Perhaps people are interested in a unique experience, that will allow them to experience a luxury in the wilderness. Going to elevated experience campground can allow them to experience that.

And the reason why they should go glamping in Alberta here than anywhere else. Is because the customer service that they will experience will be second to none. Giving glamper’s a unparalleled and unique experience, that will have them coming back for more.