Glamping in Alberta | Shortcuts for Camping


Glamping in Alberta | Shortcuts for Camping

Often, when people are going glamping in Alberta. It is because they want a different experience. That is a little bit more refined than traditional camping. Whether they do not like camping. Or are looking to have a special vacation. There are different tips and tricks they can use to help make that happen.

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One thing that many people hate about going camping. Are all the bugs that they encounter. Especially mosquitoes, that can be very relentless, in trying to bite their victim and suck their blood.

In order to avoid this. People will spray themselves with bug spray. Or put lotion all over themselves. However, not only does this stuff not smell very good. But it feels sticky once it is applied.

And when people are looking for a special vacation. Which is why they are going glamping in Alberta. They may not want to slather themselves in bug spray every single day.

While it might be unavoidable now and again. There is a great trick that people can use. That will keep their campsite, and themselves free of bugs while they are outside.

All people have to do, is bring a few bundles of sage with them. And toss a bundle in the fire, whether it is breakfast or at night. In order to clear the area of mosquitoes. Without having to put bug spray on.

This can be a great way to ensure people can have a romantic evening. Without being covered in bug spray. And while it is not going to protect them while they are away from the campground.

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Can be quite a nice way of keeping the bugs clear. While they are in the campsite. In addition to making their campsite smell lovely as well. Another tip that people can use.

Is how to help them start a fire. Often, people are going glamping Alberta. Because they have minimal camping experience. Which means they may not know how to start a fire efficiently or effectively.

A great trip is to carry cotton balls. That can be used as a fire starter in a pinch. But also, favourite hack that many campers and people who go glamping are using. Is Doritos can be a great fire starter.

Not only did they catch fire very well. But there handy triangle shape. Means they can start one corner on fire. And then easily put that in the fire. To catch the other candling on fire as well.

Rather than trying to buy expensive fire starter. Or struggling with it for a long time. All campers have to do, is toss a bag of Doritos into their camping food. And simply avoid eating all of them the first night.

There are many different camping hacks or shortcuts that people can use. That are especially vital for people who are glamping in Alberta. Because they may lack experience.

If people want more tips, tricks hacks and shortcuts, all they have to do is visit the elevated experience camping website. While they also create their reservation for their next glamping or camping trip.

Glamping in Alberta | Shortcuts for Camping

When people are ready to go camping, or glamping in Alberta. Knowing several hacks. Can help them save on packing room. And save money, to not purchase unnecessary equipment. When they can find something just as useful. For free, and at home.

Even if people are going glamping in Alberta. They should bring their own Toilet paper for many different reasons. While they might not be planning on venturing farther than their campsite.

If they encounter a bathroom without any, that is simply reason enough. For bringing a role in their knapsack. However, if they do go on an adventure. Such as hiking or biking any of the trails.

Or even spending an afternoon in the day use area, or by the river. There going to be extremely thankful, that they had a role in their knapsack if they ever need one.

However, if they just throw one role in their knapsack. And think that it is safe. If they are excellently caught in a sudden summer shower. Were spend time by the river, and either fallen or get splashed.

They will very disappointed to find their toilet paper soaked, when they truly need it. As well, they may underestimate. How crafty the squirrels are. Not only being able to get into a knapsack.

But love shredding toilet paper and they can. Therefore, when people are preparing to bring their own toilet paper. They should also bring a coffee ten. That they will be able to put the toilet paper in.

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And snap the lid on tightly. It will keep the toilet paper safe from water. And safe from crafty squirrels. That would love to shred any toilet paper that they find.

Another great hack that people can use. When they are going glamping in Alberta. Is if they are looking for a way of eliminating their campsite at night.

While the sites at elevated experience camping come with a flashlight. That flashlight is perfect for making their way to the bathroom at night. But not at illuminating the campground.

People may not want to go to their camping supply store. And by a expensive lamp. To illuminates their campground. But if people think ahead of time, they will be able to create one themselves.

All they have to do, is by milk in one of those plastic jugs. And then save it once they are finished and wash it out. Then, by cutting the top almost off. But not all the way.

People can hang the milk jug from any tree. By the handle. And then simply stick a flashlight inside of the milk jug. And it will turn into a vibrant light. That will eliminate the campsite.

By being a little bit crafty. People can end up with many different supplies that can help them take shortcuts. Forgetting the camping gear they need. When they go glamping in Alberta.