Glamping in Alberta | Great Camping Hacks For Everyone


Glamping in Alberta | Great Camping Hacks For Everyone

Whether people are camping, or glamping in Alberta. Everyone likes a shortcut. And how to save time, or money. And when it comes to camping gear. Those shortcuts can help save a lot of space as well.

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It is always very difficult, to transport food. When people are heading out on a camping or glamping in Alberta vacation. Limited cooler space is one problem. And how to keep that food cool is another.

People often have tried many methods. From buying those expensive reusable cooler packs. That seemed to get lost before the camping trip is over. And are hard to clean.

To people buying a bag of ice to put in their cooler. And then ending up with waterlogged food, by the middle of their vacation. It may be difficult for people to keep their food cool.

However, a favourite hack that elevated experience camping likes to teach people. Involves cleaning out a milk jug, or juice jug when people finish that in their own home. And filling it up with water and putting it in the freezer.

When people are ready to pack their cooler for camping. All they have to do is put one jug on either end of the cooler. And it will help keep everything nice and cold for the duration of their camping trip.

For people who are glamping at elevated experience camping. They will have a mini fridge, that they can transport their food into. So even if they do not have a cooler. This trick will work.

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To get the food to their cabin, while staying nice and cool. Even if they do not have their own cooler. And campers and glamper’s alike, will be able to thaw the water in the containers. And recycle them when they are done.

Making one less thing to have to pack back with them when they leave their vacation. Another great tip when it comes to glamping in Alberta, or camping. Involves keeping people mosquito free.

While everyone will have heard about bug spray. Some people cannot use it. Another people hate it. Whether it is the smell, the stickiness of it. Or a little bit of both. Some view it as a necessary evil.

However, this is not absolutely necessary. If people grab a few bundles of sage. They are going to be able to put the sage in their campfire, and it will act as a natural mosquito repellent.

Eliminating the need for people to spray themselves with mosquito spray. While this is not going to work when they are going on a long hiking or biking trip. Or even staying out on the river and about.

It will eliminate how often they have to spray themselves with this sticky and smelly solution. To make the time that they are spending in camp. When they are camping, or glamping. More enjoyable than it could be.

For more tips and tricks, as well as to reserve their camping or glamping trip. People should visit elevated experience And do both at the same time.

Glamping in Alberta | Great Camping Hacks For Everyone

When people are ready to go on their first glamping in Alberta vacation. They do not need to bring an awful lot of supplies. Especially when they go to elevated experience camping.

There tiny cabins will be outfitted with every amenity that they would expect in a hotel room. However, they will be nestled all snug in the beautiful river valley, five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

And while there will not be need to bring many things. Such as a sleeping bag, because there is a queen-size bed with pillows and a comforter. People should bring some things with them from home.

To ensure that they have a fantastic vacation. For example, it is always a good idea to bring an additional role of toilet paper. Because while elevated experience camping has flush toilets on site.

Anyone who has been caught in a public toilet without toilet paper. Will appreciate the wisdom of bringing their own role. But also, people will be likely going on many adventures.

From fishing and boating. To learning how to pan for gold on the river. As well as hiking, or biking on many of the trails. A sudden and urgent call from nature. Could be all that is necessary, to require that toilet paper.

Some inexperienced campers, or people glamping in Alberta. May just grab a role from home, and toss it in a knapsack. But this is a very bad idea for many different reasons. First of all, because that role could get wet.

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Whether people are hiking, and there is a sudden and unexpected rainstorm. Or, they are spending time to on the North Saskatchewan River. And they get splashed, or they or their knapsack fall in.

They will not only have wet belongings. But the toilet paper that they are depending on. To help them out in an urgent situation. Will not be there for them. As well, people might be shocked.

With how easy squirrels can get into their knapsacks. Eating whatever food is in there. And if there is cleaner, or toilet paper. They will shred it to bits. Because that is their favourite activity.

A great way to keep toilet paper. Would be to put it in a coffee tin. People simply need to keep the coffee tin after they finish the coffee in it. And toss the toilet paper in that. And snap the lid on tight.

The solution is perfect. Because they can either stick a small packet of what one’s in the centre. Or put some hand sanitizer. So that no matter where people go. They will have a built in bathroom, all prepared.

When people go camping, or glamping in Alberta. They will enjoy spending time in nature. But a few tips and tricks. Can help ensure that they are truly prepared for many different scenarios. So that they will feel comfortable coming back in the future.