Glamping in Alberta | Tips For Camping Gear


Glamping in Alberta | Tips For Camping Gear

Many people decide to go glamping in Alberta. Because they are unable to buy their own camping gear. However, when people are spending time in the wilderness. Whether they are camping, glamping. Or simply using a day use area.

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There are few things that they should have with them, to help them be prepared for many circumstances. This includes carrying some matches, as well as toilet paper.

The matches are important for starting the fire. Whether people are having a barbecue, or lighting fire in their fire pit. At the end of the day. Matches are a sure fire away of getting that fire going.

Lighters can run out of fluid, or suddenly stop working. But wooden matches, with a strikable head. Are great for starting a fire, no matter where people are. Or what the circumstances are.

Unfortunately, if they get wet or damp. They will not be very useful in starting that fire. Which is why people should put a few of the wooden matches they buy. In a waterproof container before heading out on their vacation.

While they can go to the camping supply store. And by a fairly expensive match container. That is designed for keeping matches in. That is completely waterproof. It is also completely unnecessary.

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People can simply put some wooden matches in an empty pill container. That they have around the house. It will keep it just as dry as the expensive version they can buy at the camping supply store.

However, it is not going to cost them a penny. And for people who are going glamping. Because they cannot or do not want to buy their own camping equipment. This can be a great hack for them to use.

Even better, they can glue a piece of sand paper to the side. To help them strike that matched to get it lit. And put a piece of flint, and some cotton balls in the bottom. In order to ensure that they have options.

On how to start a fire, even if they use up all of their matches. The con will act as a fire starter. And can be a great kit. Even if people are not planning on travelling very far from their glamping in Alberta campsite.

As well, toilet paper is one of those items. That is a great idea to have on hand, even if people are not planning on going on any adventure during their glamping in Alberta vacation.

If they end up needing it, they will be so grateful they had it. However, again, toilet paper like the matches. Need to be kept dry. In order to be useful. And people can simply stick a roll of toilet paper.

In a empty coffee tin. With a lid. And not only will it be kept nice and dry, for the duration of their trip. But people will also be able to keep it safe from any squirrels that may find their way into the knapsack. Keep it protected from being shredded.

Glamping in Alberta | Tips For Camping Gear

Often, people want to go glamping in Alberta, when they do not have the time or money. To purchase their own camping equipment. And it can give them the opportunity of spending time close to nature.

Without having to buy things like a tent, or sleeping bag. However, they might need to get a few things. To help ensure that they are prepared for their vacation. And help keep them organized.

A great hack that people can use, when they are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. Is to bring with them one of those vertical, hanging shoe organizers. This is going to help keep them organized.

While glamping, they can simply lay it horizontally on a table or shelf. And put everything in the shoe organizers. That they want to have in a certain place. They can store everything from their phone, sunglasses and keys here.

To things like their hand towels, additional flip-flops and flashlights. So that they can stay nice and organized during their trip. When they are ready to start purchasing equipment for camping.

They can continue to bring in the shoe organizer. And simply hang it vertically in their RV. Or from a tree if they are tenting it. So that they can continue to have a place for all of their things while camping.

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What is even better, is that a lot of the equipment can stay in this shoe organizer. So that packing up can be such a breeze. Another great hack that people can use.

Is all about food, when they are getting ready to go on their vacation. Campers, and clambers alike. Struggle with keeping their eggs safe. With many people opting to leave these fragile food items at home.

So that they do not end up with a cooler full of broken eggs. That coat every in the cooler including their other food. Transporting eggs in a cooler, for going camping or while going glamping can be hard.

Egg cartons are flimsy, and made of cardboard. And if they get wet, get instantly soggy. But also, people can buy expensive plastic egg keepers. That do not seem to do any better at keeping the eggs and broken.

However, instead of trying to bring the whole eggs. People can crack all of the eggs that they want to take. Into a bowl and with them up. And then pour them into a plastic squeeze bottle.

By taking something like a used ketchup bottle. And cleaning it out. Makes a perfect way to store eggs. That also helps ensure that making scrambled eggs or omelettes is extremely easy as well.

This can eliminate broken eggs, and food for love egg white. So that people can continue to have their favourite breakfast. On their camping, or glamping vacation. When people are getting ready to go camping, or glamping in Alberta. Being a little bit prepared. Can ensure they have an amazing vacation.