Glamping in Alberta | The Food Truck Experience


Glamping in Alberta | The Food Truck Experience

One thing that people who are going glamping in Alberta. Can expect when they book a site at elevated experience camping. Is the arrival of food trucks to help elevate their experience.

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This is going to allow people who are staying there for camping. The opportunity to get some restaurant quality food, that they can enjoy either in the day use area. Or take back to their campsite.

However, this is not a service limited to the people who are camping at elevated experience. People who come to the group camping sites, the glamping sites. As well as the people using the day use area.

Can all enjoy food from the food truck this coming camping season. What better way to enjoy glamping in Alberta, then to be able to head down to a food truck. To get gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, or gourmet hotdogs.

With a side of gourmet corn. People who come to the food truck, can choose from their choices of Mexican corn on the cob, hummus and red pepper corn on the cob. Parmesan and pesto corn on the cob, or Sriracha corn on the cob.

A lot of time and effort has gone into researching. What kinds of food people want to see on a food truck. By talking to food trucks in metropolitan areas. As well as talking to people who are fans of food trucks.

They found that people wanted gourmet hotdogs. Because while they thought of getting a gourmet burger on the food truck. That is something that is commonly found in restaurants now.

And they wanted to give people an experience they could not get anywhere else. Grilled cheese sandwiches are also very common comfort food. And they wanted people to feel pampered and comforted by their food truck offerings.

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And while people who are glamping in Alberta, or just visiting elevated experience for the day. Can enjoy this food truck. It actually is doing an amazing social service to the people in the Drayton Valley area.

The food truck is going to be employing at risk youth. Who may not have the experience, or skills needed. To find full-time employment on their own. And will be able to gain valuable experience working on the food truck.

During a program called operation Sasquatch. They will choose at risk individuals between the ages of fourteen and twenty. Who will go through two months of a classroom program.

Learning things such as safe food handling, food safety, knife skills. As well as getting to work in a commercial kitchen. Before working for the rest of the program, in the food truck.

They will get the opportunity to experience all areas of food truck operation. While being employed full-time, for pay. The goal will be to help these youth become employable to other career opportunities in the future.

When people are getting ready to make their summer plans. They should choose camping or glamping at elevated experience camping. Because there will be even more amenities to enjoy in the upcoming camping season.

Glamping in Alberta | The Food Truck Experience Coming This Season

One thing people of as much as they love glamping in Alberta. Is going to food trucks. In fact, studies have shown. 90% of people who go to food trucks. Not only enjoy the food immensely.

But enjoy the experience, and plan on returning to a food truck in the future. As well as 80% of people who have had a great experience with a food truck. Go on to give a positive review as well.

Therefore, the addition of a food truck to elevated experience is amenities. Mean that people can enjoy even more amenities to their already impressive list of things they offer to their campers, and their glamper’s.

Through program that they have dubbed operation Sasquatch. They are going to have the food truck, an operation on weekends at the campground. From Thursday through to Saturday.

However, it will be in operation six days a week. Servicing the community of Drayton Valley. From Monday to Wednesday. And then in the evening, during the Drayton Valley farmers market.

While having a food truck would be amazing enough. This is also serving a great social need in the area. Helping youth, who are at risk. Or who have fallen through the cracks. Gain the ability to learn skills that will help them in the future.

The food truck will be owned, and operated by elevated experience camping society. And not campground itself. And the purpose of the society. Is to help the community socially and economically.

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As well as supporting important community initiatives. Operation Sasquatch as their program is called. Allows them to support the economy, while helping increase the strength of the social fabric of the town.

It gives the opportunity for youth that are at risk. Or who need help. To learn important skills. Not just in the kitchen. But learn what it is like to be an entrepreneur. As well as learn things like interview skills.

Customer service, money management and teambuilding. This is a seven month long program. With two months of learning in a classroom, and in a commercial kitchen.

Before they have the opportunity of working for five months of the camping season. Working full-time, and for full pay in the food truck. While it is giving these youth an amazing opportunity and experience, as well as the job.

What it gives the people who are going glamping in Alberta. Is yet another reason to check out elevated experience camping. Whether they are spending the night, using the day use area.

Or are just voting down the river. And happen to stop for a bite to eat. This is going to give people the opportunity to have a wonderful lunch. Full of gourmet food that they would be able to get anywhere else.

Without having to pack a lunch in, or eat convenience store food. This truly makes glamping in Alberta and elevated experience. When people come to elevated experience campground.