Glamping in Alberta | Glamping is Camping in Style


Glamping in Alberta | Glamping is Camping in Style

Even though many people think glamping in Alberta is a new activity. It is an activity that has been enjoyed in this province for decades. But people have been glamping throughout history for centuries.

Glamping in Alberta

Glamping is a word that was coined in two thousand and five. By mashing up the two words glamorous and camping. And simply means camping, while bringing luxuries not typically found while camping.

Therefore, people can go glamping if they have their espresso machine while they are camping in a tent. Or even people who are owing camping in a trailer, or a motorhome can be considered glamping.

However, up until recently. Glamping in Alberta is an activity that required people purchasing specialized equipment. Such as having their own camping equipment like tents, sleeping bags and cooking implements.

Or, it will acquire them to purchase things like a motorhome or trailer. And so camping, and glamping by extension. Is an inaccessible activity for many.

As well, not everybody loves camping. Whether it is the outdoors that they do not like, or they do not enjoy pitching a tent, sleeping on the ground. Were cooking their meals over an open fire.

Or they would love to, but they do not have the ability to buy the equipment. Or they have a limitation that would keep them from being able to pitch a tent, or sleep on the ground.

Therefore, many campgrounds are building permanent or semi permanent glamping sites. To allow more people the opportunity to have this experience.

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Therefore, now people can go glamping in Alberta in a pod, a year or luxury tents. Or even, what they have at elevated experience campgrounds just outside of Drayton Valley.

They have tiny cabins, that have every luxury of hotel accommodations. Nestled in the gorgeous beauty of the river valley. Therefore, the only specialized equipment that people need.

Are the clothes that they want to wear, and the food they want to ease. And everything else will be provided for them. From the queen-size bed, the flashlight to go exploring the with.

And the fridge, barbecue, and microwave. As well as coffeepot, and all of the dishes. Will be provided on site. In fact, while people may want to cook their own food. They do not even have to.

Since they have pizza service at elevated experience camping. A quick call to the office, and people can order a pizza that will be made to order, and delivered piping hot by the elevated experience staff.

Whether they have had a strenuous day relaxing in their glamorous accommodations. Or adventuring, they can come back and order pizza. So that they can spend their evening doing any activities that they desire.

The only recommendation is for people who want to go glamping at elevated experience campgrounds. Should call them early in the season. And book their vacation early.

Because once people visit once, they fall in love. And want to keep returning over and over to this beautiful, and luxurious campground.

Glamping in Alberta | Glamping is Camping in Style

Even though glamping in Alberta is growing in popularity. Glamping as an activity, has actually been around for centuries throughout the world.

In fact, the first known glamper in history is a Genghis Khan. Because as he travelled across Asia, he travelled in giant caravans and stayed in tents. But he had every luxury of the day available in these tents.

From servants, and silk tapestries hanging from the walls and silk carpets. Genghis Khan was the first known glamper in history. But he definitely was not the last.

Sultans would also known to travel with many luxuries that they brought from the palace. And even as people started exploring Africa for the first time.

The camps would be set up with every known luxury. Including hot baths, and crates of champagne. And while this activity was known to be accessible only by the most wealthy people.

Glamping is an activity that is actually accessible by a wider variety of people. So that people do not have to be rich, or royalty in order to engage in this fun activity.

And when people are ready to go glamping in Alberta themselves. While there are many different locations that have permanent or semipermanent glamping facilities.

People should check out elevated experience campground. Which is located five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. Nestled in the gorgeous River Valley, right beside the North Saskatchewan River.

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Not only is this a gorgeous location. But there glamping amenities have spared no expense. In making every single detail elevated, to give people a unique experience on their vacation.

Therefore, whether it is the beautiful floor, or the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Or perhaps it is the luxurious queen-size bed, or large, flat screen television.

People staying in these accommodations, will know that they are somewhere different. And they are going to have an amazing experience. However, whether they spend their entire vacation in the luxury accommodations.

Or, they want to go on many adventures. It will be able to have a great vacation, regardless of what they want to do. And when they do want to leave their accommodations finally.

Whether they want to have an adventure on the river, by boating or floating. Or exploring the trails. Or perhaps, they want to have an adventure closer to their campsite. They can do this at elevated experience.

From the retro arcade and library, to many games to rent, and goat yoga. There is something for everybody at this campsite. That can appeal to everybody, and every taste.

When people are completing their vacation, they will be greeted by amazing staff, that have been trained in giving excellent customer service. And every other interaction with staff.

Will be designed to give them the most amazing experience, and help them have the best vacation ever. Therefore, when people are looking for a unique vacation, they should consider glamping in Alberta.