Glamping in Alberta | Supplies For The Wilderness


Glamping in Alberta | Supplies For The Wilderness

Anytime people are going to spend any amount of time in the wilderness, whether they are camping or even glamping in Alberta. Being prepared for many different eventualities, can be incredibly beneficial.

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If people are going to venture away from their camping site, or glamping site. They should have a few simple supplies on hand. To ensure that no matter what happens even on a short adventure.

They can be prepared, for many circumstances. So that they always have an enjoyable time. One of the first things that people should do. Is be prepared with wooden matches on their trip.

Even when people are glamping in Alberta, at elevated experience camping. Even though they have a tiny cabin, and a barbecue. They also will have a fire pit. So that they can roast marshmallows or hot dogs.

Or simply enjoy hot chocolate or glass of wine. By a crackling fire, while enjoying the beautiful night sky. And when this is the case, they are going to need something to start the fire with. Which is why they need to have matches with them.

As well, if they are going to go on any adventures. Such as a hiking, or biking trip. On any of the numerous trails in the area. They may need matches to start a fire for several reasons.

If they go farther than they expect, and needs to prepare a quick lunch. Or, if they get lost. And they need to stay warm. They will be extremely glad that they have the matches with them.

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Unfortunately, if they simply brought the wooden matches. In the cardboard box in which they came. They might have gotten wet from an unexpected rain shower. Or, if they were spending time by the North Saskatchewan River.

Whether they or their knapsack fell in. Or even just got splashed, that might render their wooden matches, and the cardboard container and usable. However, many people do not want to have to buy a special container for their matches.

From the camping supply store, especially if this is their first time camping, or glamping in Alberta. However, with a bit of resourcefulness. People do not have to spend any money in the camping supply store.

In order to keep their matches safe and dry from any wayward showers or splashes of water. Just about everybody, has a pill bottle that has emptied, kicking around their home.

Even if they do not, they can keep this in mind. So that they will be able to keep it, when they do empty one. And then simply put their wooden matches in this container.

As well, it might be a great idea. To also put a piece of flint in the pill bottle. So it gives them some options, especially if they run out of matches. As well, keeping a piece of cotton, or a cotton ball or two in the pill container.

Means that they can have a great fire starter, so that if they are having to start a fire unexpectedly. And Find any kindling. They are not left without something that will help them start that important fire.

Glamping in Alberta | Supplies For The Wilderness

When people are getting ready to go glamping in Alberta. Even if they do not plan on spending much time away from their luxury accommodations. There could be things that will help them be prepared.

For example, people are always going to need to eat while they are on vacation. And they may shy away from eggs, because they are unsure about how to transport them.

Especially if they do not have a cooler, that will keep things fairly steady. Until they get to their glamping accommodations. That includes a mini fridge, to unload their cooler.

But eggs are notoriously breakable. And come in flimsy, cardboard containers. That do not offer a lot of protection, especially when people are packing to go camping, or glamping in Alberta.

However, they may not want to avoid eggs altogether. So a great camping hack that people can use. Will be to count how many eggs they want to enjoy on their vacation. And crack that number into a bowl.

Beat up the eggs, until they are all mixed. And then pour them into another, leakproof container. Such as a mason jar, or even a cleaned out ketchup bottle. So that they can still have scrambled eggs, and omelettes.

While they are on camping or glamping on vacation. Without having to worry about eggs breaking all over their food supply for their trip. This can ensure that they have the food they want. Without worrying about the mess.

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As well, even if people are just going glamping in Alberta. Where they will have access to flush toilets, running water and soap. People should also bring their own toilet paper for many reasons.

If they decide to have their own adventure. And go hiking, or biking on any of the trails. Nature’s call, might require using toilet paper on the trail. Even if they run to the washroom, and find that their stall has no toilet paper.

Having their own, in their knapsack. Can make life a little bit nicer and comfortable for people on their vacation. However, they should not make the mistake of thinking that they can keep their toilet paper.

Loose in their knapsack for many reasons. First of all, even if they are just as far as the day use area. And a sudden sun shower or rain storm hits. They are going to be very sad, if there toilet paper gets wet.

And if they put their knapsack on the ground to enjoy a bite of lunch. They may not realize. That the very industrious squirrels that are in the campground. Our able to get into knapsacks.

Where they are notorious for shredding toilet paper. By keeping to look paper in a waterproof container. Such as a coffee ten, can help keep it dry. But also keep it protected from those pesky squirrels.

Many people go glamping in Alberta because they have never gone camping before. They may not know what to bring. But a little bit of preparation. Can ensure their vacation is a wonderful one.