Glamping in Alberta | New Services At Elevated Experience


Glamping in Alberta | New Services At Elevated Experience

There is good news for people who tried glamping in Alberta at elevated experience last year. Because there are going to be things coming. To help make their camping and glamping experience amazing.

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In addition to the great amenities that they already have. Including mini-golf, goat yoga and programs to enjoy. People also had access to the retro gaming lounge, the community library. And many activities and games to rent.

When people came to elevated experience. Because they wanted to go glamping in Alberta. They had access to their tiny cabins, that boasted a full-size barbecue, queen-size bed.

And every glamping units, had a large, flat screen television. With a hookup to a satellite dish. Therefore, if someone’s ideal vacation of glamping in Alberta. Means sleeping in, and watching their favourite movies.

There able to do this at elevated experience camping. However, there is going to be something new for people to enjoy. Whether they want to go roughing it, and go fishing, boating and hiking.

Or whether people want to sleep in a queen-size bed, read and watch movies. And avoid doing as many household chores as possible. And this new service, is a food truck.

While they have always offered coffee, a checkout breakfast on Sundays. And pizza that was made fresh to order. And hand delivered to their campsite or glamping site.

They are now offering food service from this food truck. Thursday through to Saturday. At elevated experience camping. This food truck offers some gourmet food choices.

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Therefore, if people are staying the night at this campground, or simply enjoying the day use area. They can avoid having to pack a lunch. And instead, enjoy the offerings at the food truck.

The food truck was very well researched. And they found food items. That not only were found to be very popular. But these are also food choices. That are not available at most restaurants.

They decided to offer up gourmet hot dogs, and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. With a side dish, with four different flavoured options. They are going to be serving corn on the cob as the side dish.

With either Mexican street corn toppings, Parmesan pesto, hummus and red pepper. Or a spicy twist on corn on the cob, with sriracha sauce. And while people can enjoy this on site between Thursday to Saturday.

Five minutes away in the town of Drayton Valley. Whether people are glamping in Alberta or not. They can find the food truck between Monday and Wednesday. And at the farmers market Wednesday night.

Therefore, people can elevate their camping experience even more. And if their idea of a successful glamping in Alberta vacation. Means never having to cook a meal or wash a dish. They will get that at elevated experience camping.

If people want more information, or if they are ready to book their amazing stay-at-home vacation. All they have to do, is phone, or email elevated experience. And find out how they can have their camping experience elevated.

Glamping in Alberta | New Services At Willey West

There are many things that people should keep in mind when they go glamping in Alberta. Is that no two glamping sites are the same. And people need to be aware of the amenities before they book.

While some glamping vacations. Offer people many different choices of activities. This is not true for every single glamping in Alberta site unfortunately. Some, merely offer the accommodations.

And require people to bring their own entertainment. While this is fine for a lot of people, who want to go and explore the area. Or are fine to entertain themselves on vacation.

Most people, especially when they are vacationing with other people or their family. Want a wide variety of activities to choose from. When this is the kind of glamping in Alberta vacation that people want.

They should look no further than elevated experience camping. Not only are they located centrally, close to the mountains. But without having to deal with the traffic or the tourists.

This campground, nestled in a gorgeous river valley. Right beside the North Saskatchewan River boasts some of the most amazing, and wide variety of activities available.

While they have been known to offer things like go to yoga, mini-golf, and a retro arcade. In addition to the boat launch, community library and games and activities to rent.

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This year, they are bringing a new twist to their already amazing amenities. For people who are camping, glamping in Alberta. And just enjoying the day use area for a picnic.

These people can enjoy a food truck, that will be serving up a small variety of gourmet food. That is people can enjoy, picnic style in the day use area.

Or people can take back to their campsite, and enjoy in their private campground. And in their own company. And while this food truck is an amazing endeavour, the fact that it is offers so much community support is amazing.

The food truck, is actually owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a completely separate entity than the campground itself. And the mandate of this society, is to support the community through social and economic initiatives.