Glamping in Alberta | Why Is Elevated Experience Unique


Glamping in Alberta | Why Is Elevated Experience Unique

What elevated experience wants to do for people who are camping or glamping in Alberta. Is give them an experience that is unparalleled, and unlike anything that they have ever experienced before.

They want to become Alberta’s premier destination, whether people want to go camping for weekend, if they want a weeklong vacation. Or they want to go glamping, by staying in luxurious accommodations.

They will be able to get all of that when they go to elevated experience. And whether people are actually staying in their glamping sites.

Or they want a luxurious experience even if they are staying in their own tent or trailer. They are going to get this experience at elevated experience camping.

This feeling of glamping in Alberta starts from the moment they arrive at the campground to check in. Not only is there free coffee and water, is that people can feel like they have actually arrived.

And help melt the stress of their day away. Especially as getting ready to go camping or glamping and Alberta can be stressful. With packing their clothing, and packing their vehicle.

And then navigating traffic in order to get to their destination. Can leave travellers feeling frazzled, and stressed out. So the free water and coffee can help them start to relax the moment they arrived.

They also have a fire that is blazing for all travellers to enjoy during their check-in and registration. So that while one person is completing paperwork.


Everyone else can get out, stretch their legs and even roast a marshmallow if they wish. However, this elevated experience does not just stop with check-in. They have great amenities for everyone.

Whether people want to it away from their lives, and do as little as possible to rest and relax. The location, in a valley right beside the North Saskatchewan River.

Is so picturesque, with all the wildlife that they can imagine. To help people feel like they actually have gone somewhere completely different. So that they can get away from the stresses of their regular life.

However, if people have arrive so that they can experience some fun, by doing some traditional or non traditional camping experiences. They also can get that at elevated experience.

Whether people want to join in some of the programmed activities, such as yoga, goat yoga. Or you will with their children, this is all possible. But they also rent a slip and slide, have a mini golf course on site.

And went out giant yard games such as Jenga or yahtzee. Set people can have fun playing the familiar, and family favourite games in a unique way.

And if people want to explore, they can do that as well. Either by going out themselves, were taking one of their discovery kits, to have a mini adventure. While they are learning about the environment around them.

When people are ready to go camping or glamping in Alberta. They should look no further than elevated experience, for their premier destination for their vacations this year.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Is Elevated Experience Unique

Whether people want to go camping, or glamping in Alberta. They should go somewhere where they will get exceptional customer service. And an experience that they could never have and any other campsite.

This is exactly what people are going to get at elevated experience Grounds. And their goal not only is to provide exceptional customer service. But use that customer service, to help people fall in love with the outdoors again.

And whether people are expert campers, who go camping for several weeks every year. Or if people have never gone camping before, they are going to have an amazing time at this campground.

As well, glamping in Alberta is more popular than ever before. With the word glamping being made up of the two words glamorous and camping. Which describes exactly what glamping is.

At elevated experience, they have tiny cabins with all of the amenities of a hotel room. But set in the great outdoors. To help people get the feeling that although they are sleeping in a queen-size bed with air conditioning.

That they also get to enjoy the beauty of nature and the wilderness. And even if they want to do traditional camping activities such as fishing, boating on the river or hiking.

They know that they can do this at this campsite, and it is dirty as they want while having fun outdoors. But that they still get to sleep in a plush bed, or watch television at night.


What people should experience in the glamping sites at elevated experience. Is not only will they get a queen-size bed, a television and air conditioning.

But there is also a mini fridge, and a barbecue at each site. So that people can cook their own food, if they wish. They also have a fire, that people can truly get a feel like they are camping.

With want to have friends over to roast marshmallows and visit over a fire. But if people do not want to cook or have a fire. They can simply call up elevated experience, and get delivery straight to their door.

And while glamping in Alberta can be a lot of fun. If people are not into glamping, and they want to go roughing it in their tents. They still can enjoy all of the same amenities.

Such as pizza delivery, a retro arcade, goat yoga, or mini golf just the same. And while all of these amenities can be a lot of fun, and give people an experience like no other.

They also want to ensure that every staff member that interacts with the campers at elevated experience. Can deliver exceptional customer service as well.

Therefore, they train all of the staff that work at the campground. What they need to do, in order to give each camper or glamper an amazing experience, unparalleled to anything else they have had.

By working hard to create a unique experience. And help people relax from their day-to-day life. People will soon say that elevated experience is some of the best camping or glamping in Alberta.