Glamping in Alberta | Inexpensive Camping Hacks


Glamping in Alberta | Inexpensive Camping Hacks

Often, the reason why people are deciding to go glamping in Alberta for their vacation. Is because they do not have the ability to purchase camping gear. However, they do need to bring some supplies when they go glamping.

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Keeping track of these great hacks, can ensure that people end up. Being completely prepared for their vacation. In a way that allows them to spend as mineral money getting ready as possible.

Often, people love having amazing food. Whether they are camping or glamping in Alberta. However, it can be quite a challenge. To bring food, especially when people have limited camping gear.

When people go glamping at elevated experience camping. There glamping sites, have a mini fridge. So that people can keep their food cold that way. But there is always the concern, of how to get there.

While keeping their food nice and cold? A great idea, would be for people to save their milk or juice jugs. For a couple of weeks before their trip. They can fill these jugs with water and put them in the freezer.

So that when they go shopping for their food for their glamping in Alberta vacation. When they are ready to go, all they have to do is put the food in a box, with the juice jug, inside the box.

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So that they can keep the food cold, on the way to the campground. Without having to spend a ton of money on those expensive freezer packs. That they now have to worry about keeping clean, and packing back home.

The genius thing about using juice jugs, or milk containers. Is that once they get to their campsite. All they have to do is let the ice thought. And then they can drop off the juice and milk containers at the recycling stations.

And have one less thing to worry about bringing with them back home. Another great hack for when people go glamping. Is bring with them some sage. Most people hate using bug spray.

It is sticky, and stinky. And can make people feel dirty, when they are on their camping, or glamping vacation. There is even the problem that a lot of bug sprays have toxic ingredients that people want to avoid.

However, if people are able to pick up some sage bundles. They can toss a bundle in their campfire every morning. Or at night, and keep the bugs away. This way, they do not have to slather themselves with bug spray.

And their campfire, will have a wonderful smell to it. This way, people who may not need bug spray for anything else. Can keep the pests to a minimum while they are on vacation.

And not have to worry about bringing, or even buying smelly bug spray with them. When people are ready to go on their vacation, either by camping or glamping. Knowing a few hacks, can help them be prepared for a minimal cost. And help them spend more money on more trips.

Glamping in Alberta | Inexpensive Camping Hacks

It is extremely important for many people to save money, even if they are glamping in Alberta. Especially by avoiding having to buy expensive camping gear. When they truly do not need to.

When it comes to bringing food, people have to be very aware. Of what they can bring that is portable. And that can stay in a cooler safely for a few days. For many people, this means eggs are out.

Not only are eggs very breakable. But a cartons, made out of cardboard are flimsy. And once they get a bit wet, they are completely soggy. Which means that people are likely to end up with egg all over their food and cooler.

However, a tiny bit of ingenuity. Can help people prepare for bringing eggs on their trip. For example, people should consider all the eggs that they want to bring. And crack them into a bowl and beat them.

Once they beat these eggs, they can pour them into an empty water bottle. So that they can have scrambled eggs any time they need. They can even put some eggs in one bottle for scrambled eggs.

And in another, put eggs, cheese and all of the ingredients for an omelette. So that they do not have to worry about shredding cheese, or cutting vegetables while camping. But have an amazing breakfast.

This is a great way of transporting eggs. That eliminates the worry of cracked eggs. And allow people to have delicious gourmet food while on a glamping in Alberta vacation.

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However, what are people going to do for spices while they are on vacation? Traditional spice containers are far too large to bring with a camper. But what should they put those spaces in?

People can buy those small tic-tac-toe containers. Not only are they the perfect size for spices. But their lid is a flip up lid. That actually seals very effectively. People can buy as many tick tax as they need spaces for.

From salt-and-pepper, to garlic powder. And any number of things from turmeric, to chili powder and even more. This way, even if the container gets cracked by the end of the camping or glamping season.

People have not wasted a lot of spices. Another hack for bringing spices, will be to take a lighter, and a plastic straw. And actually burn the end. Which will seal the straw completely.

Then, using a funnel. People can carefully pour their ideal spaces into the straw. And seal it back up. This way, when they are camping, or glamping in Alberta. All they have to do is open up that straw.

And they will have their spices, ready to go. There are so many different ways. That people can have inexpensive camping gear. So that they can spend more money, going on more vacations. To spend time in the wilderness. If people want more hacks, they can visit elevated experience camping’s website.