Glamping in Alberta | Exciting Alberta Vacations


Glamping in Alberta | Exciting Time For Alberta Vacations

When people are looking for an exciting vacation this year, they should consider glamping in Alberta. But not just anywhere, at elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta

The reason why they should go to this campground. Over any others in the province. Is because not only did they have something for everyone. Their mission, is to help people fall in love with the outdoors.

In order to do that, not only have they added many different programs, amenities. And many different activities for people to do. But in order to make their campground accessible to a larger variety of people.

They have added several different glamping sites within their campground. That means if people do not like camping, are not able to go camping. Or do not have camping equipment.

They will be able to vacation at elevated experience camping anyway. The glamping sites that they have. Bring all of the luxuries of hotel accommodations. To the beauty of the river valley.

And contains everything that people would need. To have a full, and event for vacation all on their own. The first thing that people will notice when they arrive at their glamping site.

Is the fact that not only is there a full-size barbecue. That is provided so that they can cook their own food. But that there is also a fire pit, and avenge. In case they want to have a traditional campfire.

Upon entering their glamping site, which is built to look like a tiny cabin. They will notice not only every attention to detail made. From the gorgeous floors, and the beautiful ceilings.


But all of the finishing touches. Help people to feel like they are truly on vacation. And away from home. But there is also a beautiful queen-size bed in the middle of the room. So that when they go glamping in Alberta.

They know that they do not have to sleep on the ground, or in a sleeping bag. People are also likely to notice that there is a large, flat screen television. That is mounted to the wall.

And that television is hooked up to a satellite dish. So that if people’s idea of a great glamping in Alberta vacation. Is watching television shows, and movies, it can do that here.

For many people, going on vacation means they want to simply get away from their busy life. While sleeping in, watching movies, and reading books. And when they are finished their book. And want something else to read.

They can head down to the community library that is provided. And bio another book that they can read. They can take a look outside, and see their gorgeous surroundings. Or even venture outside for different activities.

But ultimately, when people take their summer vacation at elevated experience campground. They will have the vacation that they want. Without having to compromise, or have something missing.

They can contact the campground in order to book their perfect vacation. The only recommendation is that they do this early on in the season. So that when they inevitably fall in love, they can return multiple times.

Glamping in Alberta | Exciting Alberta Vacations

People may not associate exciting vacations with glamping in Alberta. But that is exactly what they can get. When they visit elevated experience camping. Located five minutes outside of Drayton Valley, in a beautiful river valley.

This picturesque location can offer many things. To both the beginner, and expert camper. Starting off with the boat launch that they have on the river. Many people love boating or fishing on the North Saskatchewan River.

And even if they do not have a boat. People can head down to the river, and use the lounge chairs that elevated experience has put out. So that they can dip their feet in, go fishing. Or simply sit by the river.

And enjoy the sunshine, as well as the sound of the rushing water. However, if people are looking for a different adventure. Rather than spending time on the river. The location offers many different hiking trails.

That they can hike by foot, or explore on bike. That can keep them busy for hours, as well as days. It is also important to note that when people go glamping in Alberta here. They can bring their furry family members.

Because elevated experience camping is at friendly. Because a great vacation. May not be as enjoyable, when people cannot bring their pets. Even in the glamping site, in the tiny cabin.

There will be a water cooler, with a water dish on the bottom for pets. So that they can feel free to bring their pets with them. When they come to this campground.


And when boating, fishing and hiking and biking. Our not what people are looking to do on their vacation. Elevated experience camping still has many different activities, and amenities. For a wide variety of interests and abilities.

Not only do they have a mini golf course, a retro arcade and a community library. But they have many different programs, geared towards children and families. Such as goat yoga.

People of all ages and abilities can follow this yoga program. While surrounded by playful goats. That is sure to leave people feeling rested, relaxed. And with a giant smile on their face from the goats.

When they are done playing all of their games, and having all of their adventures. Many people may not want to cook dinner for themselves. And here at elevated experience, that is not a problem.

They can simply order a pizza that is made fresh, and to order. That will be delivered directly to their campsite by the elevated experience staff. And when they are ready to check out at the end of their vacation.

They can enjoy the check out breakfast of that they provide. So that people do not have to cook their breakfast, cleanup and then pack. When they are ready to leave to go home.

They can simply eat breakfast, and headed out. Feeling as rested and relaxed leaving. As they did during their great glamping in Alberta vacation.