Glamping in Alberta | Why Go Camping in Alberta


Glamping in Alberta | Why Go Camping in Alberta

While camping has been popular for a long time, glamping in Alberta is on the rise. Particularly because there are more glamping sites available for people to utilize.

Before that, if people wanted to go luxury camping, they would have to have their own trailer or motorhome. Which is not within everyone’s ability, whether they enjoy that activity or not.

While there are many different types of glamping sites throughout the province. When people book a glamping site at elevated experience campground, they will get a tiny, luxurious cabin.

In inside the cabin, they will have all of the amenities of a hotel room. But nestled in the gorgeous river valley beside the North Saskatchewan River. Whether they never set foot outside.

People can enjoy the view from their queen-size bed. Enjoying not just the scenery, but enjoying watching the animals outside their window as well. Whether they are squirrels and rabbits.

Or wide variety of birds, or if they are up early enough and are lucky enough to see some dear, or other animals. There are many different reasons why people want to go camping or glamping in Alberta.

And when they arrive at elevated experience campground, no matter what they are looking to do. Whether they want to have a very traditional experience camping, and roughing it in a tent.

Or if people want to take their family on a fun, unique and cost-effective vacation. This is going to give them the solution they need, to keep their children entertained, and having fun for their vacation.

Or, if people want to escape the city. But are not keen on camping. Which is why they want to book 1 of the glamping sites available at this campground.


And since the owners of elevated experience campground understand that there are many different reasons why people are going to go camping or glamping in Alberta.

They have a wide variety of amenities, to ensure that people get the exact experience they want. While receiving the exceptional customer service that they are known for.

The first thing that people should know, is that they have indoor flush toilets and showers. So whether they are glamping, or roughing it in a tent. They are going to be able to clean up very easily.

As well, people will be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities. Which is perfect for family vacations, where keeping any children entertained can be a challenge.

Not only is there many golf. And campers will get their first game for free when they arrive. There is also the retro arcade, popular with children as well as adults who enjoyed the game as children themselves.

The retro arcade is often a very popular spot when the weather is not the greatest. Especially because in Alberta, even though the weather forecast may say one thing. They can experience every season while camping.

Other activities that there are two do include programmed activities, such as yoga. And whether people want to experience yoga for the first time. Or if they are quite familiar with yoga already.

The yoga that is offered at elevated experience camping is quite unique, as people practice yoga surrounded by goats. Who are more than happy to interact with all the guests while they practice yoga.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Go Camping in Alberta

Often, when people want to go camping or glamping in Alberta. The idea will be to get away from everything, so that they can have peace and quiet.

While others, simply want an escape from their everyday life. But still are looking for things to do. At elevated experience campground, they have activities like mini golf, retro arcade games and yoga.

However if many golf, arcades and yoga is not something that people are into. People can rent a wide variety of large yard games. For example, Jenga and yahtzee. That have extremely large pieces.

This can put an extremely fun spin on a familiar favourites. And encourage families to play, and experience again in a new way. And if people are not looking for a game, but still looking for something to do.

They can rent any of the discovery kids that are available. Which our backpacks, that contain all of the tools they need to go on a self guided adventure.

Appropriate for adults as well as children, this mini adventure allows people to explore the river valley, and learn in the process. There are kits for daytime exploration, nighttime exploration.

And even going to the river to learn about this ecosystem. As well as a discovery kit that people can use to learn how to gold and in the North Saskatchewan River. And perhaps take some gold home from their adventure.


If people are enjoying their relaxation time so much. Or if people are so exhausted from a full day of activities and exploration. They do not have to feel like cooking is a necessity.

They can either go down to the convenience store, or they can purchase some food to eat. Or, order some pizza, and when it is ready, the elevated experienced staff will deliver it directly to their campsite.

And whether people are glamping. Or they are simply camping and roughing it. They can enjoy this service, at any time. People camping in a tent, eating pizza can consider this glamping in their own right.

And right from when people arrive at elevated experience campground. They will be aware of how unique this Site is, because not only will there be a welcoming fire.

As the registration and checking process starts, people can enjoy a free cup of coffee. And the opportunity to stretch their legs from their long journey. And roast marshmallows on the fire.

This is the sign that their vacation has truly begun. Whether they are getting away for just the weekend. Or if this glamping in Alberta is there summer vacation.

And no matter what they do on their vacation. This excellent customer service and amazing amenities. Extend right to the checkout process. Where they have the ability to purchase the checkout breakfast.

Pancakes, sausages and coffee. To purchase for just a few dollars per plate. Can ensure that people do not have to cook, before they pack up camp and head home.

By going glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground. People can ensure that they arrive feeling relaxed, and leave the same way. So that they will want to come back for their next vacations.