Glamping in Alberta | Where To Go Glamping


Glamping in Alberta | Where To Go Glamping

When people in Canada are looking for a vacation, but that they are in Alberta or not, glamping in Alberta is often a destination. The reason why, is because the landscape is so beautiful.

And while many people want to go to the mountains, there are so many gorgeous places to go that are not in the mountains. In one of those places is elevated experience campgrounds.

Located just outside of Drayton Valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Nestled in this River Valley, this picturesque campground has often been described as being like the mountains. Without having to drive there.

And what they have, that the mountains do not have. Are all of the amazing amenities, and outstanding customer service and elevated experience campground is known for.

In fact, their goal is to exceed every campers expectations. Whether they are roughing it by camping inattentive. Or if they are staying in a tiny cabin because they are glamping in Alberta.

They know that wide variety of campers are looking for in their experiences. And they offer something to every single customer that will come to them for their vacation.

When people are going glamping. They will have the ability to rent tiny cabins. That give all of the amenities that they would find in a hotel room. But nestled in the beauty of the river valley.

As soon as people arrive on site, they can see that there glamping site is second to none. That the tiny cabin has a small porch to sit on, and drink their coffee while enjoying nature.

As well as a barbecue, and a fire pit. So that they can cook their food, and roast marshmallows. While sitting on their bench, posting their friends that they have made while on their camping trip.


When they open the door to their tiny cabin. What they will notice right away, is the very plush queen-size bed in the middle-of-the-room. They will also have a television, and air conditioning.

Whether people want to get out and explore nature. Or if they want to stay in their tiny cabin all week, and rest and relax. This tiny cabin is the perfect spot for vacationing in the way that is right for them.

However, if people are looking for something to do. Whether they are glamping in Alberta. Or if they are camping in a more traditional way. That does not mean they are should not enjoy some of the more unique amenities here.

They will be able to access many different programmed activities. Such as goat yoga. Or rent a wide variety of games, such as slip and slide, or yard size versions of Jenga and yahtzee for example.

That people can enjoy familiar games in a fun and unique way. But if these kinds of games are not their style, they can either go to the retro arcade or play minigolf.

And when they are done playing hard, or exploring the wilderness. They can either cook food on an open fire, or simply order a pizza to be delivered to their campsite. So they do not have to cook.

For campers of all ages, looking for wide variety of experiences. They should look no farther than elevated experience. For a vacation of a lifetime.

Glamping in Alberta | Where To Go Glamping

Even though glamping in Alberta has gained popularity recently. If people do not have their own trailers or motorhomes. They are limited to going to where there are existing sites.

This is why when people are looking for a glamping experience, they should try elevated experience campgrounds first. Not only do they have glamping amenities on site.

They also have many other different services available. That make camping or glamping and elevated experience campgrounds an extremely unique experience.

And while the wide variety of amenities that they offer are amazing. Another reason why people should experience camping at this particular campground.

Is because the owners are dedicated to giving everybody amazing customer service. That exceeds everyone’s expectations. In fact, all staff are trained especially in how to deliver great customer service.

So if it is upon arrival, where they are greeted with a hot cup of coffee, and a crackling warm fire to roast their first marshmallow on. Or when it is the checkout pancake breakfast that they can enjoy.

So that they do not have to cook before they pack up their campsite and head home. Everything at elevated experience campground. Is designed to provide campers with an amazing experience.


And whether people want to go glamping in Alberta, because they have never been camping before. And they want to experience glamping, to prepare them for what camping is like.

Or if people are not a fan of camping. But they do like staying in luxury accommodations. And exploring nature, this can give them the exact experience that they are looking for.

And while not everybody wants to go glamping. Because they love setting up a tent, and roughing it. Or because they have their own trailer that they can go camping in.

All people who are staying at elevated experience campground. Can enjoy all of the wide variety of amenities available. From the retro arcade and minigolf, to goat yoga and pizza being delivered to their campsite.

When people are looking for a great place to go glamping in Alberta. They should put elevated experience campground at the top of their list. Because once they experience what camping is like here.

They may not want to go anywhere else ever again. Whether they are going glamping in Alberta, or not. They know what wide variety of experiences people are looking for.

And whether it is a traditional camping experience with a tent, fishing and hiking. Or whether people want to simply get away from the city, and give their children a unique summer vacation.

By going to elevated experience, people can get the exact experience they are looking for. And the customer service will keep them coming back every single year, for more memories and experiences.