Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Meals While Camping


Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Meals While Camping

while there is no limit to what people can do when they go glamping in Alberta. Typically, people do not think of eating gourmet meals while they do it. But this year, is something that there going to be able to have at elevated experience camping.

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Whether people have camped here before, or have not had the experience yet. They should always be prepared, for a unique variety of things to do. But also, for elevated experiences during their stay.

One of the things that the campground is bringing to their already amazing amenities this coming camping season. Is a food truck, that is owned and operated by the elevated experience camping society.

This society is completely separate from the campground itself. And has and mandate, of supporting community socially and economically. How they plan on doing this, is through program they have called operation Sasquatch.

Operations ask watch takes youth at risk, between the ages of fourteen and twenty. To help them gain the skills they need. To have long-term employment. While allowing them to have a full-time job that they would not have had otherwise.

Operation Sasquatch is a seven month long program. That has two months of classroom style learning. Where there going to be able to learn important things like customer service, money management and teambuilding.

But also, things like food safety, knife handling skills. And learning how to menu that they are eventually going to cook and serve to their guests. After this two-month classroom session is done.

They will have five months of full-time employment. Whether going to be getting paid full-time. And learn important things, such as how to work in a busy food truck, and get some entrepreneurial experiences as well.

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Therefore, when people decide to go glamping in Alberta. Going glamping at elevated experience camping. Can be a choice that they feel good about. Not just because it is in a beautiful location.

And they have many amazing amenities that they can enjoy. Because they will have the opportunity, to support such an amazing community initiative. And helping at youth, support their family.

And learn things that will help them in the future. People who are going to go glamping in Alberta. Can look forward to supporting the food truck Thursday through to Saturday.

Even people who are not going to stay overnight at the campground. Can support this amazing community endeavour. By heading into the day use area, that can easily accommodate between five hundred and the thousand people.

Or even those who are simply using the boat launch, or are passing by on the river. Can stop, or quick bite to eat of one of their gourmet meals. However, people do not even have to come to the campsite to enjoy this food truck.

During the week, it will be in operation in Drayton Valley itself. From Monday to Wednesday, with Wednesday evening being at the farmers market in the town. Therefore, people do not have to go glamping. To support operation Sasquatch, and feel good.

Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Meals While Camping at Elevated Experience Camping

Often, when people think about camping or glamping in Alberta. They think of hotdogs cooked over an open fire, roasting marshmallows. And eating s’mores that have been cooked on the campfire.

And while there is nothing wrong with this, elevated experience camping. Wants to ensure that they are constantly evolving. And adding amenities, to continue to make everybody’s experience elevated.

That is why, this year they are bringing a gourmet food truck to their campground. This food truck is owned and operated by the elevated experience camping society. Which is a separate entity from the campground.

And they have done a lot of research into the food truck itself, and the food that it is going to be providing. While 90% of people who go to food trucks enjoy the food immensely.

But also, studies have also shown. That 80% of people who had a great experience at a food truck, will leave a review. And would come back multiple times to the same food truck, or a new one.

They also did a lot of research into what kind of food should be offered. By talking to successful food trucks in metropolitan areas. As well as talking to other foodies, and people who are fans of going to food trucks.

What they discovered, was that while gourmet burgers were enjoyed at a food truck. Burgers are something that people can get at many different restaurants, with many different options.

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But the two types of foods that they cannot get normally, our gourmet hotdogs, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Therefore, they devised a way to elevate these common comfort foods.

Things that people typically enjoy well camping, or glamping in Alberta. But in a way that is special. Therefore, if people who are coming to elevated experience camping wants a gourmet meal.

There going to be able to get that this year when they spend their vacation at elevated experience. However, it is not just the gourmet hotdogs and grilled cheese sandwiches that people can get from the food truck.

They can choose from one of their four side dishes. Which is corn on the cob, with one of four different toppings. Mexican Street corn, arms on pesto, hummus and red peppers or sriracha sauce.

Therefore, if people decide they want to go glamping in Alberta, and eat gourmet meals. They can do so at elevated experience camping. All while enjoying a wide variety of their other amenities.

Whether they want to rent giant, yard sized version of their favourite games. Spend an afternoon in the retro arcade. Or reading books from their community library. And even spending time in their tiny cabin.

Watching their favourite movies on their large screen television, that is hooked up to a satellite dish. People are going to be able to get the vacation they desire. Based on the wide variety of amenities that are on offer at elevated experience camping.