Glamping in Alberta | Great Summer Vacation Activities


Glamping in Alberta | Great Summer Activities While Camping

When people are looking for activities to do for their summer vacation, glamping in Alberta. Should be at the very top of their list for many different reasons. Not only will allow them to keep their money in the province.

Glamping in Alberta

But it will allow them to stretch their vacation dollars. Because when they stay within the province. They can spend more money on the activities that they want to do. Rather than on getting to the vacation in the first place.

When they do want to go glamping in Alberta. They should look no further than elevated experience camping. This is located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

Nestled in a beautiful river valley. Next the North Saskatchewan River. Which means this location is perfect for people who want to explore the trails, or spend time on the river.

Not only is it the perfect location for that. But people who have been there. Say that it is just as beautiful as the mountains. Without having to drive the entire distance away.

And then fight through numerous tourists to do their exploring. Or spending time in the city. And while many people love to spend time in Jasper, and Banff. Which are the provincial parks in the mountains.

So do many tourists. From all over the country. And when people are looking for a quieter vacation. Elevated experience camping. Can be the perfect answer for them.

However, it is not just enough to have a perfect location. With the river and trails. There are many other activities that people can do when they come to this campground.

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That will appeal to a wider variety of people. Who may not like spending time in the great outdoors. Or who are not fans of camping at all. In fact, while camping is popular in Alberta.

The reason why more people are going glamping in Alberta than ever before. Is because it is a more accessible activity. Because no special equipment is required. And people of all abilities can do this.

When people do want to go glamping, the sites that they can get from elevated experience camping. Our tiny cabins, that have all of the luxuries of a hotel room. But nestled in the beautiful wilderness of the river valley.

Because glamping is a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. These little cabins, that come complete with a large, flat screen television and queen-size bed. Truly are the embodiment of those two words.

Whether people want to spend time doing as little as possible. Resting, and relaxing. Possibly by sleeping in, and lounging in bed. Or by setting out side in the sunshine. Enjoying the sun, and sights and sounds of the river valley.

No matter what kind of vacation people are looking for. Coming to elevated experience camping. Can mean a wider variety of people. Can spend their time here, no matter what their interests are.

When people are looking for the best summer vacation ever, they should make it with elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Great Summer Vacation Activities

The reason why glamping in Alberta is quickly growing in popularity. Is because more and more campsites are creating glamping amenities alongside their regular campsites.

Camping is a favourite pastime, but it does require special equipment. Such as a tent, or trailer. As well as sleeping bags, flashlights, raingear. And pots, pans and dishes appropriate for cooking over an open fire.

And this is not always possible for people to purchase. Perhaps they do not have the room to store this or may not like camping in the first place. Maybe due to physical or other limitations.

Therefore, while camping is a popular activity. Glamping appeals to a wider variety of people. And when people are looking to go glamping in Alberta as their summer vacation.

They should look no further than elevated experience camping. The reason why they should try going glamping here. Rather than any other location. Is because they have many different services, and amenities.

Upon arriving, people will get a voucher for a free game of minigolf at the campgrounds minigolf course. However, they also have a retro arcade. For people to play classic video games in. A community library.

Many games, and activities that they can rent. As well as programs that are appropriate for people of all ages, families and children. However, that is not everything that people can get at elevated experience camping.


Because of their location, five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. In a river valley, beside the North Saskatchewan River. People can explore the river, explore many of the trails on site.

And they can simply enjoy their campsite. Whether they start a fire, or simply sit outside in a lounge chair, enjoying the sights and sounds. When they go glamping by staying in one of their tiny cabins.

There will be a large, flat screen television and a queen-size bed. But also all of the amenities in the room. Such as a mini fridge, a water cooler. As well as a microwave, toaster and coffee pot.

As well as all of the dishes that they need to eat out of. Truly, all people will need to bring. In order to have an excellent vacation. Our the clothes on their back. And the food they want to eat.

Because this is much more accessible. Even people who have disabilities can enjoy glamping in Alberta here. And because every single staff member has been trained in customer service excellence.

No matter what people are doing, ordering a pizza. Or asking for more firewood to be delivered. And even the check-in process. They will get amazing, customer service. That will help them feel as though they are truly on vacation.

And when people are looking for perfect vacation of glamping. When they go to elevated experience camping, they know that pets are welcome. Because it can be hard to go on a great vacation. When you are not able to bring their favourite pet.