Glamping in Alberta | Great Hacks for Any Camper


Glamping in Alberta | Great Hacks for Any Camper

Whether people are seasoned campers, or going glamping in Alberta for the first time. There are great hacks that anyone can use. That does not cost a lot of money. Whether it is to save time, space. Or simply matter of convenience. Here are some of the favourite hacks for campers to follow.

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When people are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. Even if they are not planning on venturing far from their campsite. They should always bring a roll of toilet paper from home.

Nobody wants to be caught without. And if they bring a role, and never use it. That is better than needing it, and not having it. However, people should not simply toss a roll of toilet paper in their knapsack and college good.

Not only does that not protect the toilet paper from precipitation. Especially if they get caught in a rainstorm, when they are out hiking or biking. Or if they are near the river, or on a boat. If they get splashed.

Or if they excellently take a dunk in the water. That toilet paper is going to be useless. This is why it is very important to store it in a container. Rather than purchasing one from the store. A free solution.

Will be for people to save up one of their coffee tins. With a lid and clean that out. Not only will it keep it dry in any kind of wet weather. But also, it will keep it safe from the squirrels.

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Not only are squirrels incredibly resourceful. But they absolutely love playing with, and shredding toilet paper. People may set their knapsack down, only to realize moments later. That a group of squirrels are now inside their knapsack.

They will find the toilet paper if it is not in a sealed container. And completely shredded within a matter of moments. People who put their toilet paper in a coffee ten. Will ensure that no matter what situation happens.

From weather to critters and even bugs. There toilet paper will be in good condition for when they need it. Even though, many people who go glamping in Alberta may hope to never need it.

Another great tip for people who go camping, or glamping. Would be helping people have an organized cooler, when they pack their food. Even people who are going glamping and have never camped before.

And do not even have a cooler. Still need to pack their food smart. So that nothing gets broken. And that they can have space in the mini fridge, in the camping amenity when they get there.

This is why one of the best camping hacks when it comes to storing eggs. Is simply to eat them, and pour them into a plastic water bottle. This way, they are going to fit very nicely in a cooler, or a mini fridge. Without having to worry about them cracking, or breaking.

And covering the contents of a cooler with raw, slimy egg. This also saves a lot of time, when people are making scrambled eggs, or omelettes in the morning. Not needing a bowl or spoon to mix it. When people are getting ready to go camping, or glamping. Knowing some great hacks can help save time and space.

Glamping in Alberta | great hacks for any camper

A lot of people who are going glamping in Alberta have never gone camping before. And not only have very limited equipment. They also have very limited knowledge when it comes to saving time and space.

And some people who are going glamping in Alberta. May not realize how important it is to bring wooden matches. They might think that there lighter is going to work perfectly every time.

To start their fire in their campsite. But lighters are notoriously bad for failing at the worst times. And if they get wet, they are not going to function well until they dry out. Or maybe not even after that.

Bringing wooden matches is very important. Because they fail less often. However, it is just as important to keep them dry. But it is easier, by simply putting them in a waterproof container.

However, people going glamping in Alberta. Do not have to panic, thinking that they will have to buy a special container to put their matches in. A great hack that campers have been using for decades.

Would be to take a pill container, that happens to be empty in their home. And putting matches in their. Not only is it completely waterproof. But they can also put things in there like a piece of flint.

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To give them another option when it comes to starting fire. But also, they will be able to put a few pieces of cotton. Act as a fire starter. And then cut out a piece of sandpaper and glue it to the top of the lid.

So that they always have a strike plate, even when they are trying to start a fire in not perfect conditions. Even if people are going glamping in Alberta and think that they do not want to fire.

Should always have some wooden matches just to be safe. And while they are added, once they have found the collection of empty pill bottles in their home. They can always pack a mini first-aid kit.

So that no matter what they are doing, they can always have some Band-Aids, gauze and alcohol swab. So that even if they get a minor cut, sliver or stop their toe. They are prepared.

If they venture farther from their campsite. They might be very thankful that they were carrying a pill container full of matches, and a first-aid kit. And like most things, if they never have to use them. It is still good that they had the first-aid kit on them.

For other great camping hacks. As well as if people want to reserve their glamping site at elevated experience camping. All they have to do is go to the website. And reserve now for an amazing vacation this summer.