Glamping in Alberta | What Is Operation Sasquatch


Glamping in Alberta | What Is Operation Sasquatch?

There are many things that people are looking for when they go glamping in Alberta. Often, it is a unique experience. Or something that is different than camping. And when this is the goal, they should look no further than elevated experience campground.

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Nestled in a beautiful river valley, right next to the North Saskatchewan River. Just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. This is a very accessible campground, to many people.

Whether they are coming from the northern part of the province, like Fort McMurray. Or whether they are coming from Edmonton, and even Calgary. It is a short drive to this central part of the province.

And while the mountains are often a destination for many people. The drive is long areas and the number of tourists are very undesirable by many. And people who come to elevated experience camping.

Say that the scenery is just as beautiful as the mountains. Without the long drive. And without all of the tourists. Which makes elevated experience camping a very highly sought after destination for many.

What is even more important to keep in mind. Is that they have many different types of camping sites for all types of campers. From individual sites, that can accommodate tents or trailers.

Two group camping sites, and even glamping sites. For people who want to go glamping in Alberta. They can stay in their tiny, but luxurious cabins. That contain all of the amenities of a hotel room.

But are set in the beautiful scenery of this river valley. However, that is not all that they offer. They have a wide variety of many different types of amenities. From a retro arcade and community library.

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Two a wide variety of games and activities that they can rent. As well as the boat launch to the river, and the trails that people can explore. However, for people who want to go glamping in Alberta this coming summer.

They will get to experience something new that the campground is bringing to its patrons. They are bringing in a food truck, that will be serving up gourmet hot dogs and gourmet grilled cheeses.

And people can enjoy food from this food truck. Whether they are camping or glamping. Or if they are simply using the day use area. To enjoy a picnic, or take the food back to their campsite to eat it.

What makes this food truck special. Is that it is owned and operated by a society called the elevated experience camping society. Which is separate from the campground. Whose purpose is to support the community.

They plan to support community through social and economic initiatives. And they plan on hiring at risk youth. During a program called operation Sasquatch. Therefore when people eat from this food truck.

They will be able to truly feel as though they are contributing to the community. In addition to getting a delicious, gourmet meal. If people want more information. Or they simply want to book their camping or glamping vacation. Should contact elevated experience camping today.

Glamping in Alberta | What Is Operation Sasquatch & Who Does it Help?

When people decide they are going to go glamping in Alberta. They are typically looking for a unique experience. One that they are not able to get by simply camping. And while there are many different sites that they can choose from throughout the province.

One place that they should look at more carefully than the others. Is elevated experience camping. Located just outside of Drayton Valley. They have many different amenities that they can offer.

Whether people are camping, or they are glamping here. They are going to be able to enjoy things like flush toilets, and showers. But also things that they typically cannot get from other campsites.

Things like games and activities to rent, to pass the time. As well as community library. In case they have finished their book during their relaxing time glamping in Alberta. Or if it is a rainy day.

They might want to spend an afternoon in the retro arcade, playing classic video games from their childhood. However, this year they are bringing something different, and something special to their already amazing amenities.

They are going to be bringing a food truck, that will offer well researched offerings. By talking to other food truck owners. As well as people who love going to food trucks.

And they discovered, that people are most excited for hotdogs and grilled cheese sandwiches. These will not be any ordinary hotdogs or grilled cheese sandwiches. They will be gourmet.

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Therefore, when people are camping or glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. For Thursday through to Saturday. They are going to be able to head down to the food truck.

And either enjoy eating their meal, picnic style in their day use area. Or take their meal back to their campsite to enjoy with little bit more privacy.

However, people do not have to be patrons of the campground to enjoy the food truck. They have a day use area, that can accommodate anywhere between five hundred to a thousand people.

The people using the day use area. As well as people who are using the boat launch, to go boating or fishing on the river. Can enjoy purchasing from the food truck as well.

Therefore, if people are glamping and they do not feel like preparing a meal. Or if they are enjoying the day use area, and realize that they are hungry. And do not want to leave the campground for a bite to eat.

They will be able to enjoy this great amenity that will be there on the weekends. However, if people are not at the campground during the weekend. And still want to support this amazing endeavour.

They can find the food truck Monday Tuesday and Wednesday in the town of Drayton Valley. And even Wednesday evenings, as they work with the farmers market in town.

When people are looking for a unique experience. And amazing amenities. They should look at elevated experience camping. Because they are constantly working to make the campers experience better every time.