Glamping in Alberta | Go On Vacation in Style


Glamping in Alberta | Vacation in Style Nearby

When people are ready to book their summer vacation this year, they should consider glamping in Alberta. For many different reasons. However, where they go glamping will make a huge difference.

Glamping in Alberta

Not all glamping sites are the same. And while the word, literally means glamorous camping. It often just refers to the accommodations. Such as a luxury tent, a pod or some other shelter that is or fancy than traditional camping.

However, when people truly want to go on a unique summer vacation. They should go glamping in Alberta in style. And book a site at elevated experience camping.

Not only are there camping accommodations second to none. Being extremely luxurious, with every single detail. But outside of the accommodations, the campground offers many different activities, amenities and programs to enjoy.

While each cabin that is on-site does not have running water. The campground itself has flush toilets, and showers. So that if one of the reasons why people prefer not to go camping.

Is because they want to be in the shower every single day. They will be able to do that here. However, it is not just the bathrooms and the showers that make elevated experience camping unique.

When people want something to do, not only is elevated experience camping’s location. Amazing, with the wealth of activities that it provides. It is located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

Nestled in the beautiful river valley beside the North Saskatchewan River. Which means not only are there numerous trails to explore on foot or by bicycle.

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But there are also many activities that people can engage in on the river. From fishing, boating and even floating. Whether people stay on shore, and enjoy the river. Or enjoy time spent on the river.

They will be able to do that at elevated experience camping. However, once they are done boating, fishing or hiking and biking. There are still many different activities they can enjoy.

Example, they can enjoy the mini golf course. And in fact, everyone who books a camping or glamping site. Will get their first mini golf game for free. But there is also the retro arcade.

Which is the perfect opportunity for people to spend an afternoon. Playing classic video games. If the weather is not cooperating, and is either cold, or cold and rainy.

However, one person’s ideal time glamping in Alberta. May simply be unwinding with a good book. And they may bring one book, thinking that it will keep them occupied. And finish the book sooner than they expect.

In this case, they can simply stroll down to the community library. And borrow another book for the duration of their trip, or until they are done reading it.

And not only are there summer vacations at elevated experience camping going to be fun. Giving many people a wide variety of activities to enjoy. It is a vacation people can feel good about.

As elevated experience is an all-inclusive employer. That have a recycling program. And partner up with local businesses in the community. Truly, and experience with elevated experience camping. Is going to be a fantastic one.

Glamping in Alberta | Go On Vacation in Style

Whether people are trying to save money, while glamping in Alberta. Or they are simply looking for a unique way to spend their summer vacation. They can do this at elevated experience camping.

The reason why the owners of elevated experience camping were inspired. To start their own campground. Is because out of all of the places that they have been camping. And their extensive experience.

They have never found a campground, that offered all of the amenities that they were looking for. Or gave exceptional service. And they wanted to create that campground. To fill a niche, that they believe is so desperately needed and wanted.

Their entire mandate is to help people fall in love with the outdoors. And because of that, want to be able to offer a more inclusive experience. For people who have never been camping before.

Two expert campers. And even appealed people who cannot, or do not like camping. By allowing them to have a great glamping in Alberta experience. In order to do this, they created tiny cabins.

And in these tiny cabins, will have all of the luxuries. That typically would be found in a hotel room. To elevate their experience. In fact, glamping is a mashup of the two words.

Glamorous and camping. And that is exactly what these tiny cabins are. Nestled in the beautiful and picturesque beauty of the river valley. When people arrive at their glamping site for the first time.


They will notice several things, first of all how beautiful their tiny cabin looks. Especially juxtaposed against the beautiful backdrop of the trees, in the river valley.

There is a fire pit, and bench. In case people do want a very traditional campfire, whether it is for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs on. Or simply sitting around, enjoying the fire.

They also will notice a full-size barbecue in the yard. As well as the porch of the tiny cabin will have a table, and two chairs. That people can eat meals, play games. Or simply sit and sip their morning coffee. While watching the sunrise.

Upon entering the tiny cabin for the first time. People will immediately notice the beautiful queen-size bed. And the large, flat screen television mounted on the wall. The room will be beautifully decorated.

From the floors, ceilings, and everything in between. That will truly help people feel as though they are on vacation. And whether they want to watch TV or movies. Or simply sleep in every day in the beautiful bed.

When people want to go glamping in Alberta in style. They should check out elevated experience camping. And ideally, visit them early on in the season. So that they can return as many times as they want before the summer is over.