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Glamping in Alberta | Go On Exciting Vacations Near Home

Typically, people think vacations mean they have to go far, but glamping in Alberta. Can be an exciting vacation. That people can go on, without travelling very far from home.

Glamping in Alberta

And when they want to go glamping. They should visit a campground, that has many different services, amenities and activities. So that there is never a lack of anything to do.

Whether they know what they want to do on their vacation. Or they are simply looking for something brand-new to do. And are ready to experience whenever there is on offer at the place that they are staying.

One of the first things that people should keep in mind. When they think of elevated experience camping. Is that their location is fantastic. They are located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley in central Alberta.

That is not only is on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. But the beauty of the river valley. Has often been compared to the beauty of the mountains. And that is something that the campground owners are hoping.

To make their campground a destination like Banff or Jasper is. In fact, many people say that they prefer this campground to the mountains. Because they do not have to make the drive. Or deal with the large number of tourists that are there.

And when it comes to the number of activities that people can do at elevated experience camping. There are no lack of things to keep people engaged, and busy for an entire week.

Whether they want to play games, go on adventures. Or whether they want to go through guided programs. For themselves, or for their children. They can do that at this campground.


Because they are located on the North Saskatchewan River. They have created a boat launch. So that people can bring their boats, or other watercraft. Whether they are launching the boat in order to go fishing.

Or simply enjoying boating around on the river. For people that do not have a boat, they can bring a floaty. And enjoy floating down the river. Which is one of the most favourite pastimes for people who live by the river.

However, if people do not want to spend time on the river. But love the sound of the rushing water. They can sit by one of the lounge chairs that are provided by elevated experience camping.

And enjoy the sunshine, the sights, and the sound of the rushing water. However, if they do not want to spend time by the river at all. Because they prefer hiking or biking. There are dozens of different trails that they can explore.

And when they are done they are very busy day, they can return back to their campsite. And cook dinner on the barbecue that is provided. Or order pizza from the elevated experience kitchen. For a real elevated glamping in Alberta experience.

That will be made fresh, and to order. And delivered right to their campsite. For a truly unique glamping in Alberta experience.

Glamping in Alberta | Go On Exciting Vacations

When people are thinking of an exciting vacation, they may not consider glamping in Alberta. However, that is likely because they have not heard of elevated experience camping yet. 3

However, this is quickly becoming one of the premier camping locations. Because of the wide variety of activities and amenities that they offer. Above the first things that people will notice they arrived.

Is that there is a mini golf course, and everyone gets their first game for free. However, if mini golf is not their idea of great vacation. There is also the retro arcade, the community library. But also many games that they can rent.

Games like were shoes, cornhole, or large, yard sized board games. That can help people engage in their favourite games in a completely new way. However, if they are ready for an adventure.

There is the river that they can explore, several trails that they can hike or bike on. But if they would rather stay a little closer to the campground. They can rent a discovery kit. Which is a knapsack, that has all the tools in it.

That they need for a self-guided adventure in the river valley. One kit offers them an educational and fun experience. Exploring the river valley in the daytime, one for the night time adventures.

And one discovery kit teaches people. How to pan for gold in the North Saskatchewan River. That after enough practice, and diligence. Can actually reward people with a negative gold for their trouble.

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Would not that be a fun way of spending a vacation, is discovering some flakes of gold in the North Saskatchewan River? However, if people are looking for something slightly different to do then having adventures close to home.

There are many different programs that they can engage in. Such as goat yoga. That is perfect for adults, and children of all ages. And ability levels. That help people enjoy learning yoga poses.

While being joined by playful goats. That will join in on the fun. That will sure to bring a smile on everybody’s faces. However, at the end of the day. People can head back to their glamping in Alberta site.

And either cook their dinner on a barbecue, or order pizza delivery. That will be delivered right to their campsite. So that they can eat pizza, and have a family movie night if that is what they want.

At the end of their vacation. People can simply order the checkout breakfast. That will give them pancakes, sausages and coffee or hot chocolate. So that they can have a hearty breakfast. Before packing up and heading home.

When people are ready for a unique vacation that gives them many activities. They should check out elevated experience camping. Located in a river valley just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

For a glamping in Alberta vacation that they will not soon forget. That they do not have to drive very far in order to get.