Glamping in Alberta | Experience One of a Kind Camping


Glamping in Alberta | Experience One of a Kind Camping

While glamping in Alberta is gaining popularity. Camping has been popular for many years. And continues to be popular today. However, not everybody has the ability to go camping. Which is why more and more campsites are adding glamping facilities.

Glamping facilities includes accommodations, that allow people to have the feeling of camping. Because the accommodations are nestled in the wilderness. That give the feeling of camping.

However, the accommodations are quite a bit more luxurious than traditional camping. With queen-size beds, instead of sleeping bags on the ground. And things like air conditioning, televisions, and barbecues.

As more and more campsites add glamping sites to their offering. They are appealing to a wider variety of people. From people who are expert campers who have been doing this for years.

To novices, who may never have gone camping before. And people who typically do not like, or unable to go camping. And regardless of the reason why people have decided to go to elevated experience so that they can do some glamping in Alberta.

The wide variety of amenities that they have to offer. Can ensure that no matter what the reason is for people to go glamping. They are able to enjoy themselves fully, and rest and relax on their vacation.

Often, people decide that they are going to get away from the city, so that they can rest and relax. And they are not going to take any of their favourite activities. Such as books, or games. Because the idea is to do nothing.

And while many people enjoy this type of vacation. Often, very busy people start off with the best intentions. And go glamping in Alberta. Only to find that after a few hours they are completely and utterly bored.


When this is the case, they will have no lack of activities at elevated experience camping. There are lots of different activities and entertainment. From mini golf, and the retro style arcade. Which is fun for all ages.

To programmed activities, like yoga that include enjoying stretching their body and holding poses in nature. While being joined by some fun-loving goats who will interact with them.

If that does not sound like something that people would be interested in, perhaps they would enjoy renting some of the giant sized games that they have such as Jenga and yahtzee.

And if that is not the right activity, they can always engage in horse shoes, or slip and slide. Or simply take a trip to the candy store, to indulge their sweet tooth.

If people are looking for an adventure. Whether they are an adult or a child. Elevated experience has discovery kits that people can rent. Which are packs, for love all of the tools they need for a guided adventure.

That allows them to explore the river valley. And learn a lot on this mini adventure. There are daylight adventure kits, nighttime adventure kits. And river adventure kits.

As well as the ability to learn how to and for gold in the North Saskatchewan River. That could have people taking home the golden souvenir from their trip.

Glamping in Alberta | Experience One of a Kind Camping

Often, people want to go camping, but are unable to which is why glamping in Alberta is on the rise. There are many reasons why people cannot or on unable to go camping.

Whether they do not have the camping gear, because they cannot afford to buy. As camping gear can get very expensive. Or they do not have anywhere to store their camping gear.

And especially since the camping season is incredibly short in Alberta, spanning only five months from May to October. It is not the most practical of purchases.

Even though many people would love to purchase camping gear to indulge in this extremely popular pastime in Alberta. This is why setting up glamping sites can be very popular.

It will allow people to go glamping in Alberta. And get as close to camping as they can. Without requiring them to that a lot of camping equipment for themselves, in order to go.

When people go to elevated experience campground in order to do some glamping in Alberta. They literally only needs to bring the close on their back. And if they wish, food to eat.

Because while there will be a mini fridge and a barbecue to use. They can always opt for ordering pizza to their campsite, from the elevated experience staff. So that they can eat pizza on their glamping trip.


As well, they will be able to enjoy the checkout pancake breakfast. To give people the opportunity to not have to cook on the day that they are leaving. And while this is great for people who are camping.

And they have to pack up their tent, sleeping bags and all of their camping gear. People who are staying in the glamping sites can also enjoy this breakfast.

For only a few dollars, they can enjoy pancakes, sausages and coffee. So that they can get on the road back home quickly, so that they do not have to feel stressed out as they are on their way home.

In fact, when people go to elevated experience campground. They can start their vacation on the right note. As there is free coffee, and a warm, welcoming fire as soon as they arrived.

While they are completing the check-in process, their family or companions can get out of the car and stretch. Warming themselves on the campfire, and even cooking a marshmallow as they enjoy their free coffee.

This will allow them to unwind from the stresses of their life. And often, when people are getting prepared for vacation the packing and drive to get there can cause a lot of stress.

So this can be the signal that they have arrived on vacation, and can start unwinding and relaxing. And whether they simply have to drop their suitcase off in the glamping sites. Or set up camp by setting up a tent, or leveling a trailer.

They can order a pizza, and start a fire instead. So that they can feel as rested and relaxed as they want. On this exceptional camping trip. So no matter why people are looking their vacation elevated experience campground, they will get exactly what they are looking for. And a restful vacation.