Glamping in Alberta | What To Expect This Year At Elevated Experience


Glamping in Alberta | What To Expect This Year At Elevated Experience

Many people fell in love with glamping in Alberta. At elevated experience campground last year. Not only because they have amazing amenities. But because of the staff’s dedication to customer service.

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However, if people are expecting to come back this year, and get the exact same experience. That is not what they will find when they come back. That is because elevated experience camping continues to grow their amenities.

They want to ensure that everybody’s vacation is unique and memorable. And were working hard over the entire winter. To bring something different, that will continue to elevate everybody’s experience.

They are bringing in a food truck, that is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a completely separate entity from the campground. And that societies goal.

Would be to support community, through social and economic initiatives. This food truck created a program called operation Sasquatch. Where it will employ at risk youth in their food truck.

How this works, is they will teach the youth all of the skills they need. In a two-month classroom session. Where they will learn important things, such as food safety and preparation skills as well as the menu.

But also, entrepreneurial skills, money management. Customer service and teambuilding skills. They will even have the opportunity to work in a commercial kitchen before the two-month classroom session ends.

After that two months, it will transition to working for five months inside the food truck. Where they will have the opportunity to learn all the different positions. Where they will work full-time, and for full pay.

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Therefore, while people who are glamping in Alberta. Might want a quick meal, because they do not feel like cooking while they are camping. Or, people may come to the day use area and stayed so long that they are hungry.

Not only are they going to be getting a delicious meal. But they are also going to be supporting this wonderful initiative, and supporting the economy. And supporting their community socially as well.

When people are ready to go glamping in Alberta. They might want to choose a location. That not only has an amazing amount of amenities. But also, a place that they know will be socially responsible.

Especially as they decide to plant a community garden within the campground. That will supply food to the food truck. And they have a zero waste initiative in the food truck as well.

These are the skills that will help the youth not just gain employment in the future. But it will help them learn how to support their family. By being able to make safe and healthy meals at home as well.

When people are looking for a great experience camping. They should look no further than elevated experience campground, because they have many amenities. And people can feel good about how they support community when they stay here.

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When people heard about elevated experience camping for a glamping in Alberta destination. They likely heard not only about the amazing amenities. But about the great customer service as well.

And while that is something that people can continue to look forward to this coming year. They also were hard at work during the winter. To be able to provide customers with even more exceptional amenities.

They are bringing food truck to their campground. So that people who are either camping, glamping in Alberta. Or simply using the day use area. Will be able to get a hot and delicious meal from the food truck.

While the food truck will be in operation during the weekend, Thursday through Saturday. This is not the only opportunity that people can enjoy the food that the food truck serves.

It will be able to find it five minutes away, in the town of Drayton Valley. During the week, between Monday and Wednesday. And even Wednesday evenings as the town has their farmers market at the same time.

What people can expect from this food truck, is a very well researched menu. Researching the most successful food truck dishes. As well as what people are looking for when they eat at a food truck.

They settled on gourmet hotdogs and gourmet grilled cheeses. Simple, but very enjoyed comfort foods. But they also will have the opportunity to choose from one of the four corn-based side dishes.

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They can choose from Mexican street corn, Parmesan pesto corn. Or, send red pepper, or a spicy sriracha corn. That is will elevate everybody’s experience of what corn on the cob is.

Therefore, when people decide to go glamping in Alberta. And have made the decision that they do not want to cook any of their own meals. Knowing that they will be served by gourmet food truck.

Can help them make the decision to come to elevated experience. Because in addition to this amazing gourmet food truck that will be servicing the campground this year.

They also have all of the other amazing amenities, from go to yoga and many golf. To games that they can rent, and activities that they can join in on. The community library, and retro arcade.

And the people who are renting the glamping in Alberta sites. Can enjoy a queen-size bed, full-size barbecue. And the large, flat screen television that to a satellite dish.

The whole goal of the owners of elevated experience camping. Is to give everybody a memorable time, and elevate their experience. The only recommendation that they have, is to book early in the season.

Because as people fall in love with this campground. As well as people who film of last year want to come back. They expect campground to be very well booked. So people should book early enough.

As well, when people book their camping at elevated experience early. As they themselves fall mom for the very first time. It will allow them the opportunity to come back multiple times throughout the year.