Glamping in Alberta | What Is There To Do While Glamping


Glamping in Alberta | What Is There To Do While Glamping

For some people who want to go glamping in Alberta. The perfect activity is absolutely nothing. Getting away from it all, sleeping in. And perhaps watching the wildlife. Most people hot chocolate.

Glamping in Alberta

However, that is not the kind of vacation that makes everybody happy. And for others, going glamping in Alberta. Is the opportunity to have amazing adventures. That they would never be able to have at home.

This is why there is something for everybody at elevated experience campground. When people want to go glamping in Alberta. When they book a tiny cabin at elevated experience campground.

They will have all of the luxuries of hotel living. However, it will be nestled in the scenic and picturesque beauty of the North Saskatchewan River valley. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

People have said that this is going to be as close to the beauty of the mountains. Without having to drive all the way to the mountains. And for many people, whether it is a long driveway.

Or they do not want to deal with the number of people and tourists in Jasper or Banff. Glamping at elevated experience campground is the next best thing.

And when they are therefore adventure, they can have many different kinds at this campground. Because they are located next to the North Saskatchewan River. Any number of watersports can happen.

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And they have a boat launch, so that if people want to launch their boats or watercraft. They can. However, they can also use an inflatable to enjoy floating down the river.

Or even fish from the shore. Or just sit by the river. And relaxed, while listening to the rush of the water. However, if people are not interested in spending time by the river on their glamping in Alberta trip.

They can explore the many trails by foot, or by bike. One important thing to note. That this campground as well as their cabins are pet friendly. So they should feel free to bring their furry family member on their adventure.

Just as long as they keep their animals on a leash while they are adventuring. To keep their animal, and the wildlife safe from each other. When they get back home, to their tiny cabin.

Therefore he family member will have their own water dish, with water from the water cooler. So that they can feel like they are as much a part of the trip as anything else.

When people are back at the cabin after a day of adventuring. They can use the barbecue that each cabin comes with. In order to cook their favourite meals. However if they are too tired from a day of adventuring.

They can order a pizza, that will be freshly made and hand delivered by the fantastic elevated experience camping staff. Whether that means they can get an early night in to sleep.

Or they are going to eat pizza in bed will watching their favourite movie. This vacation will be whatever they want to do. To get the most relaxation, and enjoyment of their time away from home.

Glamping in Alberta | What Is There To Do While Glamping

When people are planning a vacation, particularly when they are going glamping in Alberta. They often like to know exactly what they are doing every single day. However, there is no need for such planning when they come to elevated experience campground.

Not only are there so many activities. That people may not know exactly what they are in the mood for. Until they arrive. But people may not want to over plan themselves. And miss out on another activity.

When they arrived at the campground for the first time. During the check-in process, everyone is welcomed to get out, and make us more over there welcoming fire. To help start vacation on the right note.

As well, everyone who arrives whether it is for camping, or they are enjoying glamping in Alberta. Will get a free game of minigolf, to be used at any time.

The mini golf course is on-site, and a very popular activity. And after their free game, they may choose to play more. Or enjoy many of the other numerous amenities.

They have a retro arcade and candy store. As well as a library. That can help people get lost in their favourite activities. And even allow parents to show their children the videogames of their youth.

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However, if people would rather interact in nature and with each other. They can also rent several different large games. To be played on the lawn. Such as Jenga. And even games like cornhole.

Whether they want to play just two people together. Or large groups, these are the perfect games to help people enjoy favourite games. But with a new, and unique twist.

And when people are done playing games, and are ready for some fun relaxation. Elevated experience camping offers goat yoga. this is perfect for yogis of all ages and experiences. That is definitely going to bring a smile to everybody’s face.

To share their space with these playful goats, while enjoying the sunshine, and the air of the outdoors. And while this can all happen in the first day of their glamping in Alberta vacation. There are still many more things to experience at this campground.

There is a playground that children can enjoy. Or if they are still looking for more adventures. They can also rent a discovery kit. Which is a knapsack, for love all of the tools they need for a self-guided adventure.

These kits will allow people to have fun learning. No matter what their age or experience level. And whether they want to explore the river valley in the daytime, in the dark. Or learn how to pan for gold in the North Saskatchewan River.

These adventures are all ready, for anyone who wants to go on one. When people are ready for a unique staycations. They should look no further than elevated experience campground. Because they exist to elevate everybody’s experience.