Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks at the Campground


Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks at the Campground

One of the reasons why people want to go glamping in Alberta. Is because they want to have a wide variety of experiences for their vacation. And when that is the case, people should look no further than elevated experience camping.

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Located, in a gorgeous river valley, just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. The beauty of this location. Is often compared to the beauty of the mountains. Without having to make the drive, or deal with the crowds from tourists.

As well, the campground, has worked very hard. To ensure that they offer many activities. And experiences for people of all ages, and interests. Therefore, when people are planning to go glamping in Alberta.

They should research elevated experience camping. And learn about all of the different activities and amenities that they and their family can do. From regular camping, for tents or trailers.

Two group camping sites, and even tiny luxury cabins. For there glamping sites, that have many different luxuries. There is something for everyone. From beginner campers, to experts.

In addition to many different types of camping and glamping sites. Elevated experience camping has many different activities. That can cater to a wide variety of interests. From having a boat launch.

That can help people put their watercraft on the river. Whether they are boating for recreation. Or if they are going fishing, and hopes to catch one of the elusive sturgeon in the river.

However, if people do not want to spend the time on the water when they are glamping in Alberta. At elevated experience camping. There are many other activities that they can enjoy.

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For example, people can do go to yoga. Which is an activity perfect for people of all ages and yoga abilities. Or they can head to the community library, and choose a book that they want to read while relaxing.

And for many people, going on a glamping vacation means not having to cook or clean. And for those people, elevated experience camping. Will be able to help them achieve that goal.

This year, they are bringing in a food truck to the campground. That will be therefrom Thursday, to Saturday. Serving up gourmet comfort food to campers, glamper’s and people who are there using the day use area.

That means, people can head down to the food truck when they do not feel like cooking. Or they do not want to do any cleanup after eating their meal. They can either eat it picnic style in the day use area.

Or, they can take it back to their campsite, and eat it with their friends or family. However, it is not just the campers that can enjoy this food truck. People who are there using the day use area.

Whether they are on a picnic that their family, or wanted to enjoy the sunshine. Or if they wanted to enjoy nature, but their friends or family. They can also partake in the food truck offerings.

Even voters that are floating by on the river. Can do, so that they can grab a quick bite to eat. From the food truck at the campground. This is sure to be an extremely popular addition to all of the amazing amenities that are already at elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks at Elevated Experience Camping

Many people may not associate food trucks with glamping in Alberta. But elevated experience camping is going to prove that they are a match made in heaven. For the upcoming camping season.

Elevated experience camping, plans to bring a food truck. That is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a separate entity from the campground.

The Society’s mandate, is to support the community in which they operate. Both economically and socially. Which is why they are operating the food truck, with at risk youth, ages 14 to 20.

These youth will learn great skills. That can help them learn how to prepare fresh males were scratch at home. But also, learn skills that will help them get, and retain a job in the future.

This is all while they are going to be working full-time. As well as receiving a full wage for the work that they do on the food truck. They serve the people who are glamping in Alberta at the campground.

As well as the regular campers, and even the people simply using the day use area. They will get a taste of entrepreneurship. While building skills that will help them in the future.

The program, which is lovingly called operation Sasquatch. Is a seven-month program. With two months of classroom learning. Where they will learn how to handle food safely. As well as learn other skills.

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Such as money management, customer service and even great team building. After two months, they will start working on the food truck directly. And work for the entire five month camping season.

When people go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. They are going to be able to enjoy the gourmet comfort foods that they are serving on this unique food truck.

Hotdogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. But elevated to a new level. To allow people a gourmet taste of comfort food. People can also enjoy a side dish of corn on the call. With one of four toppings.

They can enjoy a taste of Mexican street corn, Parmesan pesto, hummus and red peppers, or sriracha corn if they are looking for something hot and spicy. There is bound to be something for every taste on the food truck.

Therefore, when people are ready to go on a unique vacation glamping or camping. And go somewhere unique, where there are many different activities. And someplace they can feel good about helping the community.

People need to look no further than elevated experience camping. For an amazing vacation. That has a social conscience, that can help them feel good about the vacation that they are having. All while feeling pampered and taken care of.