Glamping in Alberta | Why Is Glamping Popular?


Glamping in Alberta | Why Is Glamping Popular?

While camping has been popular for a long time, glamping in Alberta has been gaining popularity. Partly because more and more campsites in Alberta are adding amenities. Making this activity more accessible.

And while people have been glamping throughout the world for centuries. Glamping used to be limited to people who could afford their own luxury tents, or trailers or motorhomes.

But this is no longer the case. With the popularity of glamorous camping, which is where the word came from. More campsites throughout Canada, and in Alberta are adding luxury accommodations.

And one campground that is doing it better than anywhere else. Is elevated experience campground. Located in the river valley, next to the North Saskatchewan River just outside of Drayton Valley.

Not only is this picturesque location gorgeous. But it is often been described as similar to the mountains, without having to drive all the way there.

This is why it was only natural for the owners of elevated experience campground. To want to add some luxury accommodations. For those people looking for the ability to go glamping in Alberta.

With these luxury accommodations look like, are tiny cabins. And as soon as the door is open, people will see how much there is in these glamping sites. Starting with the very plush, queen-size bed.

Often, the reason why people do not like camping, is because they do not like sleeping on the ground. Therefore, by allowing people to stay in this queen-size bed. They often enjoy exploring nature.


However, there is also an television, so that people can watch movies, or their favourite programs. Especially if the weather is not great for exploring, or going out onto the river.

But if the weather is very hot, people will enjoy the fact that there is air conditioning in this tiny cabin. So that no matter what activity they are doing. They can be comfortable at all times.

Glamping in Alberta is often very popular. Because people do not need any equipment to enjoy this activity. And if people want to bring their own food, there is a mini fridge in the cabin.

As well as a barbecue outside, so that people can cook their own food on the barbecue if they wish. However, and elevated experience campground, if they do not want to cook dinner.

They can simply order in pizza to be delivered to their campsite. Courtesy of elevated experience convenience store. And if people think that pizza delivery is an amazing experience to have while there camping or glamping.

That is just scratching the surface of all of the amenities that people can enjoy at elevated experience campground. They can look forward to spending time in the retro arcade, playing minigolf, or even enjoying goat yoga.

However there are also more traditional camping activities such as going out onto the river with their boat, fishing and faking just to name a few.

So if there are no matter if people are looking for a traditional camping experience. Or if they are looking for something a lot more luxurious. They will be able to get exactly what they need and elevated experience campground.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Is Glamping Popular?

While people have been glamping in Alberta for many decades. And often required people purchasing their own camping and glamping gear. That is no longer the case.

With its rise in popularity, more and more campsites are creating their own luxury accommodations. In order to appeal to a wider and more diverse markets.

By allowing people who are interested in glamping the opportunity, without having to purchase their own equipment. Another reason why glamping and Alberta is rising in popularity.

Is because it appeals to people who while they love spending time in nature. They do not like camping, from pitching tents, to sleeping on the ground. As well as cooking over an open fire.

And glamping in Alberta can allow them as a vacation similar to camping. Without all of the things that they dislike about a camping trip. In fact, it can be the perfect compromise for family.

Where some people like camping, and others do not. By going to a campground like elevated experience, they will be able to stay as a family. While giving the people who dislike camping their own accommodations.

The owners of elevated experience campground want to give people not only amazing amenities. That they are not going to be able to experience at any other campsite.


But do this while exceeding expectations and providing amazing customer service. Each of their staff is trained in customer service. And are dedicated to providing the best experience possible.

People will know that they have arrived somewhere completely different and unique. When they first get to elevated experience campground. Not only will there be a warm and welcoming fire.

Encouraging people to get up and stretch while the check-in and registration process happens. But there will be marshmallows for people to roast, and coffee to drink for free.

So that the stress of their urban lifestyle, as well as the commute to get to their vacation melts away. Once people set up their campground, they can skip trying to cook dinner.

And instead, opt for ordering a pizza from the convenience store. Where it will get delivered to their campsite. So that they do not feel like they always have to be working on their vacation.

And while people are coming to go glamping in Alberta for can. Or for a longer vacation. They will be able to have the experience they want, whether that is resting and relaxing.

Or if to them, a great vacation means exploring, fishing or being out on the river. In fact, no matter what people’s ideal camping or glamping vacation is. They will be able to get that experience when they come to elevated experience campground.

Because to the owners of elevated experience, they are not have the hell they have raised everyone’s expectations. About what a camping vacation really should be.