Glamping in Alberta | Go On Great Vacations


Glamping in Alberta | Go On Great Vacations With Your Family

One of the most important things for people to keep in mind when going glamping in Alberta. Is to go somewhere, where there is a wide variety of activities. So that people can have a great time, no matter what they and up doing.

Glamping in Alberta

This is why many people are choosing to go to elevated experience camping. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. In a river valley, by the North Saskatchewan River.

Not only because this is a beautiful location. But because they have created a campground. That has many different activities. To appeal to an extremely wide variety of people.

In fact, that is why they created there glamping sites. Because they know that while camping is a very popular past time. Especially in this province, but throat Canada. But not everybody likes camping.

And not everybody is able to go camping for many different reasons. However, glamping in Alberta removes those barriers. Whether people do not like it, they have a limitation, physical or otherwise.

Or they simply are not able to get the gear required to go camping. They have removed all of these barriers. So that everybody can go glamping in Alberta. For their summer vacations this year.

When people arrive, they will notice several things about there glamping sites. In the first one being. That there glamping site, looks like a tiny cabin. There will be a fire pit, and a bench.

In case people want to have a traditional campfire. Were they can roast marshmallows and hotdogs. Or simply enjoy sitting by a fire, thinking hot chocolate and visiting with their friends and family.

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The tiny cabin will have a porch, with a bistro table and chairs. Where people can eat their meals, sit and have a morning coffee. Will they watch the sunrise. Or have a glass of wine as they watch the sunset.

As the perfect ending to their day of glamping. Upon entering their tiny cabin. One of the first things they will notice. Is the fact that there is a queen-size bed in the middle of the room.

That means absolutely no sleeping on the floor, or sleeping on a sleeping bag for their glamping vacation. They can sleep in a bed, and sleep and if they desire. Or read books if they want.

However, one of the next things that people will notice from their tiny cabin, is the large, flat screen television. That is mounted on the wall. Not only is there a TV, but it is hooked up to a satellite dish.

Which means people will be able to watch their favourite television shows, watch their favourite or new movies. If that is how they want to spend their glamping vacation.

They may never want to leave the beautiful cabin, and for many people. That would be ideal. And how they would prefer to spend their vacation. Reading books, playing games, and watching movies.

However, there are many other things to do for people who want to have adventures, play games. And make other kinds of memories on their vacation.

Glamping in Alberta | Go On Great Vacations

The reason why people go glamping in Alberta. Is to have unique vacations. That they can go on close to home, and either save money. Or spend the money locally. Instead of travelling farther away from home.

Regardless of why people want to go glamping in Alberta. Elevated experience camping can offer something for everybody. In fact, that is what drove the owners of this campsite to do what they do.

They were very disappointed at never finding one campground. That gave them everything that they were looking for. So they decided to create their own. With many different activities, adventures and amenities.

Therefore, for people who are looking for adventures. Can spend time on the North Saskatchewan River. By launching their boat from the boat launch. Whether they want to go boating, or fishing.

However, people do not need to be in a boat in order to enjoy the river. They can fish from the shore, float down the river on it too. Or stick their feet in, and even simply sit by, listening to the sounds of the beautiful rushing water.

But if water is not something that they want to enjoy on their glamping in Alberta vacation. They can explore any of the numerous trails on foot, or by bicycle. That can take them as many hours as they desire.

However, hiking and biking is not everybody’s idea of an ideal vacation. Some people prefer playing games. Whether they like mini golf, classic video games, or family favourite games like Jenga, or yahtzee.


They can rent those from the campground. The boardgames are giant sized. So that they have to be played on the lawn, which can provide people with a completely unique experience.

However, if people would like to be a little bit more active. But stay close to their campsite. They can simply join a goat yoga class. That is appropriate for all ages and abilities. To do yoga, surrounded by playful goats.

Not only will they enjoy stretching their bodies, enjoying the outdoors and the sunshine. They will leave with a smile on their face. And with hurt tummies from laughing so hard. Because the goats will bring everybody so much fun and joy.

Once people have had an extremely full day, engaging in all of the activities that there are available. At elevated experience camping. They can skip cooking dinner. And simply order a pizza.

That is prepared on site, and to order. That the elevated experience camping staff. Will deliver, right to their campsite. So that people can get on with their evening. Without having to cook and clean dinner.

Because elevated experience camping has something for everybody. The first choice for people who want to go glamping for their vacation. Is definitely this beautiful campground, located just outside of Drayton Valley.