Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks While Camping


Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks While Camping

Many people may not have heard about taking a food truck camping, but when they are glamping in Alberta. This may be something that can help them have an even more special experience.

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While glamping typically means bringing luxuries from home camping. There are many different ways that people can go glamping in Alberta. Whether they purchase a trailer, and take that with them.

A rather they bring a barbecue, and an espresso machine while they are tenting it. Another form of glamping is popping up throughout the province. Which is in glamping amenities that are provided.

At elevated experience camping, there glamping sites our tiny cabins. That have every luxury that can be found in a hotel room. From a queen-size bed, to a large, flat screen television that is hooked up to a satellite dish.

However, people do not have to be staying in their tiny cabins to go glamping in Alberta here. Anyone who stays, whether it is in a tent, a trailer or their cabin. Can be considered to go glamping.

Because of all of the amazing amenities that they bring to the people camping with them. Not only do they have many different games, and activities that people can rent. They also have many other amenities.

Such as a community library that they can borrow books from, a retro arcade. And even pizza delivery to their campsite on the weekend. However, because they want to elevate everybody’s experience even more.

The campground is letting a food truck come service their guests. From Thursday to Saturday in the campground itself. Owned and operated by the elevated experience camping society, which is separate from the campground.

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The Society’s purpose is to help the community both socially and economically. And they have created a program that they have called operation Sasquatch. Which is designed to help at risk youth.

Operation Sasquatch is a seven month long program. That has two months of classroom style learning. Where they will learn important things like food safety, and knife skills as well as the menu that they will be serving.

And important skills like customer service, teambuilding and money management. At the end of this two month long process. They will have five months of hands-on employment in the food truck itself.

This will help the youth gain skills that they may never have gained otherwise. That will help them land and keep jobs in the future. So that they can support themselves and their family.

Therefore, when people purchase from the food truck itself. They can feel good, that they are supporting such an important community initiative. However, it is not just the people who are glamping that can enjoy it.

People can come in to their day use area at elevated experience camping. Which can accommodate anywhere between five hundred to a thousand people. Or people using the boat launch can purchase from the food truck as well.

Therefore, they can elevate the experience of people who are camping or glamping in the campground. As well as elevate everyone else’s experience, who are supporting their initiative, and getting a tasty meal out of it.

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks While Camping is Unconventional

It is very important for people to have an amazing experience when they go glamping in Alberta. Which is why many people have chosen to go camping at elevated experience camping. And are choosing to go back in the future.

And whether people have already experienced of the amazing amenities at elevated experience camping. Or who have not been yet, are going to be able to enjoy something brand-new this year.

They are allowing a separate society, to bring in a food truck. That will service the campground from Thursday, Friday to Saturday. For not just the people who are camping at their campground.

But the people who are playing, or picnicking in the day use area. As well as the people who are using the boat launch. If they get hungry, they can stop and purchase a quick meal at this food truck.

Not only will this help elevate everybody’s experiences as they are glamping in Alberta. And help them feel a little bit more pampered or taken care of. But also, this food truck will be in operation in Drayton Valley during the week.

From Monday to Wednesday, people can find the food truck in Drayton Valley. And enjoy the delicious offerings that they have. Or they can come to the Drayton Valley farmers market Wednesday evening.

But what makes this food truck special. Is the fact that it accompanies a social program that has been lovingly dubbed operation Sasquatch. That is designed to help at risk youth gain skills.

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Youth that may not be in avoidable, or have fallen through the cracks somehow. Are going to have the opportunity. To join operation Sasquatch, for their seven month long program.

Two months will be an opportunity to learn in a classroom style setting. Not just important restaurant information, such as food safety, they skills. And the menu that they will be cooking.

But they are also going to learn important things such as customer service skills, teambuilding and money management. That whether they get a job in a restaurant in the future.

Or they go on to have gained full employment anywhere else. These skills are going to be transferable, and will help them land the job. As well as keep that job in the future.

Therefore, when people who are glamping in Alberta make the choice to purchase a meal from the operation Sasquatch food truck. Not only can they feel good about eating delicious food.

They can also feel good about supporting a wonderful community initiative. That is helping at risk youth become contributing members to society. This should make everybody feel great.

And while elevated experience camping wants to elevate everybody’s experience while they are camping. They want to ensure that the place that they have their business, is supported socially and economically as well.

When people are looking for a unique vacation. They should vacation somewhere beautiful, that has many different amenities. They can have a wide variety of experiences. One, that can make them feel good about how they are spending their money.