Glamping in Alberta | Experience Glamping


Glamping in Alberta | Experience Glamping

There are many reasons why glamping in Alberta is more popular than ever. However, it is not a new activity. With people glamping in this province for decades.

However, because glamping just means bringing amenities not typically found camping from home. Traditional glamping in Alberta has been done by bringing their own trailers, or motorhomes.

Or renting a motorhome to take to their favorite camping spots. However, this is not accessible or possible for many people. Which is why glamping sites are popping up throughout the province.

At elevated experience campgrounds. They wanted to ensure that they could appeal to as many people as possible. So they added this year tiny cabins to their amenities that they offer their campers.

This way, if people do not like camping. They do not have the tools for camping, or were travelling through and were not prepared for camping. They would be able to stay at this campground.

To allow them to enjoy not just the gorgeous Alberta River Valley. But also all of the amazing amenities that they have on-site for everyone to experience and love.

One of the first things that they will notice when they arrive, is that they will be greeted with a warm and crackling fire. And the ability to roast a marshmallow over the fire. Or have a cup of coffee or water.

While the registration process takes place. To help people feel as though their vacation has truly begun. And whether they are going to go camping, or go into of the tiny cabins for a glamping in Alberta experience.

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Everyone gets their first round of mini golf for free. On their mini golf course that they have on their property. So that they can start enjoying some of the amenities, for free.

They also have many different activities that people can enjoy. Including yoga, to allow people to enjoy the beauty of the river valley, while stretching, and relaxing.

However, they also have yoga classes for children, and people of all ages and abilities. That will allow them to enjoy yoga in the company of playful goats.

This truly is an experience that is unique. And can be a fun addition to any camping or glamping trip. However, if yoga, or goats are not what people are into.

There is also a boat launch on the river. So if people would love to enjoy spending an afternoon on the water. Or if they love to go fishing. This is an option for them as well.

In addition to mini golf, yoga, and a boat launch. They will have a retro arcade and candy store. For parents as well as children to enjoy. Especially if the weather is a little bit dreary, and they do not want to go outside.

Or giant board games to be played in a yard. Such as Jenga or yahtzee. That can bring a new twist to a family favorite game. They can also rent cornhole, slip and slide, or horseshoes if that is what they want to do.

No matter what people are hoping to do during their getaway will they go glamping. They are going to be able to do it at elevated experience campgrounds. And truly needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Glamping in Alberta | Experience Glamping

It is very popular, glamping in Alberta. However it has not always been accessible to everyone. Which is why more and more campsites are creating their own glamping amenities on site.

This will allow people who do not have their own camping gear. Or trailers and motorhomes. To be able to experience glamping for themselves. So that they can enjoy the Alberta wilderness and unique ways.

While glamping can be in any type of setting. Such as in a yurt, a luxury tent, and even in things like igloos and pods. At elevated experience campgrounds, they will have tiny luxurious cabins for people’s glamping pleasure.

These tiny cabins have all of the luxuries of a hotel room. Such as a queen-size bed, and satellite television. However, nestled in the beautiful river valley next to the North Saskatchewan River.

To allow people the enjoyment of nature. While they are able to still enjoy all of the amenities of home. So that they can enjoy their experience in any way that they desire.

Not only is there a queen-size bed and television in this luxury cabin. There is also a mini fridge, and a microwave. To allow people to bring and prepare their own food.

And outside, there is a full-size barbecue. So that people can cook if they desire. However, if they do not want to prepare their own food. They should hear about the pizza delivery service that is offered at elevated experience.

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Cooked from scratch, on site. Campers and glampers alike can order a fresh pizza directly to their glamping site, or campsite. So that they do not have to cook if they do not want to.

There is a porch on their cabin, with a bistro table. To allow people to be able to eat their dinner, or sip cup of coffee on the porch. To enjoy all of the beauty of the wilderness around them.

And each glamping site also comes with a fire pit, and a bench. So that people can still roast a marshmallow, and have their family and friends joined them for a campfire.

Inside the tiny cabins, there will also be an air-conditioner, so that no matter what the weather is. People who are glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campgrounds.

Will be able to have whatever temperature they desire. To enjoy their experience. And while there is not running water inside these tiny cabins. There are showers and flush toilets on site.

And a flashlight provided, to help facilitate people being able to explore the area. Even in the dark. Glamping become even more popular throughout the entire province. When people are looking for an experienced to go glamping in Alberta.

They should contact elevated experience early, so that they can be sure of getting their spot. And by experiencing glamping early on in the season. Can inspire them to return time and time again.