Glamping in Alberta | Food Truck Is A Welcome Addition


Glamping in Alberta | Food Truck Is A Welcome Addition

Many people may not want to cook or wash dishes while they are glamping in Alberta. Which is why food truck can be extremely welcome addition to the glamping facility.

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Elevated experience camping, is dedicated to providing an amazing experience. To all of the people who are using their facilities. Whether they are new campers, that are trying it out for the first time.

Or whether people are seasoned campers, that have been doing it for decades already. Not only do they want to ensure that everybody can have the vacation they desire when they come to elevated experience camping.

But they want to ensure that there is something for everybody. And they can have the experience that they want whenever they come to this campground for vacation, or just an afternoon.

In addition to all of the amazing amenities and services that they offer. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. And every staff member has gone through special education.

To ensure that they can offer amazing customer service. From the first phone call, and check-in. To the guests leaving, at the end of their vacation. They want to create great memories, and while moments for their guests.

And while they added many different services and amenities last year. That proved to be wildly popular with the people that were visiting their facility. The owners of elevated experience camping.

Are not content to simply sit eye, and do the same thing that they did previously. They want to be constantly improving, growing. And offering new experiences to the guests who come next to go glamping in Alberta.

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This is why they decided to add a food truck, to they are already amazing list of services that they offer. The food truck, is actually owned and operated by a separate entity, called elevated experience camping society.

And the mandate of this society, is to help the community that they are in both socially and economically. To ensure that the community that supports them, and the community in which their business is operating is supported.

The program that they have called operation Sasquatch. Hires individuals, that are at risk. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty. That will help them develop skills that they do not already have.

That will help them find and keep long-term employment. Operation Sasquatch is seven months long. Starting in March, with a two-month classroom component.

In this classroom component, the youth will learn important skills. Such as food safety, and food handling and knife skills. But also money management, customer service and team building skills.

After two months, they will switch to working in the food truck. Servicing the campground, and Drayton Valley for five months. In a full-time position, which pays them a full and living wage.

This means that in addition to providing the people who are glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. Will get an amazing experience, and a delicious gourmet meal.

But that they are able to supports the community in which their business is. And help many at risk youth. Get the hand they need, to become gainfully employed in the future.

Glamping in Alberta | Food Truck Is A Welcome Addition To Our Place

Elevated experience camping, is known for bringing amazing services to people’s glamping in Alberta experience. Last year, they added many golf, goat yoga and a retro arcade. Just to name a few things.

And not happy just to sit and do the exact same thing as last year. This year, for the upcoming camping season. Elevated experience camping, is bringing more amenities again.

One that they are extremely excited to unveil, is the food truck. That will be serving gourmet goodies to all of the patrons of their facility. Whether people are camping, glamping in Alberta. Or simply using the day use area.

Not only can the day use area support five hundred with thousand people. But if people are not staying in the campground. But are in Drayton Valley between Monday and Wednesday, they can access the food truck there as well.

A lot of research went into what kind of food this food truck was going to offer. Talking to successful food trucks, about what their most ordered items were. As well as talking to people who love going to food trucks.

And finding out what the most successful, and popular dishes they enjoyed were. And settled on hot dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. However, that is not enough to give people an elevated experience.

They decided to put a gourmet twist on these simple, but popular comfort foods. As well as bring something unique to the meals that they are selling. By offering corn on the cob on the side.

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However, with different labourers. Can ensure that people’s gourmet meals, our familiar and comforting. But elevated to a level. That people do not typically expect when they are camping, or glamping for that matter.

The corner the cob comes in labourers such as sriracha corn, the people who love a little bit of heat. To hummus and red peppers for a Mediterranean flavor.

And Parmesan pesto, and a traditional Mexican street corn. So that people can have a wide variety to choose from. Even if they have come to the food truck already that week.

As people are ready to plan their summer vacations for the next year. And are wanting to stay a little bit closer to home for several reasons. They may choose to go glamping in Alberta.

And when they do, they should look no further than elevated experience camping. Whether they are camping alone, with the family. Or in a large group, elevated experience can accommodate them.

Or, if people want to get away and try glamping. Whether it is because they want to escape the busy world that they are living in. Or get away from the city. Or even if they want to have romantic vacation.

There going to be able to do this, and have a wide variety of activities to choose from. When they choose elevated experience camping.