Glamping in Alberta | Glamping and Camping Hacks


Glamping in Alberta | Glamping and Camping Hacks

Often, the reason why so many people are going glamping in Alberta. Is because it is much more accessible. Then camping is. Because it does not require buying their own camping equipment.

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However, it is very important for people to bring some of their own supplies. However, that does not mean that they need to spend a lot of money on camping gear before their vacation.

For example, one of the best things that people can do. Is bring their own wooden matches. Because if they think that they are not going to need to start a fire. And do not come prepared.

When they are sitting, in their cold campsite. Alone and shivering. They may have wanted to reconsider. But they will not have the ability to start a fire now. This is why it is very important for people to bring some matches themselves.

A lot of people think that it is not very important to ring matches. Especially if they have a lighter that there going to bring from home. However, the problem with lighters is that they are not infallible.

And a lighter that unexpectedly runs out of lighter fluid. Or gets wet or damp. It is useless. And matches, are a little bit more forgiving. However, they will stop working if they get damp or wet as well.

But it is much easier to store matches in a waterproof container. Which is exactly what people need to do. Buying a giant box of wooden matches. Will only cost a few small dollars.

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However, people will need to put them in a waterproof container. To make them more useful. And less susceptible to getting wet, and useless. However, people should not spend a lot of money. On a water proof match container.

At their camping supply store. All they need, is to search their home for an empty pill bottle. Not only is this much more inexpensive. But it is just as good as the expensive ones that people can buy in the store.

They can put a dozen or so matches in this container. And then at the bottom, put a piece of flint. Give people an additional option. For starting a fire. As well as a few pieces of cotton.

That can aid as a fire starter if they need one. But also, they can cut a piece of sandpaper out. And tape it to the inside of the pill bottle lid. And now they have got a portable fire starting kit no matter where they go.

However, people can still struggle with starting fires. Even when they are camping, or glamping in Alberta. And this is why many people like to use Doritos to help.

They make extremely good candling. And it is a very simple trick. For people to bring a package of Doritos with them. And simply avoid eating the entire bag for the end of the trip.

For this and other great hacks. As well as to book their glamping in Alberta reservations. People can simply go to elevated experience camping website. For more information.

Glamping in Alberta | Glamping and Camping Hacks

When it comes to going camping, or glamping. Many people want to eat delicious meals without a lot of hassle. And when they go to the elevated experience glamping site.

Not only will they have a full-size barbecue. But they will have dishes, and utensils to cook and eat their meal. However, bringing the food itself. Is up to each camper, or glamper.

Many people may shy away from beaten eggs with them when they are camping, or glamping. Because they are not very transportable. And the egg carton that they sit in. Is particularly flimsy.

The last thing anybody wants, is to open up their cooler when they arrive at their campsite. Only to see that they do not have the eggs left. And everything in the cooler is coated in egg whites.

A great solution to this, is to simply crack all of the eggs ahead of time. And put them in a mason jar, or a water bottle. And shake it up. This way, they can make scrambled eggs or omelettes very easily.

Without requiring a bowl, or a spoon to mix it up with. In fact, if people want to go glamping in Alberta and make omelettes. The easiest way to do this. Will be to fill one bottle of eggs with the omelette ingredients.

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Such as shredded cheese, onions, mushrooms and peppers. So that they can simply mix up the mixture, and make gourmet omelettes. Even though their miles away from home.

Another great food hack, would be to mix up all of the dry ingredients for pancakes. And put them in a mason jar. Not only does the Mason Journal not need to be refrigerated. But when people are ready for pancakes.

All they have to do, is add water and shake the jar. And then pour out the pancake batter. Onto the hot grill. For an amazing breakfast. With very little effort. When they cleaned up, all they have to do is clean out the jar.

And now they have a Jar, for mixing other things on their camping trip. This is a great way for people who are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. To be able to eat the delicious foods that they have always wanted to.

When people want to bring their own favourite spices with them. So that they can space the food they have and whatever way they desire. All they have to do, is pour some spices into an empty tick tack container.

Not only is the perfect size. But it seals well. And the price is absolutely right, because it comes free when people by tick tax. Whether people just want to bring salt-and-pepper, or things like garlic powder, chili powder and more.

This can be the perfect solution. To give people the spices that they want. To enjoy all of the food they prepare while glamping in Alberta.