Glamping in Alberta | Glamping in the River Valley


Glamping in Alberta | Glamping in The River Valley

In order to explore the beauty of the river valley, many people opt to go glamping in Alberta. Instead of going camping, because they often are not able to, or do not like to.

This is a reason why glamping in Alberta is on the rise. Is because it is a more accessible activity then camping. Because people of all abilities can go glamping.

As well, people often love spending time in nature. But do not like effing it well camping. And glamping allows people to experience nature, while utilizing luxury accommodations.

And while there are many different types of glamping accommodations fear of the province. Went people can expect when they book a glamping site at elevated experience campground.

Is a tiny cabin, staged in the beauty of the river valley. With all of the accommodations of a hotel room. Including air conditioning, television and a queen sized bed.

And while they have a mini fridge and a barbecue, select people can bring and prepare their own food. They also have a fire pit outside, if people want the feel of camping, although they are sleeping in a bed.

However, people do not have to cook if they do not want to. Especially since there is a general store for them to purchase food at. Including ordering a pizza, and having hand delivered by elevated experience staff.

Straight to their tiny cabin door. However, because they not only offer glamping sites, but camping sites for people who are staying in a tent, trailer or motor home. People can get a tiny taste of glamping.

By getting pizza delivered to their campsite, especially if they do not feel like cooking. Because they spent too much time boating or fishing on the river. Or if they were hiking, or biking on the trails.


In fact, whether people are staying in the glamping accommodations. Or if they are simply camping at elevated experience campground. They can all experience some elements of glamping in Alberta.

Because the amenities that they have, completely elevates camping, for all users, no matter if they are staying in the glamping accommodations, or not.

One of the first things that they will have their attention drawn to, is the mini golf course. Because campers get free game as soon as they arrive on site. To use any time they wish.

But also, they have activities such as a slip and slide to rent. For the kids to have fun on when the weather is extremely hot outside. A candy store and retro arcade if the weather is not nice outside. Such as rain.

For the whole family can enjoy giant yard games, such as Jenga or yahtzee. That will bring a completely new twist to a familiar favourite.

No matter what people are wanting to experience when they stay at elevated experience campground. They will be able to get the vacation that they desire, whether it is spending time in nature.

Or if they want to escape the rush of the city. Or even if they want to spend time as a family. All experience and ages are welcomed at elevated experience.

Glamping in Alberta | Glamping in The River Valley

Often, when people go glamping in Alberta. It is because they have their own accommodations such as a trailer or a motorhome. However, that is not accessible to everybody.

Which is why elevated experience build their own glamping accommodations. For anyone to rent, to experience the beauty of the river valley in the way that they are able.

Elevated experience campground is located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Just outside of Drayton Valley, in a gorgeous river valley.

The picturesque beauty has been compared to the beauty of the mountains. And people who have experienced it, often say it is like going to the mountains. Without having to drive all the way to Bamford Jasper.

And that is something that the staff at elevated experience campground wants to do. Is become such a destination, that they are mentioned in the same sentence as these national parks.

The way they plan on doing that. Is by offering as many unique experiences and services as possible. And by providing exceptional customer service. To help people full of love the outdoors again.

And whether people want to go glamping in Alberta, as I get away from the rush of their busy life. Or people want to go camping, in order to get back to nature, and experience the beauty of their surroundings.

No matter what people want to do, they will have the opportunity to do that here. With the wide variety of games, programs and amenities. In fact, they can appeal to every age, and skill level.


From the moment people arrive, they will realize that elevated experience campground is different. By being welcomed to the campground with a warm inviting fire. And a free cup of coffee.

People can feel their stress melt away as their vacation starts. And they can even have the opportunity to roast marshmallows during the registration and check-in process. To start their vacation on the right note.

Whether they want to set up camp first, explore the area. Simply order pizza and have it delivered straight to their camp sites. People will be able to do exactly what they want on this vacation.

Even people who have never gone camping or glamping in Alberta before. Can start to yet to know the area, by renting one of the discovery kids. That takes adults and children on a mini guided adventure.

To explore and learn about their surroundings. Whether they want to learn about the weather, have a daytime or nighttime adventure. Or even learn how to pan for gold in the river.

People will be able to get this experience, whether they are with their significant other. Where they have brought their whole entire family.

And at the end of their trip, when they are ready to go home. They will be able to enjoy a checkout pancake breakfast. For only a few dollars, they will get pancakes, sausages and coffee.

So that they do not have to cook the day they leave. Allowing them to feel rested and refreshed as they head back to their busy life, and leave their vacation.