Glamping in Alberta | Having Great Fun on Vacation


Glamping in Alberta | Having Great Fun on Vacation

It can often be very difficult to decide on a vacation which is why glamping in Alberta is so popular. Often, when couples are choosing the vacation. One person wants to be very active. And the other person wants to do nothing but rest and relax.

Glamping in Alberta

When this is the scenario, people do not have to worry. When they book their vacation at elevated experience camping. Not only did they have many different activities, provided by nature at this campground.

Because they are nestled in a river valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. There are no end of things that people can do on the river.

But also there are numerous trails that they can explore, either by foot, or by bike. So if they want an adventurous vacation. They can have that here. However, the reason why glamping in Alberta is so popular.

Is because while one person is off having an amazing adventure. The other can be sitting in the lap of luxury, in their luxurious glamping accommodations at this campground.

Elevated experience camping has built glamping sites. That are designed to look like tiny cabins. That have all of the luxuries that can typically be found in a hotel room.

This means that no expense has been spared from the large items. Such as the beautiful queen size beds. That are located in everyone of their glamping cabins. To the large, flat screen televisions that are mounted on the wall.

But also, every small little detail has been attended to. From the beautiful flooring, the ceiling work. And even things like the crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of the room.


And all of the beautiful touches, such as the art on the wall. And even the fact that the water cooler has a section for pets. Each means people can feel free to bring their furry family members with them when they go glamping in Alberta.

That means people can go on the trip of a lifetime. Without having to travel a great distance to do that. It also means that one person can be off having an adventure. While the other half of the couple.

Can sleep in, read in bed. Or watch their favourite television shows and movies. While resting and relaxing in a way that they love. When they get back together in the evening.

They can cook dinner on the barbecue that is provided. Or, they can simply order a pizza in. That will be made fresh, and to order. And then will be delivered to their campsite, by the elevated experience staff.

When people are looking for a unique vacation. That can appeal to many different people. Especially if those people are in the same family.

They should look no further than elevated experience camping. Because they will truly have something for everybody. And will help everyone have an amazing vacation. No matter what their interests are.

Glamping in Alberta | Having Great Fun on Vacation

Even though many people have a wide variety of interests, glamping in Alberta can appeal to many. The reason why, is because there are so many different activities that people can do while glamping, when they go to elevated experience camping.

The first thing that people can expect, whether they have booked online. Or called in order to reserve their spot for their summer vacation. Is that they will be treated exceptionally well.

Because they want to stand out from other campgrounds. By providing excellent customer service. Even when they arrive at the campground for the first time. They are going to be treated exceptionally.

There will be a warm fire welcoming everybody. They will be invited to get out of their vehicle, and roast us more, while completing the check in process. Then, they can make their way to their tiny cabin.

And when they get to the tiny cabin, they will have many different activities that they can pursue. First of all, every person that books campsite at elevated experience camping.

Will get a free game of minigolf. On the campgrounds mini golf course. And they can play that free game, and many more if they want. Or they can explore many of the other services and amenities at the campground.

They also have a retro arcade. That has classic video games. Which is a perfect activity. For people to do when the weather is not cooperating with what they want to do.

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Or, they can enjoy one of the many games that are available for rent. Such as horseshoes, cornhole. Or other board games. That were created in a large size. So that they could be enjoyed outdoors. And in a completely new way.

However games may not be what people want to do. And if they are looking for an adventure. They can have that adventure, by renting a discovery kit. That is a knapsack, with all of the tools they need.

To go on a self-guided adventure. Exploring the river valley by day. Or having an adventure in the river valley at night time. As well as learning how to pan for gold, in the North Saskatchewan River.

Once they are done adventuring. They might want to sit by the campfire, and read a good book. And since every campsite, even the glamper sites. Have a fire pit, and a bench.

That is possible, whether people are glamping in Alberta, or simply camping. However, if people did not bring a book with them. Or they have already completed their book.

They can simply take a short walk to the community library on site. And borrow a book for the rest of their vacation. Therefore, when people are looking for a vacation of their own design.

They should go no farther than elevated experience camping. That will allow people to have a great time. Doing exactly what they want to do. When they are glamping in Alberta.