Glamping in Alberta | What to Expect While Glamping


Glamping in Alberta | What to Expect While Glamping

Even though there are many things to do in nature in Alberta, glamping in Alberta is on the rise. Because of how accessible it is. And helps people explore the province, and ways they would not be able to before.

And despite the fact that camping is an extremely popular activity in this province. It is not something that everybody can do, or likes to do for vacation opportunities.

Some of the reason why people prefer going glamping in Alberta. Is because they love camping, but they cannot purchase their own camping equipment. Such as sleeping bags, tents and cooking implements.

Because they either cannot afford it, or have nowhere to store it. So without glamping sightseeing made available at Alberta campgrounds. Engaging in this activity may not be possible.

This is why many campsites including elevated experience campground. Have added glamping accommodations to the services that they offer.

Whether these campgrounds set up luxury tents, yurts, or tiny cabins. The accommodations that are provided. Bring all of the amenities of a hotel room. To the beauty of nature in Alberta.

Therefore, people do not have to bring anything other than themselves, a change of clothes. As well as any food they want to eat. In order to enjoy their vacation.

And whether people want to go hiking, biking, boating or fishing. These are all very popular camping activities. However, if this is not something that people are interested in.

When they go glamping in Alberta, when they visit elevated experience campground. They will have many different activities to choose from, for whatever experience they are looking for.


Not only do they have a mini golf course, and many games to rent. Such as yard Jenga or yahtzee. To give a completely new feel to a familiar game.

There also other activities to do, such as going to the candy store, or playing in their retro arcade. Which is thing that not only children can enjoy. But nostalgic adults can do as well.

They also have a wide variety of programs activities, led by the elevated experience staff. Allowing people the opportunity to experience something that they have never been able to before.

Such as enjoying yoga, for all ages and experience levels. With the added twist of having goats running around, making everybody smile and bringing joy to the yoga practice.

If people would like to explore nature, but they are not experienced hikers, or have never been to Alberta before. They can always rent a discovery kit from the administration office.

Which our backpacks, that have all of the tools they need to go on a guided mini adventure. To explore and learn about the area. They have a kit for exploring in the daylight, nighttime, as well as exploring the river.

But also, a popular activity is their gold panning discovery kit. Giving people the opportunity to learn how to pan for gold on the North Saskatchewan River, and potentially find a souvenir to take home.

The matter what kind of experience people are looking for when they go glamping in Alberta. They are going to be able to have that experience and elevated experience campground. Even if what they are looking for, is something unexpected.

Glamping in Alberta | What to Expect While Glamping

Often, the reason why people want to go glamping in Alberta. Is because they are unable to go camping. But even if people simply do not like camping. They will often enjoy this luxurious activity.

Glamping refers to glamorous camping, a phrase that was coined in two thousand and five in the UK. Although people have been bringing luxury items while camping for centuries.

Although with the addition of glamping accommodations in many campgrounds across the province. It makes this activity a lot more accessible to a wider variety of people.

What people can expect when they go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground. Our tiny cabins, set in the gorgeous River Valley. With all of the amenities of a hotel room.

While guests will be able to sleep on the plush queen-size bed. They can watch television if they choose, with or without their air-conditioning as the weather requires.

They also have a mini fridge to store their food, a barbecue outside to cook their food on. And even coffeemaker, to allow people to sit out on their porch, enjoying their first cup of coffee for the day.

Whether people are going to be spending their entire trip inside their cabin, getting the peaceful rest and relaxation they desire. Or if they have come to elevated experience to have an adventure.


There going to be able to do either quite comfortably. They also have a boat launch for the river, so people have boats they can take those out onto the river, or even go fishing.

However, there are trails to explore by hiking or biking. And if people have never experienced the river valley before. They can rent a discovery kit that will help them have a guided adventure where they can explore and learn.

Whether people are wanting a trip alone, with their significant other. Or if they would like to join their family camping, but want to stay in some different accommodations.

Elevated experience as something for everyone, no matter what their experience level is. Or how they want to experience nature. The goal of elevated experience will be to exceed everyone’s expectations.

While helping people fall in love with the outdoors. And they utilize their excellence in customer service. To give people the wow factor that keeps them returning again and again.

Therefore, if people are looking for an exceptional experience, whether they are camping, where they are glamping in Alberta. They should try elevated experience first.

Because once they experience what camping can be like here, they will never to go anywhere else again. And keep returning the entire camping season from May to October.

If people would like to book a campsite. Or if they are looking to book a glamping cabin, all they have to do is call in, and reserve their spot for their unique Alberta vacation.